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Chapter 180: 180. You Know Nothing


Absolute silence.

The arrogant laugh of the prisoners came to an abrupt halt. They stared at the headless body of the pudgy man and gulped.

Leo raised his head and stared at the group of people, "Go back or die."

His words woke them up from their shock. The thin tall man was hesitating, however he looked at the crowd of prisoners behind him and gritted his teeth.

"What are you afraid of? He is just one man, let's kill him and get out of this god forsaken place!"

With his words he managed to rouse fighting intent in the prisoners.

Leo's eyes turned frosty, "Ashes to earth, death it is."

He took a step forward and vanished.


The sound of sword going back into the scabbard rang through the air.

The prisoners were stunned. They turned back to see Leo walking further away from them.

He walked away?

The tall thin man was startled. He was imagining why he did so when his body slanted to side.

No. It wasn't his body, it was his head. The last sight he caught was the crowd of prisoners falling down like dominos with their heads hitting the ground first.

Megallan who was getting a live report of the happening in lower floors was stunned.

Does he plan to slaughter everyone?

He had a nagging feeling that this was the case. But so what?

These prisoners were locked up for a reason. If they had just stayed put, they could have lived. But they chose to rebel, so their end will be the same, death!

Leo created a path of blood as he went down each floor. The prisoners were given a choice each time he attacked, those who made the right choice lived, those who didn't died.

The scene on each floor was bone chilling. Headless bodies and heads were strewn all over the place, creating a scene from hell.

Standing infront of the entrance to the lowest floor Leo thought to himself.

Why is this kid causing so much trouble?

He kept to himself and entered.


"Get me out, I can help you."

An eerie voice spoke from one of the cells.

Ivanko looked over and saw who it was, he was slightly surprised and said, "Crocodile!"

Luffy and one more person was with him. They also stared at Crocodile before Luffy said.


Ivanko immediately stopped Luffy and said, "Strawhat boy, Crocodile is someone who dared to attack Whitebeard, he can't be trusted."

Luffy stared back and replied, "I'll kick his ass if he do that."

Ivanko didn't reply for a few seconds before making way.

Crocodile was released. Just when they were about to depart a voice reached them from one of the cells.

"Take me with you."

Four pairs of eyes stared at the speaker.

This time Ivanko was shocked to see who it was, "Jimbe! They locked you up here!?"

"Who is he?"

Luffy asked confused.

"One of the Seven Warlords, Knight of The Seas, Jimbe!"

Ivanko replied solemnly.

Jimbe who was locked in chains stared at Luffy and the others, "Please, let me help you. I want to save Ace!"

Ivanko grinned, "Jimbe is close to Whitebeard, he is definitely a strong helper!"

With Jimbe out as well the group was headed for the elevator leading to the upper floor.


Just as they reached the elevator the door opened and a person stepped out.

"It's you!"

Luffy recognised who it was and yelled.

Leo scanned the whole group and focused on Luffy again, "What are you doing, Luffy?"

Luffy replied seriously, "I am saving Ace!"

Leo's eyes turned frosty, "Releasing prisoners, creating a riot, is this your way of saving someone?"

"I just want to save Ace!"

Luffy yelled at Leo.

Ivanko saw the situation and immediately pulled back.

Hell Wink!

He blinked at Leo. A formless power struck him. However it didn't even scratch him, much less blow him away.

Leo glanced at Ivanko for a moment, "One more and you are dead."

Ivanko was sweating bullets. That did nothing? Who is this marine?

Leo turned to Luffy, "You want to save Ace and that gives you the right to do whatever you want? Do you know what kind men are kept in this place?"

"Those people you set free, they have looted, killed, burned and much more. Do you know what kind of disaster it would be if their kind was set free?"

His voice turned colder as he spoke. Wild murderous intent poured out of him.

"You think nothing of the consequences of your actions. Of course that's cause whatever they did have nothing to do with you. Tell me Luffy, if I kill every one of your crew, would you forgive me?"

His words sent a chill down everyone's spine. No one doubted him, as the murderous intent he released was a testament to his words.


Luffy struggled for words. Leo's pressure bore down on him like a mountain. It was suffocating.

Gritting his teeth Luffy raised his head and glared at Leo, "I just want to save Ace!"

Leo took a step forward and reached Luffy in an instant.


Ivanko, Jimbe and Crocodile immediately attacked.

Ivanko blinked at Leo.

Death Wink!

Jimbe took a horse stance and punched out.

Fishman Karate!

Crocodile raised his palm and swung it down.


Amidst the incoming attacks Leo stood calmly, his hand rested on his sword and never left it.


A formless ripple spread out. All the attacks coming at him were forcefully dispersed. Jimbe, Crocodile and Ivanko were thrown away.

The last one among them rushed in. His hands turned into scissors and sliced the ground beneath Leo.

However he was halfway through when a foot stomped on him.


He spewed out blood and was thrown away.

Leo stopped infront of Luffy, his eyes were ice cold as he said "You want to save Ace? Do you really believe you are still up and running because your abilities? Kid, you know nothing."

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