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10.98% I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart / Chapter 19: Reevaluation

Reevaluation - I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart - Chapter 19 by King of Torch full book limited free

Chapter 19: Reevaluation

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

'Absorb… Wait a minute… You not only can absorb the Avedha-vasa from my good deeds but also the energy of the external world?'

Lin Yao was stunned by the system's prompt. Of course, these voices spoke in his mind.

The tree-planting system did not respond to Lin Yao's inquiry. It only sent a message prompt.

[Instruction received. Absorbing now.]

Subsequently, Lin Yao felt the energy of the spar in his hands reducing. In his mind, a white energy ball appeared. This was in addition to the green energy ball above the small sapling. The energy above the white ball was also displayed in grams, and the number was increasing bit by bit.

Lin Yao used his mind to tap the white energy ball lightly. Soon, a piece of information was transmitted to Lin Yao's consciousness. He was startled, but at the same time, he understood everything.

The tree-planting system could indeed absorb external energy, but it could only absorb pure and unowned energy. These energy points were very different from the green energy points that he obtained by contributing to mankind.

First of all, although the green energy points could only plant trees, the energy obtained from humanity could plant all kinds of trees. It could also instantly inject all the energy points into the saplings so that they could grow rapidly as if they had taken Jinkela.

As for the other energy points, that depended on the tree species. For example, the Tree of Light could absorb light energy but not dark energy.

Besides, this absorption could only proceed gradually. For example, Lin Yao's Tree of Light could absorb this energy because it was very young, but the upper limit was 100 points per day. To upgrade, he needed 1,000 light energy points, which could be obtained in 10 days. Of course, Lin Yao needed to have sufficient light energy points.

What's more, when the saplings were integrated, they could only use green energy points.

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Each integration merely required 100 points. This was not a concern, though.

The third point was the most important one. Besides humans, trees also had their limits.

Although not everyone had equal talent, talent existed in all the living creatures in the world. Some were born as king divine creatures and cicadas that could only live for one summer. Trees were no exception. The Kabbalah Tree of Life had everything. A noble gentleman in chaotic times had unlimited future possibilities, but an ordinary tree might not obtain wisdom in its lifetime.

Lin Yao's Tree of Light was no longer considered ordinary. It had a lot of holy light abilities and was also extraordinary amongst its kind. This was the fruit of the golden warlord Tree of Light.

He had not spent that 300,000 yuan for nothing. Lin Yao had made a good start.

It was a pity that 300,000 yuan was still too little, and the Tree of Light Lin Yao had obtained was somewhat congenitally inadequate.

As a result, even if Lin Yao cultivated it to a silver warlord, that would be its limit. This was also why the evaluators believed that Lin Yao's potential was at the silver level.

This kind of inborn deficiency was hard to erase. Mankind was already considered a beloved species by the world. They were born with souls, but talent had also shackled countless people. After all, only a few could break the shackles of their own talent and stand out. Lin Yao's Tree of Light would not be able to do that without a fortuitous encounter.

Here, the amazing effect of the green energy points was already evident. Although it was only useful for trees, as long as there were sufficient energy points, it could help trees break their limits and even cause atavism.

'So, if I want to maximize the efficacy, the best-case scenario is accumulating green energy points and using ordinary energy to cultivate?'

The abnormal changes in his Sea of Consciousness made Lin Yao ponder this greatly. His words and dazed expression also attracted people's attention.

At first, those powerhouses thought Lin Yao would break his promise about remaining in Ninghai. However, none of these powerhouses was weak. Soon, everyone was attracted to the abnormal change in Lin Yao's hands. The light energy spar from Chief Shi dimmed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

This attracted everyone's attention. Colonel Zhang said, "Chief Shi, is the light energy spar you gave him defective?"

Chief Shi rolled her eyes angrily at these forthright words.

"I'm not that stingy. This spar is small but it is enough for him to advance by a level. Given his ability, wouldn't it take at least 10 days to absorb it?"

Before she could finish her words. Click. The dimmed spar in Lin Yao's hand shattered, turned into powder, and disappeared into the air.


This silenced everyone for a long time, and Chief Shi's face turned red.

Fortunately, everyone present was shrewd and someone soon guessed the reason behind this.

"I can sense the flow of energy. Indeed, the spar given to him by Chief Shi has energy stored in it, but that energy has been absorbed by our genius." After a pause, the elder who had just started speaking looked at Lin Yao and smiled. His eyes shone as he said, "It's possible that our young genius is not that simple. He has absorbed the energy in the spar very quickly."

Lin Yao came back to his senses after the abnormal changes in his mind. He heard these words as soon as he regained his consciousness and replied instinctively, "I didn't know about this earlier."

The elder nodded in agreement.

"Don't worry. We're not saying that you're hiding things from us. Although everyone who comes for testing is hiding something, so long as you don't do bad things and you can control your own abilities, the country will not expose the skeletons in your closet. Besides, judging by how surprised you were just now, this is indeed your first time absorbing energy from a spar.

"However, I suggest that talented martial artists like you speak out about your abilities. You may not be able to understand your abilities alone. You can cover a bright pearl with dust or gather people to develop and improve yourself as fast as possible. This is what is happening now. Without this incident, your ability to absorb energy from energy spars may have been buried."

"I understand. If there are new developments to my ability, I will definitely say so."

Lin Yao's ability would selectively reveal something about the abilities of his tree species, but he planned to conceal his ability to plant trees.

After speaking, Lin Yao was stopped by someone as he was about to leave.

"Why are you leaving? Your ability needs to be reevaluated. This time, it is likely to be higher. The country will give you a lot more subsidies. Are you sure you want to go?"

Because there were too many awakened people, besides those who could not control their abilities or had a criminal history, the country would not force a test on them. Therefore, the elder posed his last question.

After Lin Yao thought for a while, he didn't leave. He also wanted to see what these evaluators would come up with.

Soon, the test was continued. This test was not the same as the earlier one. Chief Shi condensed a white ball of light in her hand to see if Lin Yao could absorb it.

Lin Yao wanted to try absorbing this but was slightly disappointed by the testing process.

[Ding! System prompt: The energy in front of you is dominant and cannot be absorbed.]

"I can't."

Consequently, the elder condensed a few other energy balls for Lin Yao to absorb, but the latter couldn't absorb them. However, what occurred later was what Lin Yao had been hoping for. The elder took out some energy spars for the test. There were five types—earth, wind, water, fire, and thunder—and Lin Yao could absorb them all.

As a result, the situation in his Sea of ​​Consciousness changed.

Although there was still one small sapling, there were seven energy balls above it—earth, wind, water, fire, thunder, light, and the most important green energy ball.

The only thing that made Lin Yao slightly regretful was that, besides the light energy ball that contained 1,000 grams, the other small balls only had 100 grams of energy each. The green energy ball only contained 90 grams.

Chief Shi was still the most generous one.

While Lin Yao exclaimed inwardly, the evaluators also tested the details of Lin Yao's energy absorption and discussed and analyzed them together.

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