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100% I CAN CREATE WORLD / Chapter 19: Chapter 19

Chapter 19 - I CAN CREATE WORLD - Chapter 19 by JohnDoesheep full book limited free

Chapter 19: Chapter 19

In the 1117th year of the silver calendar, Emperor Dracule of the Assyrian Empire received the holy sword, and after praying to god, he attained the power of the world, and at the same time awakened the ability of metal control.

He was full of ambition, he changed the calendar to the first year of the divine calendar. And claimed that he was the second king Chosen by God after Auther, and then he sent major empires on the continent special envoys to ask them to surrender.

After obtaining the power of the Three heaven cultivation method, Dracule self-confidence was greatly overblown, and he no longer paid attention to other countries.

And what supports his new self-confidence is Excalibur and the ability of metal control.

After obtaining the method of cultivation, Dracule special ministers have asked him in various ways for the Three heavens method.

Before receiving Excalibur, Dracule did promise them, he would share his power.

However, after receiving the holy sword, Dracule self-confidence grew and he has no plan to fulfil his original promise at all.

In the beginning, when these ministers only asked secretly, Dracule could just cope with them. But when more and more ministers wanted him to share the power of cultivation, the angrier Dracule becomes, then he relentlessly started killing hundreds of them, minister to noble.

Only at this time did the ministers understand that Dracule had no plans to share the cultivation method with them.

However, at this time, they knew that it was too late. Dracule, who had awakened his metal control ability, had begun to cultivate the Three heavens and with his indestructible sword, no one could do anything about him.

Some ministers tried to poison him. However, ordinary poisons couldn't kill him. Instead, he noticed them. In the end, more ministers died tragically.

People are like this. After gaining powerful strength, they often lose their virtue, even the emperor is no exception.

The once brilliant Dracule is becoming more and more arrogant, and at the same time more and more cautious. He didn't believe any of the ministers he trusted, the women he loved, and the brothers and sisters with whom he shares blood. The only thing he believed was himself.

After an iron-fisted suppression, no one in the Assyrian Empire dared to openly oppose Dracule, and the people had no choice but to surrender to Dracule dictatorship.


And those city-states and empires, faced with the envoy sent by Dracule, did not dare to refuse them, and they all treated them well, but no one dared to agree to Dracule surrender request.

There is only one country that dares to offend Dracule publicly, and that is the Holy Empire.

The relationship between the Holy Empire and the Assyrian Empire has always been described as conflicting. The main reason is that there is a True Status within the Assyrian Empire, which the Holy empire lack. Also, the new church claims that the Holy Empire is a fraud and the New Church is the true spokesman of Gaia.

Before, there was only one Holy Empire on the Continent, and the new Church was established by Dracule the first. The purpose was to eradicate the influence of the Holy Empire on the Assyrian Empire and at the same time increase imperial power. Above the church power, which would be easier to conquer the Holy Empire in the future.

From this, we can see the courage of Dracule. He is not afraid of offending the Holy Empire, let alone Gaia thyself.

Therefore, Dracule following the rise of ambition did not appear out of thin air but was laid on his foundation long ago.

When the envoy of Dracule arrived in Norwich, the Capital City of the Holy Empire, the pope did not see the envoy at all. Instead, he sent someone to throw the envoy on the torture rack and claim she was a witch. And was burned directly.

At that time, the Gaia continent, have developed a tradition of not killing the messenger. As it would be considered immoral and untrustworthy to one's allies.

Therefore, when the news reached the Assyrian Empire, it caused an outcry. After the self-confident Emperor Dracule learned of the news, he became furious and immediately decided to vanquish and conquer the Holy Empire.

The Assyrian Empire and the Holy Empire were in the same tense situation. Therefore, Dracule move did not exceed the expectations of the Holy Empire. They deployed heavy troops on the border and easily defeated the Assyrian Empire.

