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56.25% I Can Extract Everything / Chapter 26: I Am Called Generous Qin

I Am Called Generous Qin - I Can Extract Everything - Chapter 26 by Mysterious_Pen full book limited free

Chapter 26: I Am Called Generous Qin

"My apologies, Young Master. Currently, the entire table in the Jade Orchid Pavilion is full. If you don't mind, you can come back again tomorrow."

"Full?" Qin Yi frowned.

"I heard this place is the best restaurant in this city, but I've never thought it would be this good to the point that there weren't any tables left."

The waiter scratched his nose in embarrassment, then immediately explained, "Young Master, on normal days, our restaurant must have a few spots empty, and we never keep the guests waiting. But today, things are different ..."

"Oh, what's different?" Qin Yi was bewildered.

"Young Master must be new in this city, right?" The waiter smiled as he is suddenly bragging, "In Fragrant Cloud City, there is a fairy named Fairy Yunruo. She is crowned as the most beautiful woman in this city, but what amazes the most is her unmatched talent at playing guqin. Therefore, many young people in this city greatly admired her and regarded her as an idol."

He moved closer to Qin Yi and whispered, "Fairy Yunruo usually rarely shows up, but for some reason, yesterday, she suddenly asked the Jade Orchid Pavilion manager to reserve the guest stage for her today. After some parties learned this news, various rich and talented young men are vying to reserve tables in this restaurant."

Qin Yi raised his eyebrows and said, "So you mean Fairy Yunruo will have a concert at this restaurant today, and all of her fans have flocked to reserve all the tables since yesterday?"

He began to think that since this place was the most expensive restaurant in the Fragrant Cloud City, the visitors must also be filthy rich. Isn't this an excellent opportunity to squeeze the wool?

He can't miss this opportunity!

Meanwhile, the waiter was puzzled as he had never heard the strange terms that came out of the young man's mouth before him.



Thus, he asked in hesitation, "What are a concert and fans?"

"Don't mind the little things." Qin Yi patted the waiter on the shoulder and asked excitedly, "So, has the show started?

"Not yet." The waiter shook his head as he shrugged, "She's not even here yet..."

"Then, what are you waiting for? Let me enter!"


Did you even listen to what I'm is saying?

The waiter is utterly speechless.

He thought that after speaking at length, this fellow would understand the situation. It looks like he's wrong! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"This, this..."

Shit, he's in great trouble right now.

Before him, the young man looked very strong, and he was also wearing a sect-marked robe. According to common sense, he should have let this young man in.

But the manager said that rules are rules; no matter who they are and whatever their status is, they have to abide by the rules.

First come, first serve. Since this young man came late, he had to give in.

Jade Orchid Pavillion was backed by Murong Family, and Murong Head Family is Nascent Soul Realm Expert. Therefore, there's no need to worried and afraid if some people trying to cause trouble here.

At most, they just need to chase the troublemakers away.

However, this lowly waiter is merely a mortal.

Could he save his life if this young man furious?

Thinking about this, the waiter suddenly wants to cry on the spot.

Life is hard!

"Fellow Daoist, please have mercy on this waiter. He looked like he wanted to cry right now. If you don't mind, why not just share the table with me?"

Suddenly a gentle-breeze voice appeared from behind, and Qin Yi reflexively turned his head back. He saw a handsome young man wearing a whitish-gray robe, holding a folding fan in his hand.

He looks like a handsome young scholar!

The arrival of this young scholar made the waiter broke into tears.

"Bo hoo... Young Master Wen... it's you... thanks for coming on time!"

"Look, he is really crying!" Young Master Wen shook his head helplessly.

The corner of Qin Yi's lips twitched slightly.

That was the cry of joy, alright?

However, when he looked at this so-called Young Master Wen, he was a bit surprised.

This guy looks not older than him, but his cultivation base is in Peak Ninth Stage Qi Condensation unexpectedly.

No wonder he dared to step in into his matter.

Young Master Wen approached him and clasping his fist in salute, "Fellow Daoist, I accidentally hear your conversation just now and then saw this innocent waiter seems in great trouble. Hence, I unable to bear it any longer and resulting in my nosiness. For that, I deeply express my apologies!"

"It's okay. This matter is my fault in the first place for pushing this waiter too hard." Qin Yi is clasping his fist back at him.

"Hahaha..." Young Master Wen let out a gentle laugh and said, "Fellow Daoist, my humble name is Wen Tingyun. People in this city are used to calling me Young Master Wen."

Smiling Qin Yi, "I see, so it is Young Master Wen. My surname is Qin. In the sect, I am called Generous Qin."

"..." Young Master Wen.

"..." The waiter.


"What a unique nickname you have, Fellow Daoist Qin. You must be a generous person to receive such a nickname." Young Master Wen jokingly said.

"That's right," Qin Yi sighed distressingly, "I used to give my senior brothers stones and snacks to eat. That's why they called me Generous Qin."


Did he just hear it wrong?

In fact, not only Young Master Wen who was surprised, even the waiter struck in awe.

To think that cultivators were eating stones. As expected of cultivators, they were terrifying! He tremblingly thought.

Young Master Wen coughed slightly and said, "Fellow Daoist Qin, why don't we go in and chat inside?"


Qin Yi followed Young Master Wen from behind and entered the pavilion.

Upon seeing two terrifying people entered the pavilion, the waiter finally sighed in relief, and he immediately resumed his job.

Jade Orchid Pavilion was a two-story curved building with picturesque central and miniature ionic orchids on almost every wall.

It looked elegant, splendid, and magnificent but also gave a shady green feeling.

They soon arrived at the spot where other people could hardly see them, but they had quite a great view here.

"This is a truly great place, no wonder people called it the best restaurant in this city." Qin Yi rarely praised.

As a person who came from Earth, he had seen many beautiful and attractive buildings.

The Jade Orchid Pavilion's design was very artistic, but it was not the best building he had ever seen. What the most attractive about this place was its abundant spiritual energy.

He looked at several pot plants around him and asked the system to extract them.

[Extraction completed!]

[Obtained Spirit Gathering Orchid]

"As expected, these orchids are the source of abundant spiritual energy in this place. Jade Orchid Pavilion is truly rich!" Qin Yi thought in his heart.

"Haha, Fellow Daoist Qin. Although this building is indeed excellent, what made Jade Orchid Pavilion famous is its dishes."

Suddenly Young Master Wen interrupted his train of thought, and his words obviously cause him a little taken aback.

"Are the dishes here that good?"

"Of course, they are good. After all, the dishes in this restaurant cooked by Spiritual Chef."

Spiritual Chef?!

Qin Yi was shocked.

He has long learned that there are various professions apart from being cultivators in this world, such as Artificer, Alchemist, Formation Master, Spiritual Chef, and several other professions.

It's just that he has never met people with such a profession.

Those people are rare to begin with.

He heard that to become one of these professions; one must have specific criteria. As for what the criteria were, he did not know since he never met them once.

But here, there's unexpectedly Spiritual Chef!

Mysterious_Pen Mysterious_Pen

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