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92.1% I'm a Vampire God?! / Chapter 35: Onwards To The Great Adventure!

Onwards To The Great Adventure! - I'm a Vampire God?! - Chapter 35 by Ellendria full book limited free

Chapter 35: Onwards To The Great Adventure!

After walking out of the guild, we now made our way over to the mall. A monstrosity of a building awaited us. The inside was even greater of a shocker. Space magic! The inside of the mall had to be hundreds of times bigger than it's exterior! I saw people stepping out of portals all over the place, wearing many different types of clothes and from all races of man. I didn't see any supernatural races though. Too bad, because I need to hug a cat girl badly! Yeah I have some in my army, but they would only hug me because I'm the leader of Nightblood, and a God to boot.

Once we stepped forward, a hologram of a beauty appeared in the air before us. "Welcome Nightblood, we hope you enjoy your shopping experience here at the International Adventurers Guild Shopping Mall. In front of you, you will find a complimentary holomap of the premises. Please equip one now." The hologram disappeared, and in front of us I found a wrist band with a mini touch screen on it. After tapping it, a minimap appeared with a cursor that said, "You", and all locations around us were labeled including the floors. Of which there were over 100!! At that moment I heard a ding in my head.

[Congratulations to Clyde for finding a minimap. Would you like to integrate this function into the System, unlocking the Mapping Function?]

I gave an immediate, and excited hell yes. Then the system dinged again and told me that the process was completed successfully. Now, I can use a mapping system IRL and explore all of the unknown world! After having a mini freak out, I calmed down and noticed everyone staring at me. If I could blush right now.. ahem! Anyway, let's getting a groove on! Lol I had to. No really though, we need to get moving. And so I had everyone split into pairs and go buy specific things. I went with Adonis, Jelia with Matrix, and Shinji and Yusuke were of course together. Everyone is picking up a spatial ring first. Yes they actually exist! I had everyone get a 9mx9m ring each. Each ring cost $80,000. Expensive but so worth it. Now that we're all equipped with a ring, let's get to shopping! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-god-!_13123206005772305/onwards-to-the-great-adventure!_42616446680883434">;m-a-vampire-god-!_13123206005772305/onwards-to-the-great-adventure!_42616446680883434</a> for visiting.

Adonis and I made it up to the 25th floor in order to look for tents and monster warding stones. The whole time, the poor guy kept sneaking glances at my hand. Sighing, I reach out and grab the little marshmallows hand. His eyes sparkled like diamonds, and his face began to redden. Grinning away at his reactions, I led the way to the tent store. We want water, dirt, dust, wind, and fire proof tents. Price isn't a worry. Walking up to the store clerks, both women looked at the two of us like they wanted to eat us alive. Then they noticed Adonis shyly holding my hand, and their eyes took on a dangerous light. They both looked at each other and nodded. Stopping in front of the clerks, I explained what I was looking for and apparently they had the warding stones here as well. A staple camping item when exploring I'm told. After getting 12 stones and 3 tents, we bid our farewells. Getting out my phone, I notified Jelia that we're finished on our end. Telling me that the others aren't done yet, she said she'd meet me and Adonis in the first floor food court.

A few minutes later we arrived and after a few minutes of searching we located Jelia and Matrix. As we're approaching, I overheard Matrix telling Jelia on how she's not worthy of being a Progenitor, and how I should have simply made her a vampire servant. I was shocked by her statement but Jelia's answer shocked me even more. "You're lucky to even be alive you know? If I'd had my way, we'd have feasted on your blood while you were still alive. However, in the magnanimity of our Lord God Clyde, you were spared and allowed to join the inner circle. Prove yourself, not to me or anyone else, but to yourself and our Lord. Prove that he made the right choice by turning you and welcoming you into his family. That is all that I have to say on this matter. Our Lord has arrived now after all." Looking up at me with eyes of fervor, Jelia got up swiftly and ran up to me before kneeling and grabbing my wrist for a kiss on the back of my hand. After doing so, she hopped back giggling nervously and said, "Well my Lord, we're just waiting for your brothers to return."

Laughing at Jelia's recurring antics, I placed my palm on Matrix head and said in a whisper in her ear, "You have nothing to prove to me, I'm already aware of your undying loyalty. However, feel free to demonstrate your loyalty as you see fit. Though don't make any reckless, suicidal or falsely heroic and tragic choices okay? I won't let you die, it's not allowed. You'll be by my side along with the others for all of eternity!" (A/N: I swear this isn't a flag. Or is it?) With an intense blush on her face, Matrix nodded her head and simply said yes. Half an hour later, Shinji and Yusuke finally reunited with us and so our rag tag group of adventurers set off for Nightblood HQ to get our armor and in their case, armor and weapons. Jelia had apparently prepared an extra special armor for me and was super excited to show it to me.

Back at Nightblood everyone hurried off to get their gear, and Jelia led me to the Nightblood vault which I'd yet to see. Once outside of it, Jelia had me use a retina scanner and finger print scanner, lastly my finger was pricked by my sword and a drop of my blood was inserted into a strange looking glass orb that glowed gold upon receiving my blood before flying into a circular hole in the vault door. With a click, the vault door gently swung open. Stepping inside, I felt my jaw drop. Miles of gold, silver and precious jewels were stacked everywhere. And at the very end of the vast hall stood a mannequin holding the most badass armor that I'd ever seen in my entire life. Jet black armor with layers of blood red glowing faintly, spikes sticking out of the shoulder portions and a long red cape on the back with a black sun that appeared to be dripping blood as creatures of the night below lifted their faces in rapture. The same crest appeared on my chest plate. Jumping up and down in excitement inside, I felt the usual coolness before asking Jelia to put the armor on me. At that moment as she followed my orders, I noticed a crown off to the side of the armor. It was blood red and see through with sapphires and emeralds inlaid along the ridge of the crown. Gesturing to the crown, Jelia beamed before finally placing this crown on me last. Jelia walked around the corner and wheeled out a floor length mirror for me to see myself. To put it simply, I look like the last hidden secret boss found after the end game credits. In other words, a total freaking badass! Oh my chunni blood is boiling! And I actually can use real powers as a chunni! HA HA HA HA HA! Yes!

After calming down, I followed Jelia back out to my throne room, where I sat on my throne and waited for my brethren to return. A good twenty minutes later they all returned. Matrix was done up like a ninja, and Jelia next to me was wearing red robes and holding a wand of all things. Yusuke was wearing some gold and black leather armor and had dual daggers equipped and a bow and arrows. Shinji was wearing some kind of berserker armor and was wielding a giant battle axe. Finally Adonis was decked out in glistening silver plate armor, a giant silver tower shield, and was wielding a silver colored bastard sword in one hand. He sheathed the sword before looking at me in a bashful way. Now that everyone is assembled and decked out for combat, let's go acquire us a yacht!

The six of us arrived at a shipyard half an hour later and managed to get a 30 yard long yacht. Not bad if I do say so myself. She's called, "Call of The Siren", and this is her maiden voyage! Let's set sail ladies and gents! To the Bermuda Triangle!

Ellendria Ellendria

I got myself some monster yay! Please enjoy my lovelies and as always, comment, share, vote and review! We're in like the top 600 now guys! As promised I'll do bonus chapters once we're at or past rank 500 for powerstones! We have this fam! Onward march, Army of Nightblood!

Love always and forever,


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