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50% I Fell In Love with The Antisocial King / Chapter 3: Chapter 3 Tears of Dearest

Chapter 3 Tears of Dearest - I Fell In Love with The Antisocial King - Chapter 3 by Erurun full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 3 Tears of Dearest

The tension from the two handsome beings are overpowering. Since the mood is not well i was excused to my personal chambers to wait for further instructions. Its nerve wrecking to wait but if had to think of King Zess' entrance earlier ,He still looks dazzling! his hair same color as the sun, deep sparkling emerald eyes and ethereal features with that ice cold demeanor is overbearingly attractive. I cant help but stare in trance. What pulled back me to reality is his loud voice of rejection to Sir Lawfords demands. Will i last long here? no.....i have to i must im the next closest aide to King Zess now! work should be my priority.

several hours past, Lord Lawford called me back to the office. Finally, the King agreed to his Plea, with me as his official aide. Our eyes met i bowed on a whim (Its my honor to work with you), i said but figures, he wont answer. How did the Prime Minister tame the King? As expected to the Black Rose of the Kingdom. As explained the new contract being agreed upon Me and Sir Lawford has a probation period of 3 months. But as Ive decided earlier, I have to since i dont want to leave him I want to take care of him. Tomorrow its the start of my official duties.

Work starts at 7 am, I woke up at dawn and took my time looking at the city and mountain view in the highest tower of the Kings quarters and it seems that no one really is allowed to wander around unless being appointed for a strictly specific task. Sir Lawford told me that only the most trusted can wander in the several allowed area at a specific time to not raise the Kings ill temper due to his personal strict policies. Meaning... in this whole big floor, its just me, as His Majesty's personal aide and him in this area. much more heart racing thing is my room is next to him!

//Girl! dont bring shame to the Damme and get things done. // My morning afterthoughts are buzzing when shortly the sun rises. Its amazing how the palace is embraced by the warm light. The lonely yet golden morning heat caresses my body taking out my morning worries. the bell tower chimes at 6 am which signals the time for me to prepare for work formally as his one and only aide. The day finally begins.

To start a day of busy work is to have first a hearty meal. I checked the staff cafeteria buzzing with the other palace workers. I feel nervous since they are not ordinary people but nobles. I greeted them with a curtsy but they went silent giving stares at me. Seems im not welcomed. I reported to the staff office first and begin working on my assigned area.

First on my list is waking up King Zess my hand was shaking at the door knob, knowing his dislike towards me. I opened the door and things fly straight to my face. "Go out!! he said".

"Forgive me Your Highness! I will take my leave" . Closing the door, i left his breakfast

then head straight preparing his documents at his working room (ugh....the book hit my left shoulder)


what a bad start .....

In his office.... King Zess is very strict with his job. He leaves no mistake and write some memos and feedbacks to the reports of all aspects. He writes letters reading the laws, signing papers left and right, talks on the phone and on the computer with the state affairs with Prime Minister Lawford and let the Prime Minister do the outside tasks. Even with a bad temper his righteousness gives that much admiration and enough reason for his subjects to follow him. All the food and drinks being prepared for him is untouched thats his only problem.

>.<: Your Highness its past time for you to eat, shall I prepare you a new one?

=_=: Youre bothering me, just leave!

>.<: Um..but at least have some tea and...//kyaah!//

(He threw ink at me)

=_=: Shameless! i hate being bothered.

(stands up)

"Silly woman I hate your presence so much that I want to throw up. do you think that if Sir Lawford favors you, it works on me? I hate every single time seeing you and i cant endure much of your bothering. If youre bored here then your welcome to go out"

>.<: ( in a low voice ) im so sorry i...i get a new pair of dress.

Days became like these became weeks and weeks became a month.....

" all of the palace ...."

//They kept giving me cold shoulders. //

"A low class in the noble place with a high position in the Palace really is a joke"

Someone must've blabbed the king throwing things and yelling at me that they end up doing the same. While i clean the yards they threw dirt on me same as throwing dust i just swept in the halls or even pushing me off balance.

Somehow...i have to take a stand, this is more than a job or my dream. The urge to change things for them grow stronger. I got to do this!!

I always write my daily activities on a diary to keep track of the things i need to redo.

So as for not bothering much His Highness Zess with my presence, I woke up earlier than normal to tidy up things, set up his materials and arrange his desks according to the days agenda after that I leave his food and snacks in time according to his eating habits.

