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6.79% I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart / Chapter 11: Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis - I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart - Chapter 11 by King of Torch full book limited free

Chapter 11: Photosynthesis

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"No matter how poor we are, we can't give up on education. No matter how difficult life is, we can't make our children suffer with us."

While he sighed, Lin Yao also completely agreed with his parents in this life.

'I will be filial to my parents in this world. I hope that the two of us have exchanged bodies. Given your character, I suppose you will be filial to my parents on behalf of my original self.'

Even before the training ended, Lin Yao's parents, who brought all the money with them, got Lin Yao to go with them to the church in the city.

The Leaf of Light was a viable investment and could be purchased in major pharmacies, but it was produced in the West, and the leaves sold in the church were probably the most authentic ones.

Fortunately, the people in the church also needed to train. By the time Lin Yao arrived, the people in the church had already gotten up.

"Hello, this is not the time for Mass. If you want to come, please do so after training."

"Father, we are here to buy a Leaf of Light."

"Why are you in such a hurry? Has something happened at home?"

Since the Leaf of Light could heal and expel diseases, people often went there to buy some. The priest did not say anything. He just led Lin Yao to the nearby shop.

Soon, Lin Yao saw a Leaf of Light that cost 20,000 yuan.

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However, this leaf was rejected by Lin Yao's parents right away. They wanted to choose a better one.

Lin Yao's family was not wealthy, but after 20 years of hard work, they had saved about 300,000 yuan.

Upon finding out that Lin Yao had awakened, Lin Yao's parents had brought all their savings with them without any hesitation. Their spendings almost exceeded their budget.

Lin Yao was moved by their actions. At the same time, he realized that, to a martial artist, awakening was like passing a competitive examination like the ancient imperial examination.

In ancient times, a family would do everything to groom a scholar. As long as that person succeeded in the examinations, the status of the family would be different and they could move up the social ladder. Right now, Lin Yao was the scholar-to-be in the family… No, he was the martial-artist-to-be.

This put him under some pressure, but it also meant that he would have a good start. After searching through the store, Lin Yao finally landed his hands on a huge Fruit of Light.

However, as soon as he took the fruit, the priest frowned and stepped in to give advice.

"Although this Fruit of Light is produced by a golden knight-level tree, it is the smallest of all tree fruits. It is not as effective as the same level of leaves. If this is used for life-saving purposes, I would suggest you choose the golden leaves."

"We will take this."

Although the leaves could also sprout with the nourishment of energy points, they felt more at ease with the fruit.

Since Lin Yao insisted on it, his parents did not comment further.

The priest made no other remarks as well. He had no idea that Lin Yao wanted to plant a Tree of Light. A secret technique was required to achieve that.

Thus, Lin Yao bought the fruit produced by a golden knight-level tree.

The knight that the priest referred to was the martial artist of the East.

Because of cultural differences, the East and the West had different divisions and names for transcendents.

For example, the East would collectively name them martial artists, while the West named them knights. America would call its domestic transcendents heroes.

There were also various ways of distinguishing them. As Lin Yao had said previously, the martial artists in the East were ranked into heaven, earth, black, and yellow ones. The knights in the West were ranked according to the eight virtues. The heroes in America were ranked according to SABCD. Other smaller countries like Southeast Asia called them people who practiced oriental black magic. They were called ninjas in Japan and paladins in Athens. In short, the transcendents had different names and classifications in different countries, which was very confusing. Therefore, the foolish netizens classified them into iron, bronze, silver, gold, diamond, and king, mainly to make it easy to understand. Otherwise, one person might say that they were a knight and someone else could say that they were an earth-level martial artist. However, there would be no way to tell who was stronger.

After buying what he wanted, Lin Yao felt a little worried that his tree-planting system might be useless. 300,000 yuan was not a small sum. This was all the savings they had at home. However, his parents reassured him and told him not to worry too much.

"Don't be overly burdened by it. We can still afford 300,000 yuan."

"Exactly, it doesn't matter if you can't awaken."

Although they reassured their son, they were full of expectations and were hoping that he would succeed.

Lin Yao himself was brimming with anticipation as well. He did not return home. Instead, he found a remote place, grabbed the fruit of the Tree of Light, sank his mind, and communicated with the small sapling in his mind as well as the energy ball on it.

As he closed his eyes and communicated with the young sapling through his consciousness, changes quickly took place.

First, the energy ball vibrated, and then the 100 grams of energy turned into a warm current and flowed into Lin Yao's palm and into the fruit of the Tree of Light.

As the energy point penetrated the fruit, it underwent changes, emitting a shining green light. However, this light quickly dissipated, and an inexplicable suction formed in Lin Yao's hand. The suction was very strong. It completely devoured the special power within the Fruit of Light as well as the essence of the core and the pulp.

Without the power and essence, the Fruit of Light dried up instantly. Lin Yao had no time for that. The strange power of the Fruit of Light entered his body, rushing into his soul before being integrated into the small sapling below the energy ball.

The essence of the Fruit of Light was white in color. When the infusion of the essence took place, the original cartoon-like sapling in Lin Yao's mind slowly turned white. During this process, the energy points that had originally penetrated the fruit of the Tree of Light acted like a fusion agent, accelerating the fusion and growth of the two.

Soon, all the essence of the Fruit of Light had been infused into the small sapling in Lin Yao's Sea of ​​Consciousness, turning it totally white. At the same time, a warm feeling was transmitted to Lin Yao's body and mind.

The warmth in his body was brought about by the seedlings of the white Tree of Light. The Tree of Light, which was affected by the sacred Celestial Tree, could expel diseases and heal injuries, while Lin Yao's small sapling was cultivated from a gold-level Tree of Light. Henceforth, although the Tree of Light was newly grown, Lin Yao felt free from worry and completely at ease. He had the feeling that even if he did nothing afterward, under the warmth of the Tree of Light, he would be immune from all diseases and live for over 150 years.

'It's really convenient.'

Lin Yao did not have a good teacher. Although there were coaches of the warlord level at both the lake and the academy, each of those coaches had to take care of hundreds of people. All they could do was correct Lin Yao's and the other students' movements, but they could not go into specifics. Besides, Lin Yao had not had good nourishment products in the past, and strenuous activities strengthened and hurt the body at the same time. All these activities had resulted in Lin Yao sustaining hidden injuries. Right now, thanks to the nourishment of the Tree of Light, Lin Yao's hidden injuries healed little by little. He felt like a baby returning to his mother's body.

'This can be considered a reconstruction of the origin.'

The benefits of the Tree of Light seedlings were many more than that. The instinctive function of the Tree of Light was to nourish the body and heal any hidden wounds. With the planting of the tree, an ability was reflected in Lin Yao's body and mind.

However, Lin Yao's face fell when he sensed that ability.

'Why this ability? I am not asking for Holy Light. It's fine if I am given the ability to cure and expel diseases. As a human being, why do I need the ability to photosynthesize?'

Yes. The ability that Lin Yao had obtained was the photosynthesizing ability that all plants had.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for consuming 100 grams of energy points and planting the seedlings of the Tree of Light. Due to the characteristics of the Tree of Light, the host now has the ability to absorb sunlight.]

[Sunlight Absorption LV3: Plants can use sunlight energy to assimilate carbon dioxide and water to produce oxygen. The Tree of Light planted by the host is a derivative of the Sacred Tree of Light, which is very compatible with light energy, and photosynthesis is further upgraded. The host can now absorb sunlight to grow.]

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