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12.13% I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart / Chapter 21: Finding Five More Yuan

Finding Five More Yuan - I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart - Chapter 21 by King of Torch full book limited free

Chapter 21: Finding Five More Yuan

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Colonel Zhang had also mentioned joining the army earlier, but that had been just a casual remark. It was different this time. Upon witnessing Lin Yao's talent, even he was eyeing Lin Yao and hoping to attract him and bring him to the army.

Unlike individual powerhouses, the army took on battles by channeling everyone's collective power. When tens of thousands of troops gathered with a unified and powerful aura, the 10,000-soldier battalion could resist even king-level beasts.

Nevertheless, powerhouses were also needed in the army. A powerhouse not only contributed strong, individual combat abilities but was also required as a core member of the battle team formation. Therefore, geniuses were welcomed.

In order to win over Lin Yao, the usually quiet Colonel Zhang spoke a lot.

"There are powerhouses currently in the world, but the strongest powerhouse in China is in our military. Four of the top 10 powerhouses with accorded titles are also in the military. In terms of fighting power, the military is the strongest. The military also gets the best treatment. The country provides it with the utmost support…"

Colonel Zhang spoke about the benefits of joining the army—the top powerhouses, the best resources, and the support of the country.

Everyone else silently added in their hearts, 'There are many benefits to joining the military, but it is also the place with the highest death rate and strictest rules.'

Of course, they did not say this out loud. First of all, they were afraid to do so. Second, they did not do so out of respect.

The military would be given priority to enter the mystic realms. However, mystic realms were unpredictable and the dangers there were unknown. Therefore, the military suffered many deaths and heavy casualties. It was possible that the entire army that entered a place would be annihilated. At the same time, the military was also China's front line when it came to fighting beasts and dealing with all other crises. It was a resilient Great Wall that protected China's people, foundation, and stability. Therefore, when they recruited geniuses, other departments would not stop them or compete with them. This showed the country's preferential treatment and the people's respect for the military.

After listening to the colonel's introduction about the military, Lin Yao was filled with enthusiasm. However, after pondering it for a while, he said, "I'm sorry. I really want to serve the country, but the military rules are so strict that I may not be able to adhere to them."

The army valued geniuses, but the most important factor that ensured its fighting power was discipline. Therefore, the military was the place that would receive the greatest support in times of crisis, but it was also the place with the greatest discipline.

Of course, this was only the case in China.

Lin Yao was not afraid of the high fatality rate, but all his actions would be restricted if he were to join the army. He could not adhere to the restrictions. Therefore, no matter how good the army was, Lin Yao could only give up on the idea.

The colonel said nothing. He just returned to the team without saying a word.

While looking at the silent colonel and thinking about his own situation, Lin Yao understood why the army was the backbone of the civilians. Obviously, geniuses and noble disciples had strong personalities so it was difficult to control a group of them.

Only ordinary people without talent would form teams together, and outstanding people who stood out through hardships would also remember their origins.

Of course, there were always some exceptions in the world. There were also geniuses in the army, but not many of them.

"I'm sorry…"

Lin Yao apologized again, but the colonel interrupted him immediately.

"There's no need to be sorry. There is more than one way to serve the country, and we'll have the opportunity to fight alongside each other even if you don't join the army. Strive to improve yourself."

After the army tried to recruit him, the Armed Police Force and the Abnormal Ability Department followed suit.

However, no one from the city said a word.

This was very normal. The city's only requirement was that Lin Yao would continue living in it. They could not compete with the army. However, regardless of whether he took a job with the Armed Police Force, the Abnormal Ability Department, or any other job, Lin Yao would be working in the city. Therefore, he would be able to assist when the city faced a crisis. This was their requirement. They thus did not force him to join a specific department.

As he faced many solicitations, Lin Yao did not immediately agree. He was going to consider them. Therefore, he used the excuse that he needed to discuss it with his parents.

"Certainly, you should discuss it carefully. Although we're recruiting you, no matter who you join, you'll need to take the college entrance examination and graduate before you can start working."

"We'll print out your certificate now. You can come and pick up the technique and treasures later on. As for the nutrient drinks and money, you can take them now."

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After a busy day, although he had left home empty-handed, Lin Yao returned home carrying 30,000 yuan in cash and 30 bottles of nutrient drinks.

These nutrient drinks were one month's quota and were enough for Lin Yao to have a bottle per day for one month.

10,000 yuan a day. This was already the treatment of an ordinary rich man. Although the city claimed they gave more nutrient drinks in lieu of money, Lin Yao believed it was possible that the cost of nutrient drinks was not that high.

'That's right. If one sells them for 10,000 yuan each, the cost price is certainly not 10,000 yuan. These low-level nutrient drinks probably cost 3,000 yuan or 1,000 yuan each.'

If the base cost of the nutrient drinks was counted, Lin Yao had received about 50,000 or 60,000 yuan of subsidies, which was a lot for ordinary people. However, it was nothing for geniuses whose talents were expected to reach the diamond level.

After all, when a diamond-level powerhouse developed to their potential, the contributions would be immeasurable.

Nevertheless, Lin Yao did not feel any dissatisfaction. Amongst the things the country gave people, nutrient drinks and money were not the best.

Most importantly, he had also received a technique and diamond treasures.

At the same time, the city and the country were purely going to train him. Lin Yao was still a free man. As long as he remained in the country and in the city, he could still work. He could join the Armed Police Force, the Abnormal Ability Department, or other private companies and still receive a full salary. Therefore, these were purely subsidies. Lin Yao was grateful for the free money. He would be a white-eyed wolf if he were to complain.

'This was originally an iron ability, but it was rated silver with a diamond potential. This is unexpected. The treatment of a genius is really good.'

He was in a good mood, so Lin Yao's steps were quick and light.

While staring at the scorching sun, Lin Yao ran all the way home.

"I'm back!"

After letting out a shout, Lin Yao was about to put away his gains. The sun was hot, and he wanted to use this chance to go outdoors, consume a bottle of nutrient drink, and experience krypton gold training.

After entering the house, he stepped on something and laughed.

'My luck is really rolling these days. I actually found five more yuan.'

His sunlight absorption had been rated diamond, and they had allocated 10 times more resources to him. Lin Yao's luck had been booming recently. Now, he had found more money. This was a good sign.

Of course, since the money had been found on the floor at home, it had obviously been dropped by one of his family members.

Therefore, he was merely joking.

Lin Yao held and waved the five-yuan note in his hand.

"Xiaoye, Xiaodie, which one of you lost money? Come and get it yourselves."

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