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19.65% I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart / Chapter 34: Should He Listen To His Heart Or His Head?

Should He Listen To His Heart Or His Head? - I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart - Chapter 34 by King of Torch full book limited free

Chapter 34: Should He Listen To His Heart Or His Head?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

One vital energy mark in Lin Yao's body had now dimmed, and only one was still shining.

However, Lin Yao did not hesitate to unleash the vital energy seed.

It was not that Lin Yao was not worried that his realm would drop by one level. It was just that it would never happen.

'If I only had one vital energy seed, I would naturally not dare use it. Once it was used, it would be troublesome if it broke. However, it does not matter, as I have two seeds. After I use the first seed, if it does not break but turns into a mark, I could go on to use the second seed. Anyway, if it breaks, the first seed will still act as support.'

He would not dare use a seed if he only had one. However, after advancing to a martial artist, he was able to use two seeds twice.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Yao got ready to draw the sword again. However, he was halfway through when he suddenly thought of something and he quickly turned to look at his two siblings. "Turn to the side. This is a long-range attack, so it will hurt you."


His younger sister, who was very obedient, turned to the side upon hearing his words. However, his younger brother, Lin Ye, was doubtful.

'I'm more than 10 meters away from my eldest brother. Is it possible to be hurt from this distance? Could a low-level martial artist be capable of this?'

Although he was doubtful, the younger brother still turned his head to look in another direction. After making sure that they had turned to the side, Lin Yao prepared to draw his sword again.

He took a breath, and then there was a loud clang. The sword was drawn from its sheath. It was followed quickly by a breeze.

The wind howled, stirring up smoke and dust all over the place.

When the wind subsided, Lin Ye and Lin Xiaodie, who felt alright, turned around