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58.33% I Am Really Not The Son of Providence / Chapter 35: A Sea of Blade Aura

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Chapter 35: A Sea of Blade Aura

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"My children… are going to have a father at last!"

Haiti's black hair covered her entire face, making it impossible to see what lay underneath. However, just her appearance and miserable voice were enough to give him the creeps.

Such a being suddenly says she wants me to be a father to her children!?

Shen Tian looked at the ghost babies crowding around Jiu'er… and shuddered.

Even the evil spirits are so unorthodox these days? Being too handsome is really troublesome!

Black Blood smiled and said, "Ghost Mother, you like this pretty boy?

"Fine, as long as you help me defeat these Enforcers when I capture this kid and feed him the Mesmerizing Pill, he is all yours!"

Jiu'er looked at Black Blood and laughed. "Hehe, really!"

Even Black Blood shuddered. He knew better than anyone how sinister this evil spirit was.

Strictly speaking, Jiu'er was not one of Evil Spirit's Believers. Instead, it was a special artifact Evil Spirit's top executives had crafted.

This artifact was required to search for a virgin born in a time of yin. It had to kill her entire family in front of her when she was in her wedding dress and just about to get married. Then, it had to extract her soul and seal her in a Dharma artifact for years.

Slowly, she would become a vengeful spirit. Only when there were 500 or more ghost babies, this supreme evil weapon, Jiu'er, could be considered fully refined.

A fully refined Jiu'er would be at least above the Nascent Soul realm. The entire city and kingdom would fall to hell once it appeared.

There were only 300 babies with this Ghost Mother right now, so it only had a half-step Nascent Soul's power.

However, Black Blood could feel that the artifact was not strong enough to hold her. Thus, he did not dare to refine it any more.

He was afraid that Ghost Mother would become too powerful and turn back on him. In that case, he would die horribly.

But now, Black Blood was already surrounded and had absolutely no way out. He could only bring out the Ghost Mother and take a risky gamble.

"Hehe, remember your promise. He has such a good body. I'm going to suck everything out of him!"

Jiu'er smiled fiercely and lunged at the three Golden Core Enforcers. Her 300 ghost babies were behind her, surrounding the Foundation Establishment cultivators.

They tried to fight with their blade auras, but the effect was negligible. All the support from the Enforcers was cut off.

Without any other help, they would be defeated and killed eventually.

"Hehe. Who is the one giving up now?" Black Blood looked at his wounds and said, "You are gonna pay for this!"

Then, he dashed toward Shen Tian. His hand was holding the Mesmerizing Pill.

I've got him!

Eunuch Gui and Qin Gao's faces changed dramatically.

"Prince! Run! I'll stop him!"

The two of them blocked in front of Shen Tian together, prepared to meet their deaths. They would not allow the prince to be in danger at all!

However, Shen Tian pushed the two of them away slowly.


"Why… are you making me do this?"

Shen Tian pointed his finger at Black Blood.

Suddenly, he was covered in blinding light, and someone appeared from this light. Although the light concealed his body, his presence was very powerful.

The earth shook as he appeared!

He was just holding a board sword and made a simple slash.

It looked very normal.

However, a blade aura appeared in the sky. Then it divided into two, and then three… Soon, there were millions of them.

It became a sea of blade auras and flew toward Black Blood.

"Changhe Sword Intent? How is it possible!? No!!!"

Black Blood let out a scream, his voice filled with fear and dread—even his Golden Core realm could not stop the attack.

In a short while, the longswords ran through Black Blooded's body, and blood splattered. His Golden Core shattered into pieces.

When the blade aura dissipated, Black Blood was no longer there.

Perfected Black Blood, a Golden Core cultivator, was killed!

A string of black rosary prayer beads fell on the ground. It must be something very special, or else it could not have been intact after the attack.

There were cracks on every bead, and the largest red rosary bead was nearly cracked.

Jiu'er and the baby ghosts let out a scream, and all the spirits disappeared.

Before the Ghost Mother disappeared, she gave Shen Tian a grudging glance.

It was only then that the Golden Core Enforcers were relieved, their bodies already drenched in a cold sweat.

The Ghost Mother was a terrifying being. Normal physical attacks were almost ineffective against her.

Her attack, however, was so bizarre that it had forced the Enforcers into a perilous situation. If the Ghost Mother had not suddenly disappeared, all three of them would have been in great danger.

They looked at one another and kept their swords.

They appeared in front of Shen Tian, their faces full of admiration.

"We are so ashamed! We thought we could be helpful here. But it turned out that Master Celestial had to save us instead."

"Master Celestial has such a powerful sword skill! I admire it so much!"

"Master Celestial, you are my lifesaver! You can ask me to do anything."

"Master Celestial, do you still need people in your Celievers? You can trust me with your work!"

Now, even the three of them want to join Celievers…

Shen Tian was rendered speechless.

Given your skills, you could at least become guardians in the palace.

Why do you even bother to be my fans?

"Erm… Thank you for rushing over to help me."

Shen Tian was caught between laughter and tears. He said, "I believe there will be fate between us one day."

They had pure dark green halos on their heads. Although there was no trace of redness, they were considered very lucky individuals.

If they continued to find Shen Tian every day, they should have fortuitous opportunities one day. Thus, the three of them were overjoyed.

Master Celestial had both incredible judging ore skills and powerful sword skills.

It would be their blessing to have fate with him!

"Thank you, Master Celestial!"

"If you need anything, please tell me!"

"We'll make sure all the Celievers will be well taken care of in here!"

Shen Tian nodded helplessly upon hearing their promise.

Honestly, he had not wanted to show off just now.

The Sword Master Token that Li Chang'ge had given him was just too expensive!

He had just struck with the Sword Master Token once, and it cost him 4,000 Spirit Stones!

His wallet was screaming in pain!

Shen Tian looked at the rosary beads and started thinking.

Is this a monster drop now?

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