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66.66% I Fell In Love with The Antisocial King / Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Ash Like Snow

Chapter 6: Ash Like Snow - I Fell In Love with The Antisocial King - Chapter 6 by Erurun full book limited free

Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Ash Like Snow

The long conference finally ended. The young Prime Minister finally arrived back at the main castle in the early cold morning. Today is his rare day off and he already planned to spend it with his cousin His Highness Zess. Sleepless after jumping to meetings and visits, He rushed to his chambers, took a good hot bath mixed with floral essence. It's his favorite relaxing thing to do. One thing he loves doing in his baths is putting a cold towel on his head while his body is dipping in a hot aromatic delight. After dipping more than 30 minutes, he felt drowsy as the cherry blossom scent eases his physical fatigue. He ended his bath put on bathrobe then hit the bed at 3 am in the morning. Deep in his supposed peaceful slumber, took sudden turn as he dreamed of a burned forest.

"What is this..." he said confusedly. It was ash like snow, describing the scenery lonely and dark.

While walking in a pile of white ashes for some time, he suddenly heard a little girl crying from a distance. He ran at the location of the sound and the closer he got, the harder the wind blows hes getting closer then rain poured,

"couldn't this dream be any more than this surprising?"

It was a real like dream when he can feel the helpless atmosphere. It took a while when He finally saw a shadow. It was a little girl that seems to be hugging while hiding someone as if its protecting whose beneath the silhouette. The moment he was suppose to reach out for the little girl, He woke up from the dream. It was 11 am in the morning. The memory was vague but feeling of loneliness still lingers.

a buried past to be enlightened, the dreamful meaning, He bares in mind.

Though its his day off, Lord Hiuh still wishes to be productive and examine the reports and feedbacks from the conference and further discuss things with His Majesty on lunchtime. there still a couple of minutes left so he went on a quick visit to the library. He got immersed on reading that it took him a while to notice. That Zess is sitting in front of him.

^_^: Hello there Your Majesty fancy seeing you early in the library

=_=: Fancy my foot Brother it's 30 minutes past noon how long do you intend to make me wait?

^_^: My apologies, It's been a while since read books as a past time. Shall we take lunch outside for a change?

=_=: It's a bit chilly but if it's what Lord Brother wants I will make an exemption.

It is a cold yet cloudy weather past afternoon, The two Royals where having a time of there lives. A refreshing scene to be witnessed wishfully by others.

>.<: Two picturesque royals are enough to make the ladies crazy. Lucky Mary tending to them she's having one fine eye feast of her life. The way Lord Hiuh eats is sexy, The way His Highness Zess sips tea makes me want to wish I was the....

^_^: Tea?

>.<: No Cup Sir so those lips...(Eh.....*)

=_=: What is it you two saying cups and tea out of nowhere?

^_^: Nothing...the tea is lovely! just like you Zessi

=_=: What in the...

>.<: Inside her head* Goodness!! I'm embarrassed to the core did his Highness read my mind? No way! I want to hide in a hole.

^_^: a rabbit (what a cute reaction)

=_=: Just what the hell is it? you!.. get out of here woman!

>.<: Yes Your Majesty

^_^: I Had a good laugh, it was nice for a while with you here and Lady Mary.

=_=: you sure did, but not for that woman!

^_^: Please don't be harsh on her Your Majesty

you do not see any woman have the endurance to be with us.

=_=: Do we have to wait till it reaches to that? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

^_^: She is the person I chose to be by your side, I wish for you to be nice to her.

Mary and Hiuh may had a good time but Zess is not following the two, felt furious on the Lady.

In the late afternoon, Zess gave Mary mountains of work to stay away in his Brotherly time with his Brother. They played cards and board games he brought on his overseas trips. Hiuh introduced those fun things to relieve his little brothers internal sadness. He was away when the tragedy happened. Bound by duties young and abandoned. He promised himself to be on support to make him not to feel that way ever again.

^_^: haha.. It looks like I won again

=_=: Nonesense! let us start again!

Mary managed to finish her work ahead of time for an hour. She did a quick check on the two royals having fun before calling them for dinner. It was a well spent day off for the two.

Deep in the evening, after her last assignment by cleaning his Majesty's room, Zess silently entered. His mood has ever been fouler enough to send chills in her back and subconsciously make her retreat without saying a word after a quick bow. As if she knew that she'd be done for good if she were to offend His Majesty on that mood.

