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56.66% I Am Really Not The Son of Providence / Chapter 34: I'm A Father Now?

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Chapter 34: I'm A Father Now?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

They were wrapped in a white sword light that was as bright as a shooting star in the night sky.

The three captains in the Golden Core realm stood side by side, while 20 cultivators in the Foundation Establishment realm were lined from left to right, forming an arrow formation.

According to a Sword Kinesis Flight theory, it was more Divinity-efficient to fly with the sword in that way.

That was exactly what happened, and the 20 or so Enforcers were rushing at full speed.

They were closing in very fast from miles away.


The Demon Suppression Swords behind the Enforcers flew out of the sheaths on their backs, and the generated sound was exceptionally loud.

Twenty-three magic swords formed a heavenly net and trapped Perfected Black Blood in the center.

The sword burst forth like a divine weapon in an instant!

"Evil! Execute!"

The leading Golden Core cultivator shouted with his sword in hand.

All Enforcers gave their Divinity to form a 20-meter sword in the sky. Then, the sword slashed down and left a deep marking on the ground.

Perfected Black Blood dared not hesitate and gave his best too. Black smoke was surrounding his golden core now, and it looked very spooky. At the same time, his strength increased!

Evidently, he had not even used half of his power to deal with Eunuch Gui.

"Phantom Blood Hand Seal!"

Black Blood's voice was hoarse, like an evil ghost returning from hell.

He used his Golden Core cultivation and blocked the giant sword's attack. A huge dark red vortex also appeared and tried to absorb the blade aura from the giant sword.

Unfortunately, the blade aura of more than 20 Enforcers was just too powerful.

It landed squarely on Black Blood!


He bore the full brunt and was badly wounded. Blood spurted out of his mouth.

He looked very pale now.

23 Enforcers landed together and guarded Shen Tian behind them.

"Black Blood, I didn't know you were from Evil Spirit!"

"You won't get away with this. You'd better surrender yourself!"

"Master Celestial, don't worry! You are with us now. He can't hurt you!"

There were not many Golden Core cultivators in the Country of Fire, and they clearly knew Black Blood.

However, regardless of their relationship, there was only one choice left after learning that Black Blood was a member of Evil Spirit—kill him!

What's more, this 'Master Celestial Aotian' behind them was too important.

Not only did many of the dignitaries in Myriad Spirit Garden owe their gratitude to him, the Myriad Spirit Garden's princess liked him so much that she had given him her Jade Water Sword!

They would definitely lose their job if something happened to him in Myriad Spirit Garden.

Qin Gao also appeared behind the Enforcers.

He was much more talented in cultivating the Demon Book of Hyuga than Eunuch Gui. Since Shen Tian had given him enough Spirit Stones to cultivate, he had become much stronger.

He had already reached the 3rd Firmament of Qi Refinement! One had to know that he was the 1st Firmament!

His movement technique was very fast now.

Qin Gao rushed up and asked them quickly, "Prince! Uncle Gui, are you guys okay!?"

Uncle Gui smiled and said, "Luckily, you made it in time. I was so close to joining Her Majesty just now."

Qin Gao was embarrassed. "Sorry that it took quite a while."

Shen Tian had found it suspicious the moment he had seen Black Blood taking Little Spirit Fairy away.

Myriad Spirit Garden's security was not so weak that any Qi Refinement cultivator could come and take people away from the inn.

What's the use of taking Little Spirit Fairy anyway?

If he wanted to rape her, there was a bed in the room on the spot.

That would be more convenient and exciting!

It did not make sense for him to take her at all!

Black Blood had poor acting skills too. He had already taken his hostage, but he had kept looking at Shen Tian's room while escaping.

It was as though he was pleading Shen Tian to chase after him!

Shen Tian had read enough novels to find something wrong with the whole setup. Thus, he had asked Qin Gao to find the Enforcers for help.

It was their job anyway, so he did not have to risk fighting alone.

It turned out that he was right.

However, Shen Tian did not expect Qin Gao to call so many people.

Shen Tian thought one Golden Core was the best he could do.

Unexpectedly, there were three Golden Core and 20 Foundation Establishment cultivators. That was enough to form an enhanced platoon!

Shen Tian was very pleased with this.

He smiled and said, "The law enforcement captains in the Myriad Spirit Garden usually don't go out so easily. Good job on convincing three captains to come out."

Qin Gao replied, "Actually, I did not do much. I just told a random Enforcer that Your Highness might be in danger.

"Then, all the Enforcers on night shift volunteered. They said it's the best time to form ties of fate with Master Celestial.

"The three captains told the rest to leave the other captains out of this. They were worried that fate would be distributed between them."

Shen Tian, "???"

What? So this can be about fate-making too?

Shen Tian's mouth twitched.

They're too obsessed with getting rich!

However, something wrong happened on the battlefield.

"That is really powerful. Myriad Spirit Garden's Enforcers, indeed!"

Black Blood stood up. His clothes were tattered, and blood was oozed out of his wounds.

The captain scoffed and said, "Black Blood, just give up!"

"Give up?" Now, it was time for Black Blood to scoff. "I'm an Elder of the Saints stationed in the Country of Fire. Do you think that is all I've got?"

He laughed and cut his left wrist.

Blood spurted out and formed a weird shape in the sky. As the blood continued to pour out, the patterns became more complex and bizarre.

Black Blooded roared, "Ghost Mother, come out!"

Suddenly, a slender palm stretched out of that pattern. Then, the head, the neck, and the body followed!

It was a woman in a big red wedding dress, her hair covering her entire face, and she was white as a sheet.

She was floating in the void with a creepy, eerie look.

There was a cluster of young ghosts around her—each one was covered in blood and looked incredibly hideous.

"This… This is a half-step Nine Neonate evil spirit, Jiu'er!" the captain said in a terrified voice.


Shen Tian was slightly stunned and directed his gaze towards Jiu'er.

The ghost was staring at him too.

A female voice came from the void.


"What a handsome boy. My children… are going to have a father at last!"

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