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66.66% I am the King of the Undead / Chapter 34: Loren can be a master when he see fit to release it

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Chapter 34: Loren can be a master when he see fit to release it

Arnold shows the way out from where they all enter leading down a different way toward where Enidut Pathwarrior could sign up for a match.

Loren was becoming more amazed at things being run there where guards, maids and butlers were working.

"This person who owns this place isn't just someone no from what I can tell. What to do, I can kill and take over, but it wouldn't be a waste to destroy a thing like that yet I must think about this carefully."

While he was in deep thought three of them arrived at a big desk where three people were there.

One was a male dark elf with glasses looking down a book and writing things down.

The other one was a female human doing the same thing only on a board with a list of everything written on it.

Last one was another human only this time a male working on the board as well.

Loren stops his thinking to take a look seeing the names of those who bet or are up next for a match.

Yet he can tell the names are mostly fake there is no way a person who comes here would allow their own name to be recorded even to those he takes part of the matches.

The dark elf slowly raised his head up to take a look at the three of them.

"Well have you come here to bet on a match or sign up for one." he asked.

"This girl here would like to sign up for a match." Arnold answered gently pushing her up front.

He wanted to feel on her ass, but didn't want to push his luck with Loren there.

"Ah it is good to see another one of my kin." the male dark elf said, showing a smile.

"Yes it's nice." she responded, but with those words were filled with mixed feelings towards one of her own.

Loren can tell as Enidut Pathwarrior told him about her past betrayal from someone dear to you is never easy to heal from or forgive.

She didn't trust Loren at the beginning when he brought her that day Enidut Pathwarrior listened to him, but never trusted him.

Of course Loren knew about it and understood, he had to take time with her to gain that trust from the girl.

Loren treated her well giving her whatever she needed or spending time with the girl talking getting to know as the two get to know each other.

In time not only Enidut Pathwarrior began trusting Loren, but she also fell in love with him.

"Very well would you be using your real name or a fake name." he asked, ready to write.

"So these names are indeed fake." Loren said walking up beside her.

"Yes the names are fake not a lot of people are fully comfortable in giving us their name, so we allow fake ones to be given of course those who are betting have tried to cheat their why out with this, but we always have them pay one way or another."

Loren sees they don't take well to those who try to cheat out a bet.

"What should I do Loren give my real name or a fake one." Enidut Pathwarrior asked him.

He takes a moment to think about it, but really it doesn't matter if she gave out her real name.

Loren doesn't think it would cast trouble, not like anyone here is going to remember from the outside.

Yet he'll play it safe as Loren moves closely to Enidut Pathwarrior to whisper in her ear.

Hearing what he whispers into her ear, she looks to him to see Loren nod his head Enidut Pathwarrior then turn her attention back to the dark elf male awaiting for a name.

"Victory Valentine." she said with pride.

"Interesting name here, now what match you wish to pick and would you be keeping the mask on or off."

Enidut Pathwarrior looks to Loren.

"It's up to you to choose what you want here." he tells her and she turns back thinking.

"How about the knockout and ring out. I think that will be something interesting to try since this is my first time here and the mask would stay on."

"Alright that done how about you two would you be sighing up too or betting on any of these matches."

Arnold and Loren were asked by the male dark elf.

"Sorry not betting this time, but my new friend here might be interested." Arnold placed a hand on Loren's shoulder when he said that.

"Are you interested in betting?" the dark elf turned his attention to Loren.

"Yeah, I like to bet on the Victory Valentine match."

"Alright sir." the male dark elf starts writing the amount of money Loren would be betting on the match.

After that was all done he then called out to one of the maids or butlers to come over and lead Enidut Pathwarrior to wait among the other participants.

Arnold and Loren had no more business there, so the two of them started walking back to sit back among the people watching the match.

"Tell me Arnold, I have this feeling you know more about this place or should, I say the one that owns it."

Arnold stops walking and turns to Loren.

