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18.42% I'm a Vampire God?! / Chapter 7: The Holyland... And An Encounter

The Holyland... And An Encounter - I'm a Vampire God?! - Chapter 7 by Ellendria full book limited free

Chapter 7: The Holyland... And An Encounter

I'm so excited right now, that I'm actually crying a little. I've always wanted to go to Japan and now I'm actually here! Praise the sun! Wait! Bad Clyde, you're The Vampire God! Lol. Anyway, the flight attendants ushered us off of the plane, and I grabbed my luggage from the overhead compartment. I queued up in the line of people making their way over to the exit of the plane up front. Now to get my first glance at the Holyland!

It's crowded. Like crowded and I'm going to die from being crushed crowded. There are thousands upon thousands of people at the freaking airport! What is this madness?! Right, I need to make my way to the exit because apparently there is someone waiting for me. So, now time to weave through this mob of people without killing it maiming anyone.

After what seemed like an eternity I finally made it to the exit of the airport. But wait... THEY DIDN'T SAY WHICH GATE THE PERSON WAS WAITING AT!!! Oh hell naw.. This is not even close to funny... Sigh, I guess I'll just start out here. As I made my way outside, I noticed a ton of paparazzi surrounding somebody. Curious, I decided to go and take a look. There was an atmosphere bending beauty that would make celestial maidens cry in envy standing over there. The woman had long silver hair down to her back, and jade white skin. Her lips were a light and pale pink, and her eyes were a shade in between purple and gray. Her eyebrows were very sharp, and she had a small and cute nose. She's a little over 5 feet tall and has a perfect bust and hips. That butt makes me think peach emoji!

Suddenly this beauty looked over to me, and a huge smile came across her face. Wait there's no chance she's actually smiling at me right? Suddenly she came over to me, and surprisingly wrapped her arms around me, and whispered into my ear, "My Lord God your servant Jelia Mooncrown greets thee." I felt my jaw drop. She called me her God, does that mean.. I asked her in my own whisper, even though I pretty much felt it when I saw her, "A vampire I presume?" She giggled excitedly and said yes. Then, as she was backing up, she slipped something into my hand. At this point the paparazzi had surrounded us and bombarded Jelia with questions. She smiled confidently, and said, "This is a very good friend of mine named Clyde. Remember him, for you can be sure he shall rock the world with his presence in the near future." Jelia then looked at me and winked, then she walked away with the paparazzi following her.

Okay, that was absolutely insane. Apparently vampires know who I am just with a look or their senses. Of course I could feel she was a vampire when I looked at her, but the bloodline was so weak that I wanted to confirm my feelings. After all, I'm still new at this Vampire God business. As I walked around the corner that Jelia and the paparazzi disappeared to; I noticed an ikemen wearing a tuxedo who had shoulder length straight, and jet black hair. As I got closer, I noticed his eyes were black too, he was a Japanese man. He's my height too, not bad. Suddenly he looked up and had a warm smile on his face. "Master Clyde, at last you are here. This little one greets my master. My humble name is Mokizachi Teru. Pleased to meet you." I was surprised, because one this guy called me master and two I noticed the sign in his hand. It had my name on it. Teru gestured to me to get into the limo behind him. A nice, sleek, black Cadillac limo. He opened the door for me with a courtly bow, and I climbed inside.

Teru climbed into the driver seat, and we began to leave the airport. I opened my hand and looked at what Jelia handed to me. It was a business card and it said:

Jelia Mooncrown

CEO Mooncrown Talent Agency

Phone Number: XX-XXX-XXX-XXXX

Main Branch Location: Tokyo, Japan

She's a freaking CEO! And to top it off she's the CEO of a talent agency! They are the ones that produce idols for tv shows, movies, and idol singing groups! If I ever decide that I want to become an idol, I guarantee she'll make it happen. Wow, talk about having connections. I'm now a young master, and I have a CEO in my pocket!

I cleared my throat and decided to talk to Teru. "Hey where are we going? Also where am I going to be going to school?" Teru began to talk in his relaxing, and majestic voice, "I'm taking you to your dorm. You own property in the city, but everyone agreed that you would probably want to make friends with roommates. You are going to start attending the Tokyo University High School Branch on the university's land. Students that graduate from there are guaranteed admission into the university. This is a great privilege, and one you don't want to miss out on. Ah we are here master. Let's go inside, I have a few things here for you." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-god-!_13123206005772305/the-holyland...-and-an-encounter_35630944350174941">;m-a-vampire-god-!_13123206005772305/the-holyland...-and-an-encounter_35630944350174941</a> for visiting.

