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3.96% I am a Scarecrow and the Demon Lord of Terror! / Chapter 5: The Legendary Commissioner

The Legendary Commissioner - I am a Scarecrow and the Demon Lord of Terror! - Chapter 5 by Laughter and Joy full book limited free

Chapter 5: The Legendary Commissioner

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In an instant, all the villagers around fell into the illusion of fear.

Without any hesitation, Flanders immediately used [ Night Cut ] on the villagers who weren't moving.

He swung the knife, again and again, each attack could take the lives of several people.

However, a hint of urgency appeared on Flanders's face.

This was because the effect of [ Fear ] could only last for two seconds.

He had to kill as many villagers as he could during these two seconds.

After all, he had already been exposed. After finishing this job, he had to run.

One villager after another fell, but in the end, he still couldn't kill them all in two seconds.

The villagers who hadn't died woke up one after another.

Seeing the dead villagers around them, the villagers fell into extreme panic. At the same time, it provided Flanders with a lot of fear points.

Some people had already lost control of their legs and collapsed on the ground.

The others who had a strong desire to survive had already started to roll and crawl in all directions.

Looking at the fleeing villagers, Flanders snorted coldly and did not chase after them.

As he had heard previously, the police would arrive soon.

With the police, it meant that there would be guns and police cars.

At this moment, Flanders was not sure if he could withstand the damage of the bullets.

After all, the system's judgment of him yesterday was that he was too weak, and was unable to test his actual strength.

Although he had received a lot of fear points and was stronger than before, Flanders did not have much time to test his own strength.

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What he needed to do now was to seize every second to obtain the easily obtainable fear points.

Then, he fled the scene.


Half an hour later, two young police officers arrived late.

Seeing the ground full of corpses, the two young men immediately vomited aggressively for two full minutes.

Then, with a trembling voice, they informed the headquarters,

"Here... An extremely serious murder case has happened here.

"The dead... There are countless dead people, at least a hundred of them! Requesting backup!"

After another half an hour or so, two "commissioners" wearing sunglasses arrived at the scene and took over the case.

Although these two commissioners did not have any identification, the two junior officers left the scene without further questions after receiving the approval of the director.

They could not wait any longer.

They did not want to stay in such a place full of corpses for even a second longer.

After the police car left, the two of them began to talk with a serious expression.

"The wounds are extremely smooth. All the victims were killed in one move and died on the spot.

"This strange creature's strength should not be too weak, but it shouldn't be too strong either.

"At the very least, it should have a vicious aura or sharp claws

"The victim's expression was extremely terrified, and his face was distorted. This means that the creature's appearance or method should be very terrifying.

"The corpses are more densely distributed, which means that the victims didn't die one by one. They likely died in batches, or even at the same time!

"Therefore, this strange creature's weapon or body is very likely to be larger."

The two commissioners were different from the police officers. After arriving at the scene, not only did they not feel any discomfort, but they also observed the scene very calmly.

One after another, they analyzed the situation roughly.

However, some parts of their logic were correct, but the answer was wrong.

Flander's size was not huge, and he did not have any huge sharp weapons or claws.

The scythe he used would only materialize when he needed it, and he wouldn't carry it with him normally.

And Flander's appearance wasn't actually terrifying, he was just an ordinary scarecrow.

When he stood still normally, he even looked a little comical.

However, although this information misled the two of them, it was only temporary.

Soon, the two commissioners found the surviving villagers and asked for the information they wanted.

"The murderer is a scarecrow?

"Around 1.5 meters, he can conjure a scythe?

"He can also make people hallucinate a very terrifying illusion?"

One of the commissioners asked while taking notes. At the same time, he frowned slightly.

It had been a long time since he had made a wrong judgment.

Obviously, the strange creature this time seemed to be somewhat different from the usual ones.

At least, normally they did not have the ability to conjure weapons.

Moreover, it was the first time he had encountered a strange creature in the form of a scarecrow.

Looking at the calm appearance of the male commissioner in front of him, the villagers once again heard Qiao's words.

"There should be a department in the world that specializes in dealing with paranormal activities, but it might just be a legend."

One of the villagers asked tentatively.

"Excuse me, do you specialize in dealing with paranormal people?"

The man who was taking notes was slightly stunned and nodded.

"That's right, how did you know?"

"When we found the body this morning, Qiao told us."


"Yes, he used to be a policeman and heard such a legend. When we heard him talking this morning, we thought it was just a rumor, but we didn't expect it to be true."

The other villages nodded their heads in agreement.

No one had expected that this scarecrow who had stood in the wheat field for decades was actually a monster.

The male commissioner nodded and continued to ask,

"Where's Qiao? Where is he now?"

"Qiao is already dead. He was killed by that monster scarecrow."

When the villagers said this, their faces showed some fear.

It seemed that they had not recovered from the fear they had suffered from the incident.

"Then, are you the only survivors left at the scene? Is there anyone else?"

The villager turned his head and looked at the surrounding villagers, then nodded and said,

"They're all here, but little Thomas didn't see the scarecrow kill anyone..."

"That's not important," the male commissioner said with a smile.

Then, the female commissioner, who had somehow circled to the back of the crowd, took out a small ball from her chest and smashed it hard on the ground.


After the small ball hit the ground, it made a soft sound and shot out a burst of white light.

Then, the villagers' eyes turned white, and then they showed a confused expression.

The female commissioner said softly,

"This morning, a psycho killer came and used a chainsaw to kill a lot of people in the village."

The villagers were still confused, but they muttered,

"Psycho... Killer... Chainsaw..."

Then, the Female Commissioner said again,

"The few of you escaped relatively quickly and were not killed. After the psycho killer killed people, he escaped."

"We... escaped quickly... The psycho killer escaped..."

The two commissioners looked at each other and nodded.

Then, they drove away from the scene.

"We have to report this to the Mage Association now. The birth of a strange existence which is giving us a headache has happened."

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