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87.5% I Can See The World's Desires / Chapter 35: The Trial of Coster

The Trial of Coster - I Can See The World's Desires - Chapter 35 by Comfortably Trippy full book limited free

Chapter 35: The Trial of Coster

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Seeing that everyone was more convinced of his identity, Kota turned his gaze to Coster.

Step by step, he approached Coster. It seemed like he was walking leisurely, but it made Coster feel nervous.

Catherine had never taken her eyes off Kota, ever since his appearance.

The confidence and fearlessness on her face made her, who was already incomparably beautiful, even more charming.

When everyone's attention was drawn to the stage, no one noticed Catherine.

At this moment, Sikal's chest was heaving up and down. The excitement was not because of Kota's appearance.

It was because of the flamboyant man in the nightclub, the man who played the piano, letting her sleep so well for the first time in years, the passionate and mysterious man who had eloped with Catherine.


A shout interrupted Sikal's thoughts.

"No, it's Atkins."

Kota was already standing a few steps from Coster.

"Over ten years ago, you were not given an important position in Yan, so you volunteered to spy in Ying Corporation."

"When you gradually gained the old man's trust, you thought that the time was right."

"Unfortunately, you are an insatiable person. You actually wanted to swallow Ying alone and then take revenge on Yan."

Kota pointed at the bodyguards and security guards standing at the door.

"You developed your power in Ying and promised to reward them after things were done."

"These lackeys sold you out."

Coster's eyes widened as he looked at his underlings, who had stuck with him through thick and thin.

"You... you guys!"

The leader of the bodyguards panicked.

"Boss! We said nothing..."

But as soon as he said that, he realized that something was wrong. Wasn't he indirectly admitting to collude with Coster?

"It has nothing to do with me, Mr. Moanke. Trust me!"

Other than him, a few security guards behind him also quickly explained.

"It's Coster! He forced me to do it!"

"Yes, it's him. He threatened us!"

At this moment, seeing that Coster was a busted flush, there was no other way out except to blame it all on Coster.

Catherine looked at these people. She estimated that Coster's infiltration might be much more than that. After this matter was over, they had to investigate the entire group thoroughly.

Kota was very satisfied with their reaction. Tricking them into spilling the truth was truly effective.

At this moment, Moanke could no longer sit still. He gritted his teeth and slammed the table as he stood up.

He glared at Coster. "You've been treated well all these years. I can't believe that you have done such a heinous thing."

With witnesses to testify against him, Coster knew that all was lost and he could no longer leave today. But he still wanted to take another gamble.

"Mr. Moanke, after so many years, if I wanted to betray you, I would have done it long ago. Why now? Just because a few words from this unknown kid?"

He suddenly pointed his knife at Kota.

"Because you're not stupid."

As Kota spoke, he raised a hand and slowly pressed the knife down.

"If Ying and Heavenly Punishment family were to come together in an arranged marriage, all of your plans would be in vain."

"That was why you took such a risky move to kidnap Catherine and stop the wedding from happening."

"If that's the case, Heavenly Punishment will certainly put pressure on Mr. Moanke and you will take advantage of the situation to take control of Ying Corporation."

Kota unhurriedly exposed all of Coster's lies.

Sweat trickled down Coster's forehead as he was on the verge of mental breakdown. 

If this had happened privately inside Ying Corporation, he could have done something that would bring Ying Corporation down with him.

But this happened in front of all the upper-class people in New York.

He knew there was no turning back.

In a panic, looking for the last hope, he suddenly looked up at Kota.

It was him.

It was this kid who had ruined him.

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Even if he had to die, he would drag him down with him.

He made up his mind, the knife in his hand drenched in his own sweat.

He clenched the knife tighter.

But all his thoughts were laid bare in front of Kota.

"That's right, I want you to die here today."

Kota continued indifferently. "If you want to take revenge on me, come."

Kota opened his arms, revealing his chest.

Catherine, who was behind him, was nervous for a moment. "Kota!" she shouted.

Her shout had stopped Sikal from rushing forward.

She stopped after taking only one step. 

Why? Why was she so concerned about this man?

Kota turned his head to look at Catherine. This woman's heart was completely in his.

Through Sikal, he also saw Chen Anran, who had a concerned look on her face.

An inexplicable elation rose within him.

He smiled.

Kota's reaction was making Coster even more nervous. He did not dare to make a move at all.

Under everyone's gaze, Kota, who was smiling, suddenly turned his head.


He slapped Coster in the face.


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