As we got out of the limo, I noticed a lot of people staring over here and whispering. I heard a few girls squealing with excitement. I kept my cool as I waited for Teru to grab my stuff he has for me out of the trunk. Teru came walking around from the back, loaded up with several bags and a huge travel case. He also had an envelope in his teeth. I calmly walked over and took it out of his mouth. I heard a few girls go, 'Kyyyaaaa!', and found myself chuckling a little. I tried offering to help, but he refused saying some nonsense about how my noble hands shouldn't be used for such lowly work. I mentally face palmed, but decided to let him have his way and followed him to my dorm. The dorms were in a seperate area behind the schools main building, and was fenced off with a bunch of cherry blossom trees. Wait. How are they blooming?! It's February! Oh well, I keep forgetting this isn't Earth. Things will obviously be different here. I went through the gate after Teru, and walked towards the beautiful and huge double door entrance. Teru pressed the button on an intercom, and a man's voice answered. "Boys dorm, who is it?" Teru explained that he was my butler and that I was a new student. Butler huh? He really does give me that vibe. Maybe I should consider making him my first Noble Vampire.. Hmm.. Right, first let's get inside and see my dorm. The dorm manager who's name was apparently Touji buzzed us in.

I felt my veins buzzing with excitement as I followed Teru up the stairs in front of us. After we made it to the top floor, which is the 3rd floor, We turned towards the left and walked to the end. We arrived outside Room 312, and Teru looked at me and said, "This is your dorm, master. Let's knock and see if your roommates are in." I carefully moved Teru over and knocked on the door. I heard a light rustling sound on the other side, and a cute voice that said, "We're coming!".

Suddenly the door opened and a extremely short and very girly looking boy stood in front of me. He had his hair down to his shoulders and it was light brown, with shades of gold. His eyes were chocolate brown, and his face can only be described as cute. If I didn't see his adam's apple, I'd be convinced he was a little girl! "Hi you must be our new roommate! I'm Harue Yusuke, and this is Hamura Shinji!" said the little marshmallow. I'm not gay I swear, but this thing is way too cute! You won't sway my heart! I smiled at him, and looked at the guy next to him. Slightly chubby, short blonde hair and blue eyes, just about 5 and a half feet tall. All in all a pretty average looking guy. So why do they have names that you'd find in a freaking otome game?! Right anyway, enough analyzing. My turn.

"Hello my name is Clyde. As for my last name, I don't have one because I don't know who my family is. I just know my first name. Please take care of me." I gave a light bow, and looked up. The little girly boy was crying, and the blonde looked concerned. I felt awkward, because I wasn't trying to make them feel bad for me. So I said, "Right, let's get better acquainted after I get my stuff moved in okay? Right this is my butler Teru."

After we all finished our introductions, my new roommates helped me get my stuff put away. They also agreed that I could have one of the top bunks, so I went with the one on the left side of the room. Teru left saying that he'd be at the manor if I needed him. That part didn't go unnoticed by myself or my roommates. All three of us went, "Eh?!". Suddenly the guys started getting excited. Yuuske the little girly boy began to speak. "You're from a rich family?! Why are you in the dorms if you live in a mansion?!" I sighed and vaguely explained my circumstances. Both boys finally understood, and told me they'd be my family since I don't have one. I almost let the onion ninjas get me, but I just barely dodged their sneak emotion attack.

I decided it's time to open the envelope I got from Teru. Inside I found a nice cellphone, a charger, and a black credit card with my name on it. There was also a folded letter it said:

Dear Clyde,

I hope this letter reaches you. Myself and the girls managed to convince the International Board for Transmigrated Lost Persons to set up a bank a count for you, and by God were they majorly generous. There's over 20 billion yen on your card Clyde! Your PIN is 4713. Please burn this letter after you memorized your PIN. All of us are rooting for you back in Brittania.

Yours truly,

Chief Claudette Wilkins

Holy crap! That's almost $180k back on Earth in USD!! I'm super rich now! Still though, I'd better be careful on what I spend my money on. This money needs to last after all. Maybe I should try getting a skill that has to do with stocks. Okay, let's go outside onto our dorms balcony and burn this letter. I calmly looked at my roommates, but they were busy on some mmo on their computers. I sighed with relief, and climbed down from my bunk and went out onto the balcony. I double checked on my roommates; everything is ok. I simply thought about a cobalt blue flame appearing on my finger. Suddenly after it worked and a flame appeared, a notification popped up.

Ding! [Host has learned to control 'Hell Flame'; Hell Flame Magic skill tree unlocked]

Sweet! Okay I'll check that out in a bit, first let's burn this letter. I aimed the flame the size of a lighters flame that's on my index fingertip at the letter. Suddenly, the paper flashed with a blue light, and then ash scattered in the wind off of the balcony. I nervously looked back at my roommates, but luckily they didn't see anything. I guess it's time to go back inside. I sat down at my own computer desk, and turned on my own computer. Suddenly I heard my roommate Shinji's voice, "Hey Clyde you have to play this awesome Full Dive VR game with us! It's called 'Realms of Shafir', and it's a cool fantasy game with over 200 playable races! The best part is that it feels like you're really in there. You can eat food, and drink and the tastes are amazing! All of your senses work in there. The crazy thing though, is the game bases your starting stats on your real life abilities. So what do you think Clyde, will you join us in this epic game?" I laughed at my two roommates excited expressions, but I nodded and said, "Yes let's build our legend! We'll call our guild 'Fulfilled Destiny'! Little did I know at the time, that this game would end up shaping my destiny, and bring me powerful allies and enemies.

Ellendria Ellendria

Here's the new chapter. I hope everybody enjoys it I'm publishing it now and going to edit it here in a second.

Love ya guys,


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