She walks as hard as she could going to the Prime Minister's room. It was a sudden visit that caught Hiuh off guard so The moment the young Lady saw him, her eyes widened as the Prime Minister is in his robe devilishly exuding its irresistible attractiveness.

There is nothing she could do but shout on her head.

>.<: Oh Goddess!....he is such a sexy beauty!! The perfect White glass skin, rosy lips and well built physique are a womans' to die for

^_^: I apologize but um.....allow me to dress up first

(minutes past)

>.<: I truly apologize Your Highness.

^_^: It's my fault for not dressing up right ways well, anyways what brings you here my Lady?

>.<: Your Highness, is there something more I could do to His Majesty? He seems out of place more often and more hostile than before.

^_^: You are fearless and genuine I like that, the very reason I am glad to find you. And fairly believe you to keep this secret. You see every Royal family has its ability, mine is premonition.

>.<: I see....( huhu....I am so ashamed by my thoughts* ) so that is why you responded couz you predicted my words earlier.

^_^: No actually I did not, strangely youre a special case. I can't see your future yet you can endure those fangirling urges. Other Ladies and Gentleman upon the gaze of His Majesty will go crazy and jump on us.

>.<: I hear that a lot, surely you jest hehe

//I thought I was a special case too//

^_^: It was ash like snow, a feverish yet cold night. The blows of the wind are paths harsh rains leads to a tearful truth. Perhaps the two people in my dreams are....

>.<: I apologize your Highness I can't seem to follow the riddle.

^_^: I'm sorry anyways, I sincerely need your help. with the nobles getting greedy for power, surely we keep things in check but they always will find ways to take advantage and seek our weaknesses. I need you to be in His Majesty's side and support him.

>.<: Count on me Your Highnesses, I will always be at your service

^_^: That' s reassuring I am counting on you.

>.<: I apologize for consuming your time, Rest well your Highness

^_^: Likewise Lady Mary, Pleasant night.

Thinking back at His Majesty's behavior leaves a worried Mary no choice but to muster her remaining courage, walk back in his room while bringing in refreshments to ease his mood. However the moment Mary opened the door King Zess wasn't there. Stunned by a sudden loud thunder and outside was raining hard. An omen she remembered being told by the Prime Minister. She searched every nook and cranny but the King can't be found looking at the window, it was a dark deep rainy night. It may seem impossible for His Majesty to go outside but there's still likely a chance.

Mary ran to any possible places she could think of. The Castle stands in the kingdoms highest mountain and it is quite dangerous to go outside especially when it began to fog.

Although impossible, she enters the forest and slips many times yet it didn't stop Mary from finding Zess.

>.<: Your Highness!! where are you? Please answer!

// Please be safe //

After long search, the young lady found Zess standing near cliff in a trans like state, A little step or second behind he could have fallen for good. She pulled him away from the cliff. She called to Zess many times yet he cannot hear nor respond and went completely unconscious.

She covered His cold body with covers the brought to minimize the cold.

>.<: Your Majesty can you hear me? please open your eyes ....King Zess please answer!! ....Why aren't you responding? I don't want to see you like this a second time Zess don't do this to me.....( cries* )

Thankfully they were found immediately by Lord Hiuh along with some guards from his squadron.

dumbfounded by the scene what he saw is similar to the dream he had. A white windy scene, in a cold rain was a sorrowful cry.

King Zess suffered hypothermia, The weather triggered his trauma of the past, when he lost his parents. His Majesty might take days or weeks off to recover his health. Mary did not hesitate to take care Zess. She cried the night long while holding tightly at the Kings hand. Lord Hiuh commends and thank the young Lady for her actions. Although he had things to talk about the incident they all retired for the night as tomorrow till the Kings recovers, he will temporarily assume of his sick cousins' responsibilities.

A melancholic day for Mary accepting her fate given the nature of her job. After finally agreeing to be formally a worker in the castle, comes a painful reunion of unpleasant memories. She greatly knows that many covets her place to be close to his highnesses and danger may come one at a time yet the new found resolve, the clear yet unreqruited love steeled her resolve after seeing a defenseless sleeping Zess breathtakingly resting. Finally I can clearly say to myself that " He needs me and I love him so much, Even to carry this secret feelings to lifetime I will do to face the present with him. "

If he does, one day will choose his beloved someone, there is nothing I could wish but his happiness and protect his peace. Mary was quite happy that unlike before. The King not show any dislike towards her and maybe is now finally mellowing down.

~To Be Continued ~

Emojis used to the Characters:

=_=: King Zess

>.<: Miss Mary

^_^: Prime Minister Lawford

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