The first offence failed. It stands to reason that when the offensive failed, Dracule should learn from his mistakes. Unexpectedly, he would once again send the army, and this time, it was the whole army, the whole country strength, He also recruited 300,000 strong labourers. Emperor Dracule personally led the attack on the Holy Empire.

The Holy Empire was not without preparations. It also amassed 400,000 troops and deployed them in the border fortress to defend against the attack of the Assyrian Empire.

Originally, according to the Pope's assumption, they are 400,000 troops strong, and they were on the defensive. They would be able to easily Hold the border. Then they would be able to counterattack and kill Dracule the first and win the Excalibur.

However, the outcome of the battle was beyond everyone's expectations. Dracule led the army personally and he possessed the ability to control metal. He was invincible on the battlefield.

In this era, no weapon does not comprise of metal, and as long as the weapon contains metal, it will be controlled by Dracule. On the battlefield, this ability can be said to be almighty.

During the offensive and defensive battle, Dracule skillfully led the soldiers up the city wall, then opened the city gate, and wiped out the 400,000 troops of the Holy Empire.

In this battle, the Holy Empire completely lost its ability to fight back, and the crisis of being destroy was imminent.

At this critical moment, the Holy Empire, sent special envoys to other countries, asking them to dispatch troops for assistance, and even the Achaemenid Empire, which was despised as a barbarian was asked for assistance.

After these messengers told with sharp tongues, they first told of the threat of Dracule, and then used the great benefits of sharing the power of kings to tempt them to send more troops, and together to deal with the attack of the Assyrian Empire.

Essentially, without these messengers news, some countries are ready for war even before some messengers arrive.

On the one hand, Dracule ambitions are getting bigger, and his strength is rising, making the kings of these countries uneasy.

It can be said that the more might Dracule demonstrated, the more these kings yearned for the power of the kings.

Therefore, any country on the continent that is a bit ambitious has sent its trained combatable soldiers to the city of Norwich, the capital of the Holy Empire.

At this point, this war has completely changed its flavour, from a simple war between the two empires to a war of supremacy by Dracule, a world war.

If Dracule wins, he can unify the eastern part of the Gaia continent and complete the great dreams that all the past emperors in Assyrian history have not achieved. If he loses, there is no need to say more about the consequences, dead would be his final destination.

This war would leave an extremely serious impact on the history of later generations because almost a hundred countries have actively or passively participated in the war, so in the history of later epochs, this war will become a war of a hundred nations.

In the early days of the war, Dracule gave full play to his leadership talent and strategic capabilities with 500 cavalries assault, and while the troops of other countries were not fully assembled, he defeated the army of thirteen countries in a row and beheaded their commander. There were six kings, and even the emperor of the Babylonian Empire, which made people think because of his aids, they would win.

Fortunately, there are excellent generals in other countries. They gathered under Norwich in the shortest time, then integrated their forces, and once again had a head-on battle with the Assyrian Empire led by Dracule the first.

This war is extremely difficult for both parties. The Hundred Nations Allied Forces have close to one million troops, and the army of the Assyrian Empire can be considered lost when compared to the difference in numbers, but the Assyrian Empire's army is not without resistance. Power, Dracule special ability and strong physique, almost no one can defeat him on the battlefield.

The final result of the war was that Dracule won a gloomy victory, although the Hundred Nations Allied Forces sent an army specifically to ensnare Dracule, and then used superior forces to fight the Assyrian Empire army. However, after a long period of training, Dracule became stronger and better at using his metal control, and he had reached a level never heard of before. The army that entangled Dracule could not trap him, and he became the hunter instead. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In the end, Dracule made a few moves in and out of the enemy camp, successfully disrupting the enemy's military spirit and achieving a decisive victory.

The rest of the army had to escape to Norwich City, trembling, waiting for the final battle.

This is an absolute victory. After this war, no one would be able to resist the mighty Assyrian Empire. It seems that no one can stop Dracule from becoming the lord of the continent.

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