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Chapter 211: 211. Silent Wind.

Kaido was injured.

Leo held his sword in a relaxed position, however his mind and sword will was extremely focused.

Kaido rubbed the wound on his chest. The blood on his fingers made him smile. It looked a bit deranged.

"Ah, you are finally getting into it. Let's battle!"

Kaido raised his bagua and slammed it down.

Taking a step back Leo planted his foot firmly on the ground. He grabbed the sword with both hands and slashed out.

Their weapons caused the air to shake and the ground to tremble.

Sparks flew as their attacks met. Leo was slightly pushed back, however he used the rebounding force to disperse the remaining strength and countered.

By now the wound on Kaido's chest was completely healed. Leo was astonished.

Though it wasn't a serious wound, it still cut through Kaido's body. For his body to repair such a wound so fast means that his cells were incredibly active and full of vitality.

My body would probably reach the same state after a few more years.

He thought to himself as he met Kaido's attack with one of his own.

Their battle raged on.

The island was now in shambles. The forest was replaced with broken trees and crumbling earth. Several small mountains were levelled, even the bigger ones had considerable damage and on the verge of collapsing.

Leo raised his sword and pointed it to the sky. Terrifying amount of power erupted from his sword. 'Breath' rumbled through his body causing his muscles to pulse with power. His haki erupted as it strengthened his sword will.

Sword rays flashed and covered the sky. The dense collection of sharp sword rays made the onlookers take a step back in fear.

Merciful Rain!!

Like a downpour the sword rays fell on Kaido!


Kaido loosened his grip on the bagua and roared to the sky. His body started to swell up and stretch. His skin turned blue as shimmering scales covered his body.

In a second his body turned into a long serpentine creature with flames burning on it's limbs. There was a cross shaped scar on it's fore limbs.

A dragon?!

Leo was shocked when he witnessed this transformation.


The droconofied Kaido roared. He opened his mouth and spat out a blast of energy. It was scorching hot.

The sword rays collided with the energy blast. Both attacks contended for supremecy for several seconds before destroyed each other.

Kaido's dragon form floated in the sky. It coiled like a great serpent.

Leo's battle intent tore through the skies as he focused on the great dragon in the sky. 'Breath' started to revolve faster through his body, every inch of his body was starting to pulse. Veins sticked out of his muscles as power filled them.


His legs dug deep into the ground. The ground cracked and spread out like a spider web as he disappeared.

Kaido only saw a flash. Leo was already beside him as he slashed out.


Kaido used busoshoku haki and defended. Leo flashed again before appearing on a different part of his body. He slashed out and disappeared again.

The outsiders only saw burst of sword rays all around Kaido.

"Such a large body is very disadvantaged against a grandmaster swordsman."

Someone among the onlookers said. The others agreed. They were numb at this point. At first they were shocked to see a marine matching Kaido, then Kaido transformed into a dragon. Now dragon form Kaido was being attacked from every side.

As expected, Kaido wasn't a Yonko for no reason. He returned to his normal form and continued to battle with his bagua.

A day passed.

Two days passed.

Kaido and Leo fought for two days and two nights.

The island was surrounded by Beast Pirates and Marines.

Both parties were waiting for a victor to emerge.

On the island.

Kaido and Leo were trading blows for blows.

Leo shoulder was slightly bruised. He was out of breath and sweating, and there was a bit of blood on the corner of his lips.

Kaido on the other hand didn't have a single wound. But he was out of breath like Leo.

Two days of continuous battle was draining on their stamina.

Leo's eyelids were drooping. He was very tired and his body was aching all over. His 'Breath' was completely drained, even his spiritual energy was near at it's end.

He focused on Kaido and said, "You are a monster."

Kaido raised his head to the sky and laughed, "Worororo, we are both monsters!"

He lifted the bagua and channeled the last bit of haki he could muster on it. The bagua turned a shade of black with hints of red on it's body.

Leo also focused. The remaining 'Breath' inside him rotated with incredible speed. His spiritual energy gushed out like a broken damn and climbed on the blade of his sword.

It's not complete yet, but it should be enough to settle this.

He thought to himself.

His sword domain was stretched to it's limits. Suddenly the wind around the island turned slow, sword rays moved around in a bizarre manner, it stirred the wind and settled on his sword.

Then he did something that slightly surprised Kaido.

He sheathed his sword.

The remaining sword rays fell on the scabbard and sunk into it like a sponge absorbing water.

His foot slid back as his body bend down.

"Worororo, Die!"

"Thunder Bagua!!"

Kaido slammed down his bagua. The ground cracked and the air crumbled at it drew an arc towards Leo.

Leo had his right hand on the sword's hilt. As he watched the bagua get close his mind turned slow as a peculiar sensation took over.

When it was an inch away from him, he moved.


Leo disappeared. He completely vanished from Kaido's sight. Even his kenbunshoku haki failed to capture him.


The moment Leo disappeared a long, deep wound appeared on Kaido's chest. Blood spilled out like a fountain. One could even see the bones!

Leo landed softly behind him and sheathed his sword.

Silent Wind!

This was a technique he recently developed. It wasn't complete, but it's attributes lie in it's speed and unpredictability, completely different from 'Merciful Rain'.

Leo kneeled down. He was spent. The last attack wiped out every ounce of strength he had left.

His eyes were focused on Kaido. The latter was also spend, however Leo's spiritual sense was able to see the horrible wound on his chest wiggle.

This monster can still heal!

He narrowed his eyes. Luckily Kaido didn't have any strength left, otherwise he would be in big trouble.



Two groups of people rushed into the island. A lot of men dressed like a bunch of thugs rushed towards Kaido and formed a circle, they raised their weapons and aimed it at the other group.

Two among them were especially noteworthy. The other two disasters, King And Queen.

Issho, Mace, Shinobu and the rest stood before Leo. They were ready for another battle.

"Let's go."

Leo said as he struggled to stand up. Shinobu helped him up and started to walk away with a lot of marines guarding them.

Kaido had his eyes trained on Leo as the latter left.

"Worororo, after all this time someone really came out who can hurt me!"

He laughed loudly without a care. His muscles twitched when he laughed causing more blood to flow out.


On the warship.

Leo laid down and closed his eyes. In a matter of seconds he fell asleep.

Flare asked with doubt, "Why didn't vice admiral order us to attack. Kaido was spent, though we couldn't do anything to him we could still destroy his fleet."

Violet smacked his head and said while glaring at him, "You idiot, do you know how many forces are keeping a watch on this battle. The moment we start a battle, everything will be thrown to chaos. There is even a chance for another Yonko to appear!"

Flare rubbed his head and laughed in embarrassment.

Shinobu waved his hand, "Keep quiet, he is sleeping."

Everyone immediately shut up. They left the cabin quietly.

After going out Shinobu said to the crew, "Let's head back."

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