"What is it that you wish to ask my friend." Arnold asks.

"What I want to ask is that you're not really just some guy trying to get more involved into this underground colosseum. I was honest, I thought that you were just trying to make powerful friends by bringing a place where they can have fun, but that's what I don't see anymore because I think you work for the person who runs it."

Arnold laughed after hearing what Loren said.

"I am impressed by prince Loren, I guess my gamble on you is more than I thought, you are right in a way, but I don't work for this person more like we're partners."

"Partners you say, so do you own half of this place." Loren asks.

"Well not really, I do is recruit people that like to come here for fun willing to spend there more and doing so, I get part of some of the wealth this place makes and it a lot, I tell you."

"So whoever this person is doesn't have any partners meaning he or she is the only boss."

Arnold face right then went series as he carefully moved closer to Loren.

"I kinda like you, so I am going to warn you to stop asking questions or try digging for anything because you don't want to make this person your enemy you can't be protected from and trust me prince Loren you don't want that."

"I understand clearly let us return back to watching matches." Loren said and Arnold put an arm around him.

"Alright then let's have some fun."

The two then resume back to walking and Loren was planning on how to take over and meet this person who owns it.

Doesn't matter how dangeries this person may be because Loren can be a monster when he sees fit to release it.


Debora finishes taking care of the sisters then makes her way to Darwin Bradford.

The man was at his office in the brothel, a place for him to conduct business and other personal matters.

She soon found herself standing in front of that door and hated to have to come to talk with Darwin.

Debora knocks on the door.

"Come in." Darwin answered.

Debora takes a deep breath then opens the door entering inside and is disgusted to see the man enjoying himself with a girl who works in the brothel.

She was pleased by him sucking the man off while he lay back on his chairs.

"You should tell me you were busy at the moment, I wouldn't have to come to see this."

"Oh come now Debora it's nothing you haven't seen in this place before or should I say done."

"Don't you talk about it, I want that to stay in the past, whatever was between us is dead, do you hear me Darwin?"

"Yes I hear you no need to get upset about it, I was just remembering the good times we had together."

Darwin places a hand on the girl's head making her take more of him until he starts to cum into her mouth and down the throat.

Checking the poor girl for a minute when he was done no longer having the need to shoot out more of his semen releasing her.

Free she began coughing up some of Darwin cum onto her body as she couldn't swallow it all along with tears in her eyes.

"Get out and go clean yourself up." Debora orders her and she obeys leaving quickly.

"Want to clean my cock dear." Darwin asks with a smile on his face.

"Fuck you and clean it your damn self." she tells the man in an angry tone.

Darwin laughs while cleaning his cock and putting it back into his pants.

"So what business do you have for me as I am sure it wasn't to come see the show."

"It is about two girls, an elf and a demi-human girl."

"Yes those two what about them." Darwin asks, sitting back on his chair.

"I was informed about you taking care of the elf girl which I am honest was a poor decision to make that girl could have brought a lot of money to this place."

"And so would another one she wasn't the only one in this world matter of fact there many other girls, I can get."

Debora knew how a man like Darwin sees women like her; they are just tools for him to use and to make money off of.

"What about Demi-human girl is she still down there."

"Yes that one is still alive down there, I am taking my time into breaking her not going to kill the girl like the elf that would be more money wasted if I did that."

"Then you don't mind if I go see her, I mean the poor girl could be hungry and dirty which means she needs to be taken care of and not left in such a state."

"That fine here takes the key." Darwin opens a dewar on his desk and takes out a key giving it to her.

"Be careful when taking care of her, she might still put up a fight, so you better take at least two guards to accompany you down there."

Darwin tells her, but Debora just took the key and left while Darwin put both hands behind his head leaning back on his chair.

Debora had her back against the door of Darwin office looking at the key she just grabbed from the man.

She tightened her grip on that key.

"That place, I never want to go back there, but that poor girl is there all alone, I have to be brave for her and help to the best of my abilities."

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