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Distraught Students - I'm A Wasteland Giant - Chapter 5 by Crazy Orange Cat full book limited free

Chapter 5: Distraught Students

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The last rays of the sunset faded away…

Under the gaze of students in the dormitory, a circular spatial channel with a diameter of about five meters appeared on the sports ground ahead.

On the surface of the sports ground, the body of the spatial channel spun and swirled like a vortex.

"What is that?"

Ma Li shrieked in a low voice. Earlier on, he was so busy crying that he wasn't certain of the specifics.


Du Gang gestured with his hand and softly said: "Cover your mouth and don't make any sound!"

Ma Li immediately tensed up, subconsciously covering his mouth with both hands, and his gaze didn't move away from that spatial channel.

Suddenly, he shuddered and his pupils shrunk. If he hadn't covered his mouth, he would have exclaimed.

In the distance, a huge "cockroach" slowly crawled out of the vortex-like circular spatial channel.

It was half a meter in height and four meters long. As soon as it showed up, everyone's heart skipped a beat.

The countless number of legs on its body was so dense that if someone with trypophobia were to see it, one would perhaps die on the spot.

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After the "cockroach" showed itself, it gently trembled the tentacles on its head, turned around, and crawled in the direction of the nearby teachers' dormitory.

The layout of the Experimental High School was relatively symmetrical, with the sports ground in the center and the student and teachers' dormitories on either sides.

This spatial channel happened to appear near the side of the classrooms.

Du Gang and Ma Li glanced at each other with some vague speculation.

They suspected that the "cockroach" could detect the location of its "food" through its tentacles.

If there were still people in the teachers' dormitory, this would prove that the "cockroaches" really had the ability to locate "food".

"Teachers generally have homes outside of school, and living in school is only more convenient for them to facilitate remedial classes. I guess there should be no teachers around…"

Upon seeing Ma Li panicking and breathing irregularly, Du Gang soothed him with a soft voice.

Sure enough, after hearing him speak, Ma Li was like a suffocating person out of the water and panting for air.

However, even though he lacked oxygen, he consciously controlled his voice, fearing that he would attract the "cockroaches".

Du Gang revealed a smile and whispered with a chuckle: "Don't worry, even if there are still teachers in the dormitory, they won't be that stupid to make noises and help us verify the detection ability of th—…"


Before he finished his sentence, a sudden, miserable scream in the distance shattered the stillness of the night sky.

Du Gang froze. He didn't expect that there were idiots among the teachers…

No! This isn't right!

He abruptly remembered that the teachers' dormitory didn't have six floors like the student dormitory. The teachers' dormitory was just an old two-story building and even its doors were made of wood!


The second scream came immediately afterwards, and this time, it was a girl's voice.

Just how many teachers didn't go home?

Du Gang felt a little pained. Just an hour ago, he carefully studied the news and notices. The experts of the Arctic Circle had analyzed that the "cockroaches" were attracted to sound.

The two despairing screams from the teachers' dormitory were so loud that both sides of this street where their school was located were able to hear them clearly.

If there were other spatial channels outside the school, it was possible that other "cockroaches" would be lured over.

At that moment, Du Gang witnessed a woman running out of the teachers' dormitory.

He fixed his eyes on her and coincidentally, she was the language teacher of his class, An Ya, a young teacher who was about 23 to 24 years old and had graduated from Nan Yuan Normal University.

"Run, Teacher!"

Like Du Gang, Ma Li recognized the teacher at first glance and whispered a prayer.

However, in the next second, Ma Li closed his mouth again.

As An Ya ran across half of the sports ground, another "cockroach" revealed half of its body from the spatial channel behind her.

"Oh no!"

At that moment, the students in the dormitory prayed that the "cockroach" wouldn't detect An Ya in time.

However, to the disappointment of the crowd, the "cockroach" demonstrated its professionalism. After crawling out of the spatial channel entirely, it rushed ahead with excitement like a mosquito witnessing blood.

But at that very moment, due to not exercising for a long time, An Ya's cardiorespiratory and exercise capacity couldn't keep up. Her breathing became disorderly, resulting in her having to stop to rest.

"Run, Teacher!"

At that moment, a student in the girls' dormitory couldn't help but yell.

When An Ya heard her voice, she subconsciously glanced over her shoulder. What she saw frightened her so much that she forced herself to move again.

However, her body had reached its limit. She was fatigued from the running. Her legs weakened as she collapsed to the ground.


All the students stared at her. When they saw her crumbling to the ground, they couldn't help but gasp.

In the distance, the "cockroach" approached her. An Ya sat on the ground, helplessly watching as it crawled toward her.

She would never be faster than a "cockroach" with a bunch of legs.

The "cockroach" was closing in on her in just a few seconds.

In the girls' dormitory, many young ladies witnessed the scene and couldn't help but cry out.

On the other side, in the boys' dormitory, a wave of sadness and anger also exuded.

"Teacher An! Run… Run!"

Ma Li anxiously watched with his trembling lips. He understood deep down that unless a miracle happened, An Ya would certainly die. Not only that, but he also averted his gaze. He didn't dare to look at what was about to happen to her.


At that moment, Du Gang next to him exhaled a deep breath.

"What's wrong?"

Ma Li asked.


Du Gang pushed the window open and leaped out.

Under normal circumstances, he should have been incompetent and furious like the other students.

However, he had the Ancient God System, which allowed him to turn into a giant. After the class ended, he learned that he could grow taller and stronger, but he didn't know exactly how strong he was.

And now, this was a chance for him to save someone and test out his ability at the same time.

As for being discovered, he couldn't care less. After all, since he had the ability to transform, he couldn't possibly live on without using it, could he?

"Du Gang…"

Ma Li was bewildered!

Du Gang had as if transformed into Kong1. With his massive body, each step he took spanned over 10 meters. In just three steps, he flew ahead and stopped the "cockroach" just as it was about to sink its teeth into An Ya.

"My goodness…"

At that moment, all the students were stunned.

They were amazed by Du Gang stepping forth bravely and protecting An Ya, as well as his apparently doubled height and the fact he wasn't the size of a normal human.

  1. A legendary giant gorilla in the movie, King Kong.

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