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A Tragic Revelation - I Got An SSS-Grade Unique Skill 'Extreme Luck' As My Starter Skill! - Chapter 43 by Khier full book limited free

Chapter 43: A Tragic Revelation

As Adam saw the status window of Samantha, he got amazed by her stats, especially the Unique Skill 'Bell of Prophecy'.

Right after seeing the unique skill, he directly concluded that the bell must have rung when Samantha met him, thus approaching and forming a friendly relationship with him.

Also, he remembered Samantha saying that 'something was unfit', right after knowing his level on their first meeting.

'So that's why, the bell must have rung, which somewhat unfit my level', he thought as it was apparent that those with high level would play a big role in future invasion.

Now, he only had one question with him, and that's how loud did that bell ring, as he was curious about his importance in the future as well.

Of course, Adam was excited at the thought that he would be significant in the future as that only meant that he would survive the incoming monster invasion on Earth where nothing was certain and dying could become a common sight.

Thus, he asked Samantha about the question right away, which was answered by Samantha instantly.

"It rang loudly, probably louder than when I met the other two, though it's not as loud as when I met that person", Samantha answered

This reply caused the excitement within Adam to shatter hastily as he thought that he will play a big role in the near future as he was an SSS-grade Chosen, but who would expect that someone would make the bell rang louder than he did?

Of course, he was still excited at the thought of possibly surviving the invasion.

Still, Adam felt that the number of people who made the bell rang was few as there's only four of them, with one being Adam, also, earlier, he thought that the other two-person whom Samantha made a one-sided contract with could be those who made the bell rang.

But right after hearing what she said, the numbers seem unfit to the three contracts that she made.

'Could it be that she didn't make a contract with the remaining one person?', he thought as that's the only possible conclusion

At last, as Adam couldn't contain his curiosity anymore, he quickly asked Samantha about it, which was then answered by Samantha gladly.

"I didn't make a contract with the one person who made the bell rang louder than you did, not because I didn't want to, but rather, I can't", she uttered in an aggrieved tone

"That one person, he....he was someone whom I saw when I viewed a glimpse of the future, thus giving me an A-grade occupation 'Tenacious Seeker of the Prodigy', though I'm still looking for him for a year now", Samantha added while looking at nowhere, seemingly thinking of the scene that she saw.

Meanwhile, Adam became more curious about this certain person as to where could this person be? To the point that the year of Samantha's constant searching for him was in vain. And more especially, who could this person be?

Soon, Adam also asked the trait by the certain person as he could meet him by chance, which was then answered by Samantha saying that the only thing she knew was that the person was a large man, cause when she viewed the future, only the back of the man was shown, thus the detail was limited.

'A large man huh', Adam thought

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"The two-person whom you make a contract with, who are they?", he asked while looking at Samantha intimately

Samantha's expression then turned sour after hearing the question, "Sorry, but I can't tell you about that", she uttered feeling discontented

'A condition huh', Adam thought as it may be a condition given on their contract

Though that's the case, Adam still infers that the one person could be Tristan as Samantha kept on blabbering about him since before, and also he was a Special Summoner, as for the remaining person? Adam hadn't had a clue yet.

A while later, after pondering, Adam then looked at Samantha with a serious look, then uttered his last question.

"You,... Why didn't you join a large guild?", he asked as Samantha was an A-grade chosen, so why didn't she take the chance to join large guilds, or in another case, large guilds would surely invite her as there were only a few A-rank attainers.

Of course, one of the reasons may be that she wants to be a rouge chosen too, as she has her secret, but still, Adam is curious about the other possible reason.

At last, after letting out a deep sigh and looking at Adam intimately, Samantha then replied...

"I originally planned to, but...", she paused as dissatisfaction was then expressed on her face

"But?", Adam asked

"But, when I got first transported here on World of Luck and I met them, the... the bell didn't ring at all", Samantha uttered with uneasiness imprinted on her face.

Adam on the other hand, just gulped at the thought of it, as that only means two things, first, the large guilds won't play a big role at all and would just die on the invasion...

And second, they might play a role but were too small to the point that it was rendered trivial by the 'Bell of Prophecy'.


'Thus it means that only four people would be significant in the near future?', Adam thought silently as now, he understood why Samantha was so eager to form a friendly relationship with him, and the other two-person, to the point that she made a one-sided contract.

'She wants to survive the invasion too, huh', he thought

Soon, Samantha also stated that she had pretended to be an E-rank chosen, and only the three people, including Adam, knew that she was an A-rank chosen. This was mainly to avoid being in the spotlight as she had to focus on searching for the 'prodigy' on her viewed future.

Adam then remembered the details of her title...

[ Tenacious Seeker of the Prodigy (A-Grade)

Description: A title given to the person who glimpsed the overwhelming power of the prodigy on the future event, thus, leading his/her to seek the whereabouts of the Prodigy.


: Increases the power of every attack skill by 2%

: Increases the power of every defensive skill by 2%

: a chance to copy one of the Prodigy's skill once met

: +200 remaining attribute points

Note: The Title's effects would be upgraded once the Chosen met the Prodigy ]

The title's effect was kinda lacking for an A-grade title, but still, Adam felt that the effect would experience a drastic change once Samantha met the Prodigy.

Soon, after settling everything, and having the tension eased up, the two chosen then shook their hands as their relationship turned into a friendly one. Samantha and Adam then went toward the food stalls inside the City, to eat their dinner as night was approaching.

They also enjoyed the whole time as they knew that they have to bid farewell the next day. Of course, amidst that, Adam kept asking questions that might be useful for his future journey.

The intense and nasty aura earlier was now changed to a friendly and pleasant aura, where laughter could be heard at times.

Soon, when night came, they instantly fell asleep as the day had been exhausting for them. Lots of things transpired just on that whole day.

There was the mission of Feral Ogre hunt, fighting with Cuenca Guild members, destroying the hunting ground, and lastly, an argument with Samantha.

Though that's the case, as Adam examined the gained from this day's voyage, it was indeed worth the exhaustion.

Adam had gained lots of items, levels, a contract with Samantha, and most especially, the information or knowledge that he acquired which he thought would play a huge role in his improvement.

Thus, as night comes, a smile was imprinted on Adam's face as he slept peacefully...

Khier Khier

we're nearing volume 2:

S-grade Quest 'What is Power for?'

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