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8.09% I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart / Chapter 14: Booming Luck

Booming Luck - I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart - Chapter 14 by King of Torch full book limited free

Chapter 14: Booming Luck

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

'I can't compete with martial artists like Yan Yan at school, but I may stand a chance in my class.'

As expected, the rewards for the class competition would not be comparable to that of the school and the city competitions. However, no matter how small a mosquito was, it was still meat.

'A genius needs resources as well. Although I'm advancing very quickly now, it'll be faster if I get some resources. I have to give this competition a try.'

Lin Yao had some plans in mind. ​However, he frowned very soon, as he discovered something. There were only seven days to this holiday. After today, only six days would be left. His cultivation progress had only reached 90.40% so far.

Lin Yao had awakened, and his training speed had increased. He had also optimized his training time by practicing longer at noon to increase his limit by 1% every day. At noon, when the sun was at its strongest, Lin Yao's one round of training was equivalent to five rounds of his in the past.

More importantly, the extremely hot sun could make Lin Yao recover faster and consume less energy. He could train six to seven times in a row. As long as he planned well, he would be able to increase his body limit by 1% a day.

However, despite this improvement, it would take him 10 days to reach 100%. He only had six days left.

'I need to think of something. First of all, I obviously can't overwork my body. I'd rather forgo the rewards than injure my body.'

He did not want to overwork his body, but he also wanted to speed up his training. Soon, Lin Yao thought of nutrition drinks.

The drinks, coupled with sunlight absorption, would increase his training efficiency and it would be possible to train for more than two hours in one go.

'But I don't have any money and I can't ask my parents for more. I also ran out of savings at home. Forget it, I won't think about it anymore. I'll go to the orphanage now.'

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He had been practicing martial arts for the entire day, but Lin Yao had not forgotten about the affairs of the orphanage. He had to start there if he wanted to get energy points in the future.

After speaking to his parents, Lin Yao jogged to the orphanage.

Because the sun had already set, he found his body reverting to its previous state. If he were to train at this time, his training efficiency would be only one-third or even one-fifth of his daytime efficiency and he would manage to have fewer rounds of training. His body would be exhausted after three rounds of training.

'There is no sunlight for me to recharge at night.'

Judging from the difference between day and night, Lin Yao knew what to choose.

'From now on, physical training should take place during the day as much as possible, and I'll study and perform other tasks at night.

'Unfortunately, I've run out of money. If I had enough money, I might be able to accumulate 1,000 grams of energy to grow the Tree of Light seedling into a small sapling.

'Money, money. When will I get a windfall?'

With many thoughts in his mind, Lin Yao ran toward the orphanage. However, after running shortly, Lin Yao suddenly stepped on something. When he looked down, he was instantly delighted.

'I was just worrying about money and I now stepped on some. I'm in luck.'

It was true. He had stepped on one yuan.

Lin Yao picked up the money and flicked it with his finger. He shook his head when he saw that there was no one around.

'This small sum of money is not worth a trip to the police station.'

Lin Yao was greedy for money but he was not someone who would turn into a fool after chancing upon money, even though he was really poor now.

After all, he had heard about ordinary farmers with sick family members. They went mad due to anxiety after losing their life savings.

Furthermore, one yuan was too little so Lin Yao did not care about it at all.

Carrying the one yuan he had picked up, Lin Yao continued to run toward the orphanage happily.

'My luck has improved.'

After 20 minutes of running, he soon arrived at the orphanage. Upon entering, Lin Yao played with the children.

The orphanage had been set up by the country. Due to the Spirit Energy Revival, plants and animals grew very fast and the orphanage had no shortage of resources. What the children lacked was spiritual comfort. Lin Yao's so-called volunteering basically meant being an older playmate that kept the children company.

Of course, he would also perform other proper tasks. The absence of family members made it difficult for these children to answer any questions they had about their studies. Answering these children's questions and correcting their military boxing postures was what Lin Yao needed to do.

Besides, Lin Yao was not alone this time.

When he went over, another person was also in the orphanage. It was the girl who had come two days ago.

What surprised Lin Yao was that Qin Xue, whom he'd thought was very kind, had not come this time. Ice Mountain Girl Yan Yan had come.

Upon second thought, he was not surprised that Qin Xue had not come and he also did not think that Qin Xue was hypocritical. She had not done all this just for show.

It was also normal not to be volunteering every day. There were very few people who came every day. He was just surprised that Yan Yan would come without Qin Xue.

'It's strange that this woman came to the orphanage. Wasn't Qin Xue the one who dragged her here the other day?'

Questions formed in his heart, and he found this unbelievable. A wealthy princess did not want to have fun and went to the orphanage every day? He had a feeling that there was something wrong.

Because of the absence of Qin Xue, who was a barrel of laughs, Lin Yao and Yan Yan did not interact much with each other. They nodded when they met, but Lin Yao was busy helping the children with their studies afterward.

Before activating the system, Lin Yao had pinned his hopes on excelling at humanities subjects to advance. Therefore, his academic performance was very good and he was knowledgeable enough to teach these children.

While Lin Yao was teaching, he did not realize how envious Yan Yan felt to see his harmonious interactions with the children.

Yan Yan could not help it. She disliked talking. In addition, she had awakened with the frost talent and had a cold and aloof aura. Even third-year students, like Zhang Heng, would not dare talk too much in front of her, let alone these orphans.

Besides, she looked very elegant due to the way she dressed. The children did not dare play with the Ice Mountain Girl. On the other hand, Lin Yao did not put on airs and he had also brought a lot of toys to the orphanage yesterday. Therefore, he had won the children's favor.

The teaching session lasted several hours. When the children were about to rest, Lin Yao prepared to leave.

On the way home, he was all smiles when he saw the increase in energy points on his attribute interface.

[Energy Points: 90 grams]

'Not bad. I only got one gram of energy after cleaning the orphanage for half a day. After two or three hours of teaching, I obtained 10 grams of energy points. Indeed, the number of energy points obtained vary based on the volunteering methods.

'10 grams for two or three hours of work? Although this progress is not as fast as spending money, it is most suitable for me. I've made my decision. I'll come and tutor these children in the future.'

Obviously, teaching orphans in the orphanage and imparting them knowledge involved more merits when it came to human development. This contributed more than cleaning. Naturally, Lin Yao also gained more experience points in the meantime.

More importantly, Lin Yao had found a clear path.

'Sigh… I didn't expect to get that many experience points by teaching the children. I shouldn't have bought toys and puppets for them. I should have bought a bag of college entrance examination assessment books and the Huanggang Secret Paper. This is more beneficial to the progress of humans."

(Orphanage children: "Huh?!!!")

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