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13.29% I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart / Chapter 23: Grooming The Flowers of The Motherland

Grooming The Flowers of The Motherland - I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart - Chapter 23 by King of Torch full book limited free

Chapter 23: Grooming The Flowers of The Motherland

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Yao was dazed at the thought of the various abilities of the Tree of Light and using them to kill everyone in his path.

This obsessive time lasted only for a while, and Lin Yao then turned to look at his attribute interface.

The items on the attribute interface still had not changed much. The only thing that caught Lin Yao's attention was the Human Body Limit. Thankfully, it did not disappoint him. After he'd drunk the nutrition drink and trained 10 times in a row, Lin Yao's Human Body Limit had also changed dramatically.

'Hey, it has increased by 0.8. There is an improvement of 0.8 after this training. With the mid-day sun and the nutrition drink, my training efficiency is eight times faster.'

To be honest, Lin Yao was really shocked by the increase in his cultivation efficiency.

An increase of 0.8 might seem very little. However, back when he'd had no talent or nutrition drinks, Lin Yao had only had an increase of 0.1 after training for an entire day.

He had not trained for half a day to get an increase of 0.1. Instead, he'd trained for a whole day.

As for now, Lin Yao had only exercised for a morning, yet his cultivation speed was eight times more than usual and Lin Yao had more than one such training a day.

His body could recover from the fatigue with the help of sunlight and a nutrition drink. Thus, Lin Yao could train three times a day: in the morning, at noon, and in the evening.

This was a result of the combination of sunlight and nutrition drinks. Although the sunlight in the morning and evening was not as strong as the sunlight at noon, and Lin Yao's exercise was affected as well, his daily improvement could still be as high as 1.8 to 2.4.

'If my daily improvement reaches 1.8 to 2.4 and the Human Body Limit is 100%, as long as I have talent and resources and I am willing to work hard, I will be able to advance to a martial artist in 50 to 60 days even if I start from scratch… It's no wonder that martial artists in an ordinary class are already considered geniuses and the students in key classes are all intermediate martial artists. People like Yan Yan already have the abilities of an advanced martial artist. The gap…'

Lin Yao shook his head and decided not to think about it anymore. Instead, he checked his condition. Right now, his Human Body Limit was already 91.78%.

'I must work hard to be able to reach the Human Body Limit in about five days. If I'm lucky, I will be able to become a martial artist right after the Spirit Energy Festival.'

After becoming a martial artist, Lin Yao would be eligible to compete for the top three places in the class and receive training and resources during class. Although the subsidy would be smaller than the subsidy of the city, it was still money. Lin Yao was very short of money. Thus, he would not let this opportunity slip away.

As Lin Yao thought about this, he decided to begin exercising.

However, he suddenly thought of something and quickly turned to his younger brother.

"What extracurricular reference books are you using now?"

While working on improving himself, Lin Yao had not forgotten about the children in the orphanage. He knew that there were different methods to do good deeds, and the simplest method was to fork out money for others to buy toys for them. Grooming the young orphans into geniuses would be the best way of helping them. Therefore, Lin Yao decided to prepare some wonderful gifts for them.

Actually, China had been taking good care of the children in orphanages. There was no shortage of resources, books, and teachers. However, Lin Yao felt that most orphanages might only have textbooks but very few reference books and extracurricular books. Therefore, he decided to buy various types of reference books that could expand the students' knowledge.

'Well, they can't just have books, I have to answer their questions as well. I don't have time, but I can spend money to hire private teachers for those children.'

Lin Yao carried out a rigorous round of training while perfecting the plan in his mind.

Soon, he completed another round of training. It was evening, so Lin Yao's training effect was not as good as the training at noontime. He only trained nine times, and the training efficiency was even lower.

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After this training round, Lin Yao's Human Body Limit had barely reached 92.43%.

'It's getting closer. There is still 7.57% left to go. I can find a way to become a martial artist.'

Lin Yao went back to his room to wash away his perspiration. He then looked at the afterglow of the sunset. Although he felt physically tired, he did not immediately rest. Instead, he resisted mental exhaustion to make plans for tomorrow's training.

'It's summer, and the sun rises earlier in the morning. Although I can't see the sun, there will be sunlight as the day breaks. However, the stronger the sun is, the better the effect of my training will be. Therefore, the best training time is from seven o'clock onward. I will exercise all the way until half-past nine before I sleep for two hours and have a second round of training at noon. Then, I will rest for more than two hours and train from three o'clock to five o'clock. By then, it will be evening, so I can go to the orphanage.'

With a plan in mind, Lin Yao did not rest that day. Instead, he ran to the bookstore and spent 5,000 yuan to buy a batch of general reference books. Lin Yao then carried the bag of books and ran to the orphanage.

When he arrived with the huge bag, the children saw him and were reminded of the many things that he had brought with him two days ago. The group of children rushed over to Lin Yao excitedly, greeting him as their older brother non-stop.

Lin Yao happily accepted their warm welcome. He opened the bag and took out the brand-new books.

Then, the little faces around him froze on the spot.

"Ha ha ha ha."

On the way back, Lin Yao burst into laughter whenever he thought of the way the children's expressions had changed. After their initial surprise, they had almost burst into tears.

Of course, not everyone had a fear of books. There were still many children who had been sincerely joyous upon seeing the books. After distributing the books, Lin Yao had solved some of their learning problems based on what he knew.

In addition, he had also found out what kind of stationery and extracurricular reference books they lacked and had promised to bring them with him the next time he went there. Some children practiced martial arts and were hoping to get training tools. Lin Yao had agreed to their requests as well.

As for the toy requests, Lin Yao had not refused them upfront.

He understood that one should work hard and play hard. He promised the children that if their results improved, he would buy them toys as a reward.

'I seem to be raising a group of children.'

Lin Yao shook his head as he ran down the road back to his house.

Upon reaching his house, he decided that he should be fair to everyone. He took out a nutrition drink bottle, divided it into two portions, and gave them to his younger siblings.

'My younger brother and sister are also part of the human race. If they improve their strength with my help, my energy points will definitely increase.'

'Oh, it's a pity that I am still short of money. Otherwise, the two of them could have had one bottle each instead of splitting a drink into two portions.'

However, his younger siblings rejected his kind offer. They were very sensible, which was the reason Lin Yao had decided to share his nutrition drinks.

"Brother, you are a talented person. Keep this drink for yourself."

Lin Yao's younger sister was sensible as well. She nodded in agreement with her sibling and asked Lin Yao to take it back, making his face break into a smile.

"Don't worry, I can still afford to share them with you. However, these nutrition drinks are indeed useful. The two of you will have to share a bottle each week for now. When I earn money and we have a bigger supply of nutrition drinks, you can have two bottles in a row."

"Two bottles? Why don't you keep one for yourself?"

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