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Chapter 8: Mystery

I woke up in the morning. Without doing anything, I walked out of my room to the balcony.

Everything is normal. Except for my viewpoint, the way I watch this world. Yesterday night, I had a vision. I was in a dark dark place with no means of light. I was curled up like a ball, floating in the dark space of nothingness. All of a sudden, bright light started shining. I looked around me and saw something which resembles a crystal. It was like a ball and I was inside it.

It was somewhat transparent. And I saw next to me two similar crystals just like mine. I tried to move around but all in vail. I can't move, speak nor hear anything. The only thing I have is my vision which sees everything.

I waited with patience for something to happen. Well, guess what? Nothing happened. So, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. When all of a sudden, I felt something happened. I opened my eyes and was in a daze at the sight in front of me.

There were two young people in front of me. Butt naked.

One was a girl with deep black hair and one was a boy with light white hair. I stared at both of them for a while. Abruptly both of them opened their eyes. I was quite near to them. But they did not notice is what I was thinking.

Both of them stared hard at each other for a long period of time. Even though I don't know the exact time it felt it was quite a long duration.

Finally, the boy raised its hand towards the girl. The girl too followed the same action. Both touched each other's cheek. They started caressing. Both of them added another hand and slowly started feeling each other up.

I watched both of them with curiosity. They kept doing it until both of them felt all the body parts of each other. Well, I was embarrassed to watch a male and female touch each other all over the body. Yeah, there too.

After a while, they both caught each other hand and slowly started moving on their own. They moved at a very fast pace.

I too followed them all around. I was right at their tail. Seeing everything completely exposed.

Let's not go there.

I followed them all around. They kept moving and moving and moving in that vast bright space with nothing inside it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_17968473706904305/mystery_48443103987694194">!_17968473706904305/mystery_48443103987694194</a> for visiting.

I was quite curious to know from where the light was emitting but I couldn't find it. Everywhere I look everything is lit up. There is no trace of a light source.

After giving up on it. I started chasing those young people.

I finally caught up to both of them. When I saw the young boy moving his hands around something.

It piqued my interest so I went near them. They don't seem to notice me. I saw the boy making a small ball out of nothing.

He covered his one hand with another and closed his eyes. After a while, when he opens his eyes. A small ball appears out of nowhere.

I was carefully observing the small marble-sized ball. When all of a sudden, both the people shrieked into a tiny size. I too followed their steps and did the same. Both of them flew towards the ball. I did the same.

After entering the ball I saw some flatlands which resembled earth crust. I was surprised. Both of them started running around in that place. They ran around and around for some time. After a while, both of them sat down at a place and the young boy slept on the lap of the young girl.

That surprised me. I did not know what they were doing but it was like as if they were cuddling each other. So, without paying them any mind. I roamed around that place. But I found nothing only ground and ground and ground.

When I returned the boy was making something. I saw a few little spiders like creature crawling on the ground. It was an animal. The young boy made a living being. The young girl was also doing something to the spiders.

I have no idea what they were doing.

I continued watching them. And without me knowing they had already made a planet with living beings on it. The living beings were thinking of the Two young people like their parents or something.

They used to come to them and used to say something in a language I don't know. It was a bizarre language. I can't even speak a word of it.

And young people made another thing and gave it to them. They resembled being happy. Jumping on the ground with hands high up in the air.

Did I tell you? Oh, I see. The thing jumping on the ground resembles humans from the stone age.

I kept on watching them. When at last everything on that planet died. It seemed to be a war. In such a short period of time, they created some technology which is alien to me. And started the internal conflict. It ended with the wipeout of all living beings on that planet.

I saw sadness on the face of those young peoples. They flew out of the planet. And again enlarged into their original size.

And the boy again started building those small balls which are planets. They kept on making new types of living beings but none of them sustained.

Until, at last, the young boy made two kinds of race resembling humans. They had different colours. That world was the only world which was sustained for the longest time. And it kept on living.

Life was still sustained in it even after a very long time. Both the young people smiled at each other. And again, left that planet.

The young boy kept on creating so many things that I had never seen before. He created so many small planets that I lost its count. And after that, it started making some big sized planets which were stars in reality.

He just kept on building them. He kept at it for on and on and on. Somehow both of the young people's appearance started to change. They started looking more mature.

But they still kept on doing what they were doing before. Until they finally stopped doing it.

The young boy looked at the young girl and smiled. They went back to a planet to see the living beings but when they reached their there was nothing on it. They were saddened from their looks.

And they went from one world to another and every time they came out of a planet their face looked sadder.

When all of a sudden, the young women came out from a planet with a bright smile on her face. She took the young boy by his hand and went to this reddish planet. I too followed them there.

I saw a world full of bizarre creatures. But they were the only beings who were able to survive among all the explored planets.

Both of them were super happy. And they again visited another planet. They kept on doing it.

And finally, all the world were visited. Out of all 12 planets only had living beings on them. Wait! 12? 12? hum...Yes. I am also currently controlling only 12 worlds. That means. The young boy is the god for the creation and that girl is? Who was she?... Yes. God of darkness.

So that means I am seeing how the world was made? Was I able to remove the seal that God was talking about?

But where did God come from? I am sure he was already inside an egg-like structure. Where did both of them come from?

I was deep thought when all of a sudden I had a feeling of being watched by someone.

I raised my head and saw those two Gods staring at me. I was surprised. When both of them smiled at me.

" You need more time I think." Both of them said at the same voice. It startled me. When all of a sudden, they pushed me.

And I woke up. I was lying on the bed. And from there on you know what happened.

I was staring at the waterfall. When I realized that I was wearing my pyjamas. What? I didn't wear my pyjamas last night?'t tell me?

I thought about the possibility. And sat down on my table thinking about my dream. Marie entered the room. She came with a jar on her hand.

She snapped her finger and brought forth a cup and poured tea for me to drink. She immediately turned back and tried to leave. I grabbed her by her hand.

She turned back and smiled and said" Ara~ Where are my manners? Good Morning, Haru-Sama."

" W-Were you the one who changed my clothes?" I asked her. Feeling embarrassed.

" N-No, What makes y-you think that?" she says with a blush on her cheeks. " You know, I can read your memories, right?" I said putting on a serious face.

" S-Sorry, I thought y-you would feel uncomfortable so-" I interrupted her by asking" How much did you saw?". She made a confused face and said" Wha-What? What do mean how much?".

She is trying to play dumb, eh?. I pulled by her hand and kept her on my lap. She immediately turned red due to embarrassment." Everything" she said under her breath.

But I heard her. And I replied" Now, I can't marry anyone. You say every part of my body. I will make you take responsibility."

" Wh-What kind of responsibility?" she said.

" Marry me," I replied. She made quite a serious face. I burst out in laughter and said" I was just kidding. Don't take it to heart."

She ran past me shouting" Haru-Sama is an idiot."

I giggled yo myself and started to slowly sip down my tea.

She closed the door with a loud bang. She leans on the door and mumbles softly placing her hands on her chest" How can you do that? It's unfair, you know. Haru..."


Haru_Itsuki Haru_Itsuki

Hope you will like it.


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