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62.5% I Fell In Love with The Antisocial King / Chapter 5: Chapter 5 : Cloudy Confusions

Chapter 5 : Cloudy Confusions - I Fell In Love with The Antisocial King - Chapter 5 by Erurun full book limited free

Chapter 5: Chapter 5 : Cloudy Confusions

Zess Lawfords' POV

The usual day starts busy and ends up tiring. A royal responsibility tied upon me ever since I was born. Never in my life outside of it that I trust deeply like my Cousin Lord Lawford. He saved me from the ruins through the betrayal of some court leaders in the past. People, hungry for power will always dirty their hands. The moment my succession decided upon the passing of my parents was the moment this heart of mine steeled for vengeance. Witnessing the last moments of the culprit was a bliss. Their bloodline was also permanently stripped from their status and exiled.

Change on a short period of time has done. The dark pages of the lands are on the past textbook and the shadows of treachery is extinguished. Now that revenge was committed emptiness filled me. What now? aside from complying to what's upon left me. What else is there to do? Maybe this is it.....I was expecting to do so for as long as I live unto others who'll dare to betray me ...."Hatred".

I live by the shadows but people call me the

" Revolutionary Light " The brightest Sun ever ruled.

Years past....Me sitting on my throne, it's awfully laughable how theres' still some trying so hard to get my good graces. "Imbeciles!!" I can clearly see their motives. I despise annoyance so I rejected every assistance being offered to my daily routine. Much to my Lord Cousins' concern. But then he never left my side no matter how occupied He is. However, this one thing I can't comprehend of him doing behind my back. Getting me a personal Aide!

She arrived on my Palace dressed plainly even for an adopted aristocrat. Maybe She's picked from the streets in other lands' slumps. No matter how I try to intimidate and look her with much hatred in the eye, She retaliates with such warmth and gentleness. She made an elegant curtsey upon my presence. A well taught manners for a woman of common but I utterly hate the idea of people leeching out of me and so I continue to make her life hard in the castle.

This very one time my beliefs are tested. How can one ordinary Adopted woman of House Du Voir shake me. I tried to test her again and again, made very sure to trample her being but she came back day by day knocking at my door stronger. Likely, She's a prima waltzing on the center of a Hurricane. She's hardly fazed to my limitless provoking. What is she trying to pull? If this is high level pretending this will end in no time.


The same golden rays, a wide attic and well embellished walls can be seen as I wake up.

"Ugh.....(wakes*)" Its morning already I think I fell asleep on my table subconsciously but I woke up in the odd my mornings recently are really being comfortable.....oh ( remembers* )

"He complains, throws things out anger and glares around I think it's his defence to keep people in check while observing him but a dedicated hardworking person is likable. How can I leave such an inspiring people out. We are of the same age but He is an outstanding respectable Leader".

Those words are the only things I remember what does she take me for? How dare that woman mock me. Yet strangely I'm not feeling angry. But the hug yesterday with Brother.....I felt a pang on my chest. No, this mustn't happen I will never allow for a betrayal to happen If this means to completely hate her. This heart, to protect whats left, should be closed.

knock knock*

Oh she's here. let's see what your up to this time.

(pretends to sleep)*

>.<: Dear me! His highness is still asleep. And here I am prepared to be thrown things after a while.

It's very scary to wake a sleeping lion, He might get pissed seeing my face if so....

//=_=: Then what are waiting for? you should quit //

//Zess responds to Mary internally pretending to sleep//

- meanwhile Mary is checking on his condition. She moves closely to see what must be done more for him.

//=_=: Dammit Woman! do not get closer I'm gonna slap you// Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

>.<: Thank goodness! I was worried first time I saw Your Highness, You are outworldly beautiful but your appear pale.

//=_=: Excuse me?!! //

>.<: It seems your daily diet is imbalanced, you lack hydration, lack of sleep, you eat the unusual time or sometimes not the food is sad for being left...( continues talking )

//=_=: Do you always complain to me on my sleep like this?//

>.<: The schedule for today is all meetings and private lessons so the meal should be nutritious and aromatic at the same time to entice your senses to replenish your mental health.

I shall prepare things according to your timely needs Your Highness. geez talking while your sleeping might some think I got screw loose haha.

//=_=: And your damn right about that//

>.<: If time comes when we can properly converse, I would say Sorry it took me a while but I'm here now. I'll take care of you. By then, please be well.

//=_=: What are you saying....//

-Mary left deep words that left Zess puzzled. As if she had known him for a long time. She exists the room leaving Zess dumbfounded.

The day meets half, duties where going smoothly. Even on breaks, Zess keeps working more than the usual He may seem fine on the surface but his cousin: Lord Hiuh knows when he is bothered then asks if somethings wrong. Zess keeps saying he is fine but It's his mood change Lord Hiuh worries at. The approaching rain season and his unusual behavior.

" This could be even worse than before "

He warned Mary to be wary of his master especially on rain season before. While away from after being in charge of the physical affairs. All he could is to rely such responsibility during his absence to Mary.

While making sure His master King Zess is living well, Mary herself is hanging for her life on the seem like caste system by the nobles. respect is earned by rank. Mary, whom only was adopted by name is the lowest of the class. Unlikely well treated for her unnamed roots she is called " The pet of The Damme "

Day by day it became worse which mostly resorts to violence. There are no visible traces to be seen as long as she covers her face from being hit. She isn't even given proper meals or doesn't receive at all. After her duty she goes out the woods or gardens to find edible weeds, leaves and berries. She doesn't mind any ill wills for all she sees is her promise to the Royal brothers and not to shame especially the name of her benefactor Damme Anne.

The moment she stumbles, she stands up stronger.

" Shes laughing in the face of danger."

Rare occurrence of rain is coming and the emotions keeps on swirling. Truths untold, Memories of the Forgotten. A birth of a new emotion and The agape of the maiden.

Which is coming?

The day where the sun hides, a cold lonely feeling as the raindrops falling.

On the 20th day after the bright full moon, was an ominous rain of revelation.

~ To Be Continued ~

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