I may not see him that much but he can work peacefully while keeping things in check at a distance. I am hoping that this strategy will work.

( At the Kings Office )

^_^: I see so the dam on the north needs further inspection. As for the Empires agenda by the Emperors command, a Gala will be held to honor the great Goddess Eullah. Alright Your Highness seems like we got everything covered I will go back to the Kingdom in no time. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

=_=: That Gala....i hate people gathering occasions I shall decline on that

^_^: The Emperor personally told me, that the empires most handsome Sun King will attend no excuses told.

=_=: Ugh.....that old man is a headache! Fine!! I will go but dont bother me on my quarters. Just talk casually now Brother were not talking state affairs.

^_^: Geez you young serious workaholic....Just one day cant you just be free that day Zess?

=_=: Big Brother.. I am born with a role, that is the way I shall live till end.

^_^: haha! ....strict as always, anyways I haven't seen your little aide there for a while now? did you bully her?

=_=: how should i care i got lots on my plate

^_^: are you feeling comfortable recently?

=_=: Well..with her not much of a bother i guess i am.

^_^: Did you know that she never fails to send me letters how you are doing, what are you eating, she never asks but acts the way she can be of help to you. The food and refreshments you drink are all prepared by her according to your needs to balance your health. She requests such matters to the head Staff.

Remember that one time She supposed to wake you but you ended up pulling an all nighter resulting to headache and prepared you Cinnamon tea paired with Vanilla cake?

=_=: Wait so every good stuff i ate till now is that woman's doing?

^_^: Of course! i guess she cant talk to you cause youre trying to push her away, thats your bad habit Zess. As your Older brother figure, I advise you to open up to those people who truly are genuine.

=_=: I guess i do owe her my health these days..but I wont trust much Brother!

^_^: Alright thats a good start then. I am hoping you both be good from now on. Im almost at the palace and will go to your office.

=_=: See you Soon Big Brother

(Turns off Communicator)

'Come to think of it im hungry, she probably forgot to knock ill just open the door and....what the....theres no food?'

(walks in the palace)

Where did that woman go? its rare for her to miss out duties. Usually shes preparing everything in advance. Come to think of it how come i hated her when shes nice? Woah!! I thought of someone other than Big Brother nice??

Guard: Oh your Majesty! (bows) its rare for you to go outside this time ill excuse myself,

=_=: Wait a minute wheres that woman.....I mean the new aide.. have you seen her?

Guard: Well I havent seen her this way Your majesty shall i help you look for her?

=_=: No dont bother, you may excuse yourself

// continues walking //

- Dont tell me she left ....-

(Mean while at the Laundry Area)

Earlier I was doing my laundry when several ladies from the other area bothered me by dirtying the finished ones. I cant fight back much since raising a hand or voice from a noble is punishable. I begged and apologized to them in case I did offend them in some ways....Some did leave with satisfied faces. However im the one who cant leave i guess i sprained myself from push and slip on the wet floor.

Maid 1: What spell did you cast upon Lord Lawford for a low grade like you to work here?

Maid 2 : The nerve of this witch to put shame on nobles, and his Highnesses, you must be punished!

>.<: I know you see me as an eyesore but Please! I beg nothing but understanding you may shame all you want but please dont shame the kindness Lord Lawford and King Zess' give equally towards their people.

Maid 1: You dare lecture us you need a lesson!

// Some time later at the at the hallway //

=_=: Finally! Woman where have you been its been hours you know i ...

>.<: Im so sorry for being late Your Majesty, ill get back to work right away.

=_=: (Hold hands) Youre shivering whats wrong?

>.<: I....Im fine youre Majesty.....ill be at your office in no time. Please Excuse me (walks away)

=_=: Is it really alright to left her out like that? wait.. why am i bothered by her this much??

ugh seriously somethings definitely wrong (runs back*)

Hey Woman!!.....( shocked *)


"there there Fair Lady, dont cry"

" What the.....Brother Hiuh hugged the woman?? "

To be continued....

Erurun Erurun

Hey Everyone!! Super Thanks for waiting this chapter it took longer than expected. Too much work piling up recently and i did my best to finish as early as possible to get back to the story.

King Zess and Mary in this chapter had a rollercoaster master servant relationship. will this change in ni no time?

Lord Hiou came to rescue as needed as always but after that hug will it turn sour?

please look forward and keep supporting this story, I will be back in a little while again!


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