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89.28% I Can Extract Everything / Chapter 24: Soul Eater Physique's Ability

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Chapter 24: Soul Eater Physique's Ability

Qin Yi was very shocked when he opened his status panel and saw a variety besides new attribute addition.

He thought changing his ordinary physique to Special Physique would add

only the Special Physique attribute in the status panel.

However, he never thought a change would also occur in one of his attributes.


Name: Qin Yi

Martial Aptitude: Excellent

Special Physique: Soul Eater Physique

Cultivation Base: Early Stage Foundation Establishment (350/50000)

Soul: Transformation Form (5000/5000)

Spiritual Mind: 20

Qi Strands: 0

Soul Essence: 0

Cultivation Technique: Turtle Breathing Technique (Big Accomplishment)

Martial Skills: Illusionary Palm (Great Accomplishment), Illusionary Body (Great Accomplishment), Fatal Strike (Big Accomplishment), Meteor Finger (Small Accomplishment)

Movement Skills: Flowing Cloud Step Technique (Great Accomplishment), Phantom Step (Big Accomplishment)

Artifacts: Great Fortune Compass (Semi-Great Spirit Artifact), Royal Dragon Sword (Semi-Spirit Artifact), Ancestral Soul Ring (Semi-Spirit Artifact)


"Excellent!" Qin Yi is overjoyed.

He saw a new attribute join in his status panel.

He has a Special Physique now!

Soul Eater Physique!

The Special Physique that could make soul cultivators trembles beneath him!

Not only that, even his martial aptitude had unexpectedly changed along with it.

His martial aptitude, which was initially just "Ordinary," has now changed its quality to "Excellent."

This is a truly unexpected reward for him.

He had asked the system several times to extract martial aptitudes from others. However, the system said that martial aptitude is closely related to fate, and the system cannot extract the objects related to it.

At that time, he didn't truly understand what the system meant. After reading some research about martial aptitude in the sect's library, he finally understood why martial aptitude is unextractable.

Martial aptitude is related to fate and related to some other factors, including luck.

Some people are born without martial talent. They had no luck being cultivators, and for their entire life, their fate is could only become mortals and die at the most 120 years of age.

Some people may not have luck, but their parents do. They gave birth to a child with martial talent, but the child could only have ordinary martial aptitude because he or she had no luck.

Those people born with ordinary martial talents may have the opportunity to cultivate. However, due to their limited martial aptitudes, their future achievements are also limited.

Evidently, the sect recorded that the highest achievement of ordinary martial aptitude cultivators could reach are at most Core Formation realm.

Even then, it is not entirely dependent on martial aptitude alone; resources, hardship, perseverance, opportunity, and several other factors also help push them to reach that realm.

Qin Yi belonged to this faction, and the only difference was that he had great luck that was even able to break free from the line of fate.

Above of all, also some people who were naturally destined to be monstrous geniuses by birth.

Although they were born with both luck and fate, they still couldn't only rely on their naturally born will, perception, martial talent, or even the struggle of their destiny to reach success.

They were also needed to struggle with resources, background, and inheritances. Otherwise, no matter how talented a genius was, they would still be wasted if they are still unable to overcome the way of cultivation world work.

In the end, a true genius would need the resources of a great influence to truly bloom. But, to what extent a peerless genius would reach, that is an enigma of fate...

Martial aptitude is indeed one of the most mysterious things in a person's body besides the soul.

Both exist but are difficult to define.

Although martial aptitude is predestined from birth, it was not something that was impossible to break.

Some records say some heaven and earth materials can enhance one's martial aptitude, but one needs tremendous luck and a chance to find it.

Initially, Qin Yi also intended to find heaven and earth materials in the future to improve his martial aptitude, but who would have thought that happiness would unexpectedly come before even he looked for it.

"I've never thought that improving my physique could produce an increase in my martial aptitude as well."

"However, my martial aptitude only upgraded from Ordinary to Excellent. According to the classification of martial aptitude in Sky Stairs, it classified the martial aptitude into several grades: Ordinary, Excellent, Top, and Supreme. As for the grade beyond Supreme... I never heard of it."

Sky Stairs is an architectural structure like a stepped pyramid. Qin Yi wasn't sure whether it was a kind of artifact or something else, but it can measure people's martial aptitudes during the assessment.

The Sky Stairs consisted of a thousand steps— each 200th staircase represented the trialist's martial aptitude grades.

