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91.3% I am the Daughter of the Demon Lord / Chapter 21: The troubles I got!

The troubles I got! - I am the Daughter of the Demon Lord - Chapter 21 by Lykoris full book limited free

Chapter 21: The troubles I got!

I am the daughter of the demon lord.


I was wandering off the place where I got extruded when I came across a kid who eventually led me to a perilous location.

It's either thugs or street addicts cornered both of us. I was here because the kid wanted to save his brother from these people. Exchanging me instead. That's a bummer, isn't it? But I feel him.

Now, these said people are eyeing me. They want to test that cosmos drug on me because of their curiosity.

I also can't believe what they've just said. Who would? I was gone in this realm only by six days, and now they are telling me that it's been six years?

That's ridiculous! Absolutely!

"Now, my girl, behave yourself if you don't want to get hurt." their boss forewarned me, which is not very polite of him. After telling them that I am the Princess of Luan Guo, they started to make fun of me.

I stepped back cautiously, gazing at the unconscious kid who had just been knocked back. I've got myself in a pickle, "I said. Don't get any closer to me!" I warn them once more, hoping that they would listen.

Though I don't expect anything from them. They are obviously persistent!

"Shh.. Don't worry, you don't have to be frightened. We are not here to cause you harm..." I fixed my gaze on the absurd thing they were talking.

Then what is it really? Is this a kind of joke?

"All right… all right? Perhaps a little! But you won't die on it. Yeah? So, if you simply do as I say, you'll be OK. You will experience less discomfort. Did you get it, young Lady?"

"Bastard, do you think I have time for some of your stupid jokes? If I wanted such drugs, I'd just consume them on my own. Why would I even struggle to avoid them? Use your brain!" I shouted bold and mighty.

This kind of speech, I think I got it to my Father.

"Grr. Enough! Bring her to me quickly!"

"Hehehe~!" I heard someone just giggled devilishly behind me. I whirled back, gasping, to check whether I was correct.

I have never been wrong in the first place. Someone just rudely snatched me from behind. Both my hands and legs are firmly seized.

"Ahh! Let me go!" I screamed hysterically.

"Why so stubborn, huh? With that small body, you possessed. You think you can able to escape us?" The leader of the thugs is approaching swiftly towards me. I can't believe this, and it's because of my body that I couldn't even fight back. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_55519873551367705">!_55519873551367705</a> for visiting.

"Open her mouth!" This is heinous!

I just returned from hell, and this is what I get now! I don't want those drugs. Please, get away from me.

However, no matter what I say inside my mind. No one will hear it; it's just me, after all.

The bastard clutched my mouth as he took the drug out of nowhere. I desperately looked beside-nearby me, the boy from before.

I noticed him fleeing without even attempting to help me. He was the one who placed me in this predicament, and now he has the audacity to escape on his own.

My tears began to drizzle from my eyes.

I just felt something fell into my mouth. It's probably the drug they want to try with me. I don't want to swallow it, but the leader of the thugs just closed my mouth shut.

"Swallow it!" He said confirmed. But I'm not an idiot to do what he wants. I didn't dare to gulp the drug.

"Hm. Won't you swallow? Then don't breath!"


The man immediately clutches my nose, preventing me from breathing, and he even covers my lips with his dirty hands.

I can't breathe, no-at this pace, I might die because of asphyxia. I still want to see my family again.


I shut my eyes; I don't know. My thoughts becomes blank... I swallowed it. The Cosmos drug that has some dangerous effect on human minds has taken its impact on my brain. It's slowly eating me, inside me, and even my thoughts are being obliterated…

"Boss… she stopped breathing!"

"Huh? But it is just this drug. I already released my hands to her breathings. There's no way she would die. Release her!"

(They released me, I felt my body slamming in the ground, but I don't feel any pain… Probably because of the drug they used to me.)

"Boss! What should we do? She's practically dead!"

(I'm not dead, idiot. I just can't move nor speak…)

"She's not breathing!"

(Huh? That can't be. I can clearly hear your absurdity.)

"Hey! You there!"

(Well, that's kind of new voice I heard there. Whom could it be?)

"It's the Royal Knights! What are they doing here? W-who called them!?"

(Royal Knights? Oh! It could be Father's men; they found me. Finally!)

"Run!!" They chorused. I can hear some commotion, actually, but since I couldn't move or even see them. I just lie down here because that is what I can do in the meantime.

"Hey! Are you okay? Talk to me!" Someone just pulled my weightless body off the ground. This voice, though, it's very familiar. Could it be? It's the boy who I thought left me hanging with these cruel people. He just asked for help to save me from them.

"She's not breathing! We have to bring her to the nearest clinic!"

Huh? Why are they so weird? I'm breathing, but that can't be. I know what they are talking about. I'm fully aware of it.

But if they put it that way, does that mean I'm dead!? I'm dead because I swallowed the drug? No! I have to wake up; please wake up. I need to go home.

In the distance, I saw a light. I was just curious what it was, so I decided to check upon it. When I did-


Everyone was surprised to see me recover myself. I can breathe like for real. I can smell, well, of course, because I am alive.

"She… she's awake? And.. her breathing is now… stable?"

"Wow, she possessed red eyes. It's alluring and even… her hair! What a beautiful person she is…"

What are they talking about?

"Umm... she took a cosmos drug. We should still bring her to the clinic to have her condition evaluated." I overheard the boy say to the individuals he was with.

"Hm. I agree. Let's bring her to the clinic." the female adult agreed with him.

"Hey, wrap it all up here. Make certain that no crooks get away with this." and another girl's voice.

"Yes, Ma'am!" Seriously. I've been getting involved in a lot of problems recently.

Though, I'm glad I'm still alive after all the things that happened. Ehe!

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