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92.15% I am the King of the Undead / Chapter 47: No fun in just giving the Answer

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Chapter 47: No fun in just giving the Answer

"Mmm….. fuck! Yeah that….. Was damn good." a young beautiful woman said in bliss after enjoying a pleasant moment on top of a young man.

She then looks down, smiling at that young man on top.

"I am happy to please my lady Celeste Dracul." that young man said smiling back.

"Of course you are as I Know that you love enjoying my body my Johnny."

Celeste brings her face close to his kiss as the two of them kiss in a passionate way for a minute until it is broken off.

"Oh, but we mustn't forget about you sister Amalia who been enjoying watching us fuck while touching that lovey and cute pussy of hers."

The two looked at her and she was a moment to herself right after climaxing like crazy from watching.

"Bring me your hand, I want to taste that lovely juice on it."

Amalia obeys the woman's hand that she uses to touch herself with.

Celeste took that hand taking time slowly to lick off those juices to the point her hand was clean.

The girl enjoyed that as she couldn't hold back from morning as her hand was being licked and sucked on by her lady.

"Mmmm those were so good, I always love the taste of your pussy juice Amalia."

"Thank you my lady." Amalia said blushing.

"Now then let us go sleep you two, I want you two to lay beside me." Celeste tells the two of them.

She lays down on the bed as Johnny took one side beside Celeste and the other was taken by Amalia.

The women bring them closer to her naked warm body as she enjoys it.

"My lady, I hope this isn't overstepping myself here, but should you not be concerned about dealing with Arnold, he seems to like doing what he pleases."

"It would please you my lady it would be honor to be able to take care of him for you."

Celeste laughed finding how amusing what these two were saying.

"You two as always are so loyal to me, I do love that about you two, but there is no need to worry about that. I always keep my eyes on Arnold."

"But my lady Celeste surely you inform him not to bring any royalty to your place of business."

"Yes Johnny, I have told that demon of a man sometime ago, he indeed listened, but I had my doubt that Arnold was going to keep it that way for long. That man always likes to do things his way and I would of course remove him long ago, but I only keep him around because he does make me lots of money."

"Still my lady don't you think it best to take action soon instead of just letting it be for now. Surely nothing good can come out of this."

Celeste sighs, but smiles at Amaila and places a hand on the side of her face.

"Worry not my children's mother knows what she is doing as I am always beside this young prince that Arnold has brought in. He is an interesting person because this young man isn't innocent, anyway let us sleep now as I am tired."

"Yes mother." both answer in union.


"Are you fucking mad, what in flames of the outerworld would make you think we will say yes to that."

The blacksmith tells Loren as he had feeling it was not going to be that easy.

"Don't act like this, I am offering as your father needs such a place to rest peacefully, I mean if you carefully think about it here these men are dead and what to say to whoever they work for going to send more of their men here."

"So what, I take care of them fighting alone if I must, I am not afraid."

"No doubt, but he can't and not let not forget about numbers, you don't even know how many they will be. So stop acting like a child and just come with us back to the castle."

Hearing Loren say that to her made the girl angry, but she held back that temper of hers for her father's sake and that he was right.

"Fine, but I swear if you try anything, I will do the same to you to what that demon did to those guys."

Angelina didn't like what she said to Loren, but the girl kept

"You have my word, now let us go before things here start to become troublesome"

Loren offer to help her caring the blacksmith, she of course denied him that and so no point in wasting time on it as all of them left the shop soon


Nelson walked alone within the halls of the castle after dealing with those who saw what happened in Loren's room.

Taking care of that, making sure that his father didn't get word about, he then starts to think about Loren wondering what he could be doing or what that person is planning such as arriving here.

Soon Nelson got a chance to run into him and see he was not alone as there was the demon girl, but that was new to him instead it was the other two guests he brought along.

"What strange reason does Loren have to bring the blacksmith and his daughter here in the castle." Nelson thought.

He carefully watches from a distance seeing Loren speaking to some servants ready and taking those two to a room.

When that was handled well and quickly Loren was about to head to his room, that is where Nelson must take the chance to speak with him now or never waiting for another oppointy like this.

"Loren, wait, I wish to speak with you on something important." Nelson said.

Loren stops before moving any further, turning his attention to him along with Angelina who seem to not be so happy to lay her eyes upon him again.

"Ah brother Nelson what could be imponet that must be talked about now and not later at a better time."

"Please don't call me that yet Loren we are not brothers until you and my sister are married. Also what I must speak about is something you're going to be informed about anyway."

Loren wondered what it could be, but he was not that interested to care yet if he doesn't speak to Nelson now what to say he wouldn't be left alone and go on with his day.

"Alright talk about what it is you wish to speak about. Loren tells him

Angelina wanted her and

"Well this is about my sister and one of those girls that came along with you."

"Which one are you talking about? Enidut Pathwarrior or Cecelia."

"I believe the one name Cecelia was it, she and my sister had gotten into a little fight within your room."

Loren right then raised an eyebrow as this topic of discussion has now grabbed hold of his attention to the fullest.

"What was your sister doing in my room." Loren asks as of course he knows Cecelia's reason.

Sadly he wished to never have discovered that reason as Loren knew from sometime since back home.

Loren never could understand why as somehow Cecelia developed an unsettled hobbit from time to time the girl would secretly enter Loren's room.

One inside she makes sure that everything is in the clear and when it is done Cecelia will then start finding any clothes of Loren.

Only those that have carried his scent as she takes great pleasure in sniffing them while at times teaching herself.

At times the girl would place her own scent up on his clothes or on Loren's bed.

Loren had caught her one time doing that, but only watch didn't confront Cecelia as he doesn't want to deal with it unless things start to get out of control.

"I am honest here my sister had no right to be in the room without permission and looking around."

"What reason would your sister have to be in my room if she was looking for me or thought it would be fun to look through my things."

"I have no clue, but beside, I think you take care of that Cecelia girl of yours even if my dear sister did was wrong that didn't mean she could lay a hand on her do you understand. I was able to make sure for now that my father won't get word of this for time, but Loren you still make sure that girl is punished for it."

Angelina was starting to unlike this guy less and less while Loren really cared much at the time Nelson was telling him.

Nonetheless, he thought best to clear this up soon before it became troublesome for him.

"Alright I will talk to Cecelia about this and soon everything will become better Nelson."

"Thank you, I am sorry to have bothered you with this, my sister didn't want you to know, but as her brother, I thought it best to still discuss this matter with you because there is something else I need to talk to you about."

"Oh and what could it be now." Loren said getting a little annoyed at having to waste more time.

Nelson notices, but lets it slide.

"Yes, you see my sister at the time looking around you room came across two things, one was a book the other was a chest. I don't care much about the book, but the chest is something I am interested in because I want to know what is inside it."

"Really Nelson you think you have that right to know what is inside that chest."

"I am asking only to make sure that it may not be something dangerous and beside Loren you have been acting rather oddly, I have to say."

Loren didn't imagine someone within here was paying attention to him, now he sees that going to have to pay more attention to.

"Oddly you say and what makes you say that."

"It's the way you've been acting lately here, I mean you've been spreading more time outside of the castle then here where someone like you who is about to marry my sister should be using that time to get to know her and our family."

Loren couldn't hold it, but laughed like a joke has been told as Angelina and Nelson were confused.

"What is so funny to you Loren because I seem to have some trouble understanding here."

"Sorry Nelson, I did not mean laugh, but I just find it so funny that someone as yourself was keeping a close eye to what I was doing thinking that a person as you will care."

"I pay attention to things that I find that need my attention to be placed upon only if these things make me somewhat concerned to be a threatening danger to my home and family."

"Is that it you see me that way Nelson, how hurting to know such a feeling from you."

Nelson saw right away Loren was not to bother about it, even looking to him that he didn't care much about it.

Angelina on the other head was clearly not happy about it.

"I am not sorry for feeling this way as you should understand Loren because of your actions."

"I compley do my friend as you should be, I would feel the same if it was the other way around, but let's move on from this topic of discussion and get to the real fun point of it as I am sure you want to ask me what it is I have been doing."

"That's right, I want to know what Loren has been planning since you came to our home and I believe it couldn't be anything good."

"Really is that the best you're going to do here Nelson, I expected more from you then this what wrong to hard trying to discover what I am doing instead of demanding me to just tell honestly that just seems like lazy work there."

After what Loren just said Nelson was starting to get annoyed to the point he walked up to him getting face to face with him.

Angelina was on high alert ready for anything that Nelson tried against Loren.

"Be careful of what you are saying here Loren, I may not have done just that, but it is only because I am giving you a chance to come clean as a man."

"And where the fun in giving the answer without that it just be a boring game to play. So how about I make it fun for the both of us."

"What are you getting here Loren." Nelson asks not looking forward to what is going to be.

"A duel, how about Nelson , you and me battle against each other and make a bet to it as well, you win I tell you everything, but if I win you will become my slave obeying me no matter what are you willing to agree to this."

Loren tells him, showing off a smile.

Nelson knew he wasn't going to like it, but it seems not too bad as he takes a good look at Loren getting a good reading if he has any experience with combat.

"A duel he asks, but has Loren know combat, he looks like someone who doesn't yet I can't be certain unless I fight him and If I win then I can know what it is he has been up to, but if I lose I fall to becoming his slave, well what the hell I am going along, I agree to this." Nelson thought.

He then put out a hand toward Loren.

"Very well Loren you have yourself a deal better give it everything you got in this duel of ours because I am not going to be easy on you even if you're going to be my sister's husband."

Tell Loren this got Loren to get a little excited looking forward to this duel.

"Do not worry Nelson, I will make sure that I play that well."

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