At that time, Qin Yi was only able to reach the 100th stairs. Hence, the elder in charge graded his martial aptitude with Ordinary grade and placed him in the Novices' Quarter despite having a recommendation letter.

But now, if he went there again, he was sure he could surpass the 200th stairs and more.

Of course, he won't go there again as it is no meaning in doing that.

"Let see, how much advantage can an Excellent grade martial aptitude bring to me?"

Qin Yi closed his eyes and started to put his concentration on circulating the Turtle Breathing Technique.

Several minutes later...

He opened his eyes again as a delightful smile formed all over his face.

"Haha, indeed, I felt an improvisation while practicing the Turtle Breathing Technique. Even though it wasn't much, it was much better than before my martial aptitude leveled up."

What's more, he could feel that he can upgrade his accomplishment in Turtle Breathing Technique to Great Accomplishment within few months with his current pace.

Qin Yi nodded in complacent.

This time, the Special Physique Crystal truly brought him a great surprise.

He was starting to wonder if he should collect various kinds of Special Physique Crystals from now on?

After all, the Special Physique Crystal was not only good for his physique, and it could also boost his grade of martial aptitude to an even higher degree.

But, where could he easily find a person who had a Special Physique? Just meeting Lu Song was already counted lucky.

"Forget it! My luck has always been good. Perhaps I will run into another Special Physique in the future, who knows ~."

Putting aside the martial aptitude matter, he began slowly familiarized himself with a new physique.

But honestly, he didn't feel anything from the Soul Eater Physique other than undirectly improving his martial aptitude. Doubted. Is his physique just a fake product?

That's... quite unlikely, right? So far, the system is always giving him new original products instead of fakes.

"Oh... let's just do a direct experiment!"

Qin Yi immediately stood up and headed towards the place where Lu Song was sleeping.

He's not as sloppy as last time. As soon as he was four meters away from Lu Song, he immediately stopped and took a deep breath.

He saw the boy was still sleeping soundly. He may not have aware that his benefactor was struggling just to get close to him, not even in his dream.

Qin Yi walked over slowly, but he never let his guard down. In case that Lu Song's Soul Eater Physique suddenly took action as the last time.

Besides, he also had a hunch that this time Lu Song's Soul Eater Physique wouldn't let him slip like before.

However, to his surprised, nothing actually happens when he arrived three maters away from Lu Song. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-ability_52089118636687524">;s-ability_52089118636687524</a> for visiting.

"Oh!" He raised his eyebrows slightly, "Did Lu Song's Soul Eater Physique regard me as Papa already?"

Hmph, even so, Papa still won't forgive you easily, son!

Instead of relaxed, he acted more cautiously than before when he got closer to Lu Song. Perhaps it just confused or delayed or something else...

However, it seems that he is thinking too much.

And the truth is; actually, he was the one who was confused here.

Is it true that Lu Song's Soul Eater Physique didn't eat his soul just because they were the same type of Physical Special?

He stopped and sat beside Lu Song while starting to speculate about the reason why Lu Song's Soul Eater Physique didn't act like last time?

Soul Eater Physique's ability?

What is Soul Eater Physique's ability exactly?

Qin Yi deeply frowned as he looked at the boy sleeping beside him.


"The soul... I can neither see nor feel the Lu Song's soul unexpectedly!"

Logically speaking, qi cultivators could sense mortals' souls, mostly if their souls were more abundant than other mortal souls. Let alone soul cultivators, even though they couldn't see the soul within a person directly, they were susceptible to souls' existence.

Moreover, Lu Song's soul is abnormal, and impossible to keep it secret from soul cultivators.

But from what Qin Yi was currently feeling, he had just realized that Lu Song's soul was completely undetectable.

It was like Lu Song was soulless.

"Is this perhaps Soul Eater Physique's ability?"

Qin Yi immediately went to find out how his current state of soul was.

To his astonishment, when he revisited the vast and white space, he saw that a thick white barrier was now enveloping his egg-shaped soul.

It was like armor.

"Is this some soul armor?"

Mysterious_Pen Mysterious_Pen

Hello guys, do you believe I spent two days just researching Martial Aptitude? But I unexpectedly only come up with that nonsense, haha...

I hope you can comprehend what I am saying in this chapter haha...

Btw guys, I also want to ask you:

Which one should I choose?

- Qi Strands

- Strands Qi

- Strands of Qi

It really bothered me for quite some time. At first, I used Strand of Qi, then I changed to Qi Strands, the next day, I changed to Qi Strands, but I actually don't know which one is correct.

Thank you~

Please help me answer in the comments column.

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