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100% I Got Reincarnated As A Demon Princess / Chapter 18: Chapter 17 : Against All Odds (part 1)

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Chapter 18: Chapter 17 : Against All Odds (part 1)

Lance looked at the window pane which the sunlight passed through as Vivien came in bringing him the medicine.

"senior.. are you.. okay?" Vivien asked the dazed Lance who looked at her and gave her a smile.

"Yeah." He said as he continued to look through outside.

"Miraculously, you've been healing quite rapidly despite what the doctor said about it taking long." Vivien struck a conversation but was completely ignored by Lance.

"I-If you need anything, please don't hesitate to call me." She said as Lance ignored her offer. Feeling like there's nothing else she can do, Vivien left the room with a sad expression on her face.

"He still isn't talking, is he?"

Night came as Lance woke up to the silent footsteps of someone by his bed. He figured it must be the person who's been delivering him healing potions for demons that are only found in the demon kingdom so he held that person's hand before it could leave his bedside table.

"Who are you?" Lance asked as he held the ladylike hands of someone wearing a brown hood. Lance pulled that person to him, removing the hood and revealing Blythe who looked embarrassed from their position. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I-I wasn't sneaking up on you! I swear!" She said as she moved away from him.

Lance sighed and glanced at bag of healing potions.

"So, you're the one who's been delivering those potions."

"Those weren't illegal, I swear! I-I made them myself.. Since it was still prohibited to import products from the demon kingdom to here, I thought if I learned how to make them myself." Blythe defended shocking Lance and making him smirk.

"So, you already know too, huh? That you have very high stats."

Blythe nodded while pulling back her lips.

"Can I ask you.. something?"

"In exchange for your bra, I'd answer." he jokingly said.

Blythe furrowed her eyebrows and tried to unhook her bra, making Lance widen his eyes and blush.

"I was just kidding!" He said, looking away from Blythe.

"It seems like only yesterday, you weren't even willing to sit beside me, now, unhooking your bra isn't even a problem." He smugged at Blythe who blushed in embarrassment.

"T-That's b-because.. That's because I trust you." She said with sorrowful eyes looking down and clutching her hands together.

Lance smiled while she wasn't looking and reached out for the bag of potions.

"I'll take this in exchange for your questions then. But may I ask a question as well?"

Blythe looked at him widely and smiled at him as the moon shone upon her face. She took a deep breath before showing a serious look.

"Are you the flugel prince from that time?" She asked as Lance's eyes were full of shock. How could she remember such a short memory of him?

"I'm sorry if I took long, princess. But I fulfilled my promise, didn't I?" He said with a smile. Blythe's heart was pounding from too much guilt. She was the reason why Lance was like this just because of a promise he made ages ago.

"Can I ask you something now?" He said gazing at her eyes.


"How do you intend to stop the shape shifter?" Lance asked in a serious tone.

Blythe's face looked troubled as she looked down.

"After reading so much in the library of the demon palace, I know you've come to realize that they have been plotting the end of this continent." Lance continued.

"Honestly, I saw a child with red blazing hair at the vacation house. He looked like the same child I've seen everytime I lose my mind. He told me to follow him to the forest where I found Taka and the others slaughtering my people. I still feel chills, thinking I hurt everyone that time.. I didn't know what got into me. While it is true that I got very angry after seeing them slaughter the goblins, I also know that the goblins have disobeyed the kingdom and has continued to attack human villages despite the notice of peace. The thing being, they triggered something in me that made me lose control.." Blythe explained.

"If you ask me how I'm gonna stop him.. then, I don't know yet. I don't understand what Queen Mirasol's message meant. But if I need to risk my life just to save everyone, then so be it." She continued.

Not to mention, they knew that I was reincarnated into this world and even know my past life's name.

"Don't do something so reckless. I'll help you.. and sure enough, the others would like to help you as well." Lance said with a gentle smile.

Blythe felt a stinging pain in her back that made her touch where it was. Lance immediately check where it was and sure enough, it was the seal that Touya placed on Blythe's back.

"Your seal.. it only has 1 string left." Lance said looking so worried. Blythe shrugged it off as the stinging pain left.

"It's lasted this long, huh? hehe As expected of Master Touya."

"Blythe, you can't be joking at a time like this. If the seal snaps again-" Lance got cut off before even continuing what he was saying with worries that Blythe has been overworking herself from making the potions.

"No worries! I already finished a box of 'em to get you fully recovered!" She said with a smile as Lance loosen his expression and noticed the burned marks on her hands, arms, and some even on her face. He cupped her face and rubbed her cheek with his thumb.

"You really have a habit of making people worry, you know." He said smiling at Blythe who smiled back at him.

If a time will come when I have to sacrifice my life just to see your smile, I wouldn't think twice just to protect it.


"We would like to stay." Duke said as he was lined up with the others in the principal's office.

"No. It's too dangerous for you kids to be up against the demon rebels."

"But, we have proven ourselves to be useful in the battlefield!" Taka exclaimed.

"Especially, you, your highness. You are next in line for the throne. We could never risk the eradication of the royal bloodline."

"There are soldiers out there, dying! While here I am.. the one who is supposed to protect my people, planning to escape." He clenched his fist and grit his teeth.

"Please, principal, let us fight alongside the soldiers."

"Please, principal."


Everyone pleaded.

"I..I'm sorry, everyone." Vivien walked out. She was too afraid to risk her life to defend the school. But as she opened the door, Blythe was standing right in front of her. She walked pass Vivien with her eyes like blazing fire.

"I will help, as well."

Aiwell was shocked. He knew the capabilities of Blythe but for her to volunteer means she must know about it as well. Everyone looked at the principal with a determined face that made the principal sit back his chair.

"I think it's time we let them do hard training already, Geoseppe." Touya said as he walked in on them.

"You crazy old man. There's no way we can sacrifice these poor children just to protect this Academy... madeofbeautifulceramic."

"I know you spent a lot of time building this dream academy of yours as well as protecting the children that study in it. Why don't you let them help you?"

Aiwell's eyes softened.

"Besides..." Touya faced Blythe as he formed a smile and placed his hand in Blythe's back. He lifted his hand as golden dust came out.

"I think it's time you execute your potential, Blythe Vocifer Ainsley, Princess of the underworld." Her leaking mana made everyone wary as her presence grew stronger.

"Princess!?" Sveryone shook their heads.

"I guess, I really do, need your help this time, Miss Ainsley."

Blythe's smile was not the soft one she always showed but rather one that is ready to kill at any moment.

"And help you shall get."



"Did you feel that, your excellence?"

"That astounding amount of aura. How delightful~ Maria, proceed to the next step."

"Yes, your excellence. S SQUAD! EXECUTE NEXT STEP!" She yelled as a group of demons ascended and left the bloody battlefield.

"Where are they going!? KNIGHTS! DON'T LET THEM ESCAPE!" The commander of the knight squad from the human kingdom said but a group of demon rebels blockex their path.


"Pfft. How laughable. This plan is going as smooth as the day." The child said with a bright smile on his face.

"Now, time to pay our little Chisuke a visit~"

to be continued

A/N : one more hehe Thank you for reading!

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