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54.16% I'm a Vampire [ Hiatus ] / Chapter 12: EXTRA - Gaming All Day & Godly Player

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Chapter 12: EXTRA - Gaming All Day & Godly Player

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Inside a dark room filled with the light coming from the computer.

At the screen, it was showing a character wearing a backpack and helmet while holding onto a gun while picking the loot on the floor.

The sounds of shooting, the keyboard being pressed and mouse clicking were the only sound can be heard inside this room.

" Quick come and revive me! "

( Revive? )

" Just run to my character! Make sure you don't get shot by your enemies, or rather you should kill the enemy while you're on your way to me! "

( Okay. )

The male character moved sneakily while crouching to a big boulder which shown that there was a female character injured at the side.

While the character was moving toward the boulder, the character was hit by the enemy lurking behind a tree.

The male character immediately runs to the side of a tree as it uses bandages to fill up the low health.

After seeing the almost full health, the male character sneakily aimed toward the enemy and shoots it using the second primary weapon, AWP Sniper.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

( I got them. )

" Good! Come to me and Press F key to revive me! "

When Sebas's character came closer to her, he crouches by her side and suddenly moved away.

" No- wait, don't just press and run away! You need to stay still after pressing the key to revive me! "

( You didn't tell me about that. )

" Well, it was a common sense in the game! "

( You also forget that I'm new in this game thingy. )

" I'm sorry that I have forgotten but it can't be helped alright?! You were so good at it that I thought you have played a lot. "

( Was it that hard? )

" Guh- I never expected someone like you to be a pro in PANG after playing a few games. "

It is an online multiplayer battle royale game where you will be dropped from the airplane to a certain island to fight to the death with the other players.

You were dropped with nothing(except outfit, that is if you have one) and have to find weapon all around the island.

After a certain time passed, there would be a white circle when you look at the map, that was the place where you should be fighting(in this case, shooting) until the end.

If you are not in the circle, as time passed, the blue zone will be coming closer toward the circle and if you are not in, your health will be slowing going down.

So you have to move from place to place and you also have to be quick.

The game received positive reviews when it was released as it was a new type of game where it could be easily approached by players of any skill level and was highly replayable.

The game was attributed to popularizing the battle royale genre, with a number of unofficial of certain country clones also being produced following its success.

Overall, the game is good and enjoyable.

Sera invited him to play the game because he was curious about the 'game thingy'.

In the first few battles, he was getting his ass kicked by players which Sera laughed out loud.

One time, he was picking a gun, very slowly, when there was a sound of footsteps coming closer to him.

Sera has warned him that those footsteps are the enemy but he was busy taking the loot which ignored her warning.

He came to a sudden halt when there is an enemy in front of him at the doorstep.

Before he could trigger the shot, the enemy fired his gun first and that was it.

It was one minute after the dropped and he was killed with 0 kills.

The next game, he was quite lucky by getting 1 kill but still ended up dying at the camper's hand while he was driving a car to the other place.

There was also one round where before he could pick up a gun, he was already knocked out by a player who has arrived first in the building.

But after a few games, she noticed that he was getting better at it, slowly but surely.

Right now, she was playing Duo with him since she wanted to see if it was her imagination or not.

Sera got 10 kills while Sebas got 8 kills, 2 kill closely behind her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/extra---gaming-all-day-godly-player_36637033728368034">;m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/extra---gaming-all-day-godly-player_36637033728368034</a> for visiting.

It was at this moment that she realized that he is truly getting better at it, it's like he's on steroid.

She played a lot of the game before getting good at it but unlike the guy beside her.

He played only about 4-5 round before getting the hang of it.

She only got Burger Dinner once when she was in a squad with good teammates back then.

But this guy, he got Burger Dinner by playing Solo on Squad mode.

He is a monster, right? It's like a certain cat girl V-Tuber which was hailed as FPS Goddess by her fans but this guy is simply Godly than her.

Thank god that he was on her side instead of enemies.


BloodVampir *~MVP~* | Burger Master | 28 Kills

Sera | Marathon Runner | 2 Kills ]

( Hah~ That was fun. )

" You are basically giving me a ride, you monster. "

( Ride? What are you talking about? )

" Nothing. Let's just play another game. "

( Sure. )


Bang! Bang! Bang!

" Hehee~ We are going to conquer this game with just the two of us! "

" We are going beyond~! "

[ You were killed by IAMPROREEEEEE with a pistol. ]

" What- Sebas! You should be protecting my back! "

( You were running too fast that I couldn't catch up so I couldn't back you up. )

Seeing her character being headshot by the enemy pistol, she feels the anger inside of her boiling.

Her enemy was gloating at her death as he keeps on jumping on her character's corpse.

But after seeing Sebas silently go behind his back and finished him off with a sneak attack from the back using a knife, she laughed.

That's what you get for being a prick, she said in her mind.

" Should we play another round? "

( Sure. I think my rank would increase in the next round if done well. )


She suddenly feels like getting hit by a sudden sneak attack.

She didn't want to say this but when she was playing with him, her rank also increased easily as if mocking her play when she was solo-play before.

Her rank has stayed the same ever since she could remember.

But now that she started playing with him, her rank increased faster than when she solo her way out.

Even pro player wouldn't increase their rank very easily as there are times that they also lose, but this guy here is a beast among beast, after getting the hang of playing PANG, he easily beat his way onto the ranking in the CS:01.

He also learns some trick that pro player always did on his way to the ranking.

She was like air when she was in his team because all enemy always focuses on him, trying to kill him.

That's why she also got some kill along the way which helped in increasing her rank.

This was the first time that she was carried as if her weight means nothing, it reminds of her when she carries a team of noobs but in the end, lose in 5-6.

But this beast here could easily carry a team of newbs and still easily kill the enemy, he would even use his allies as a bait from time to times.

Now in the team, He was like a God of War with his fanatic worshiper in the war.

The team would even go out of their way being a meat shield in order to be useful to their god.

They followed his command precisely with no question asked, truly fanatic.

Thus born the Godly player named BloodVampir in all kind of FPS games and the newest player in future even worshiped him so much after they watched his godly gameplay.

MinxMean MinxMean

I'm suck at both game btw.

I could became a meat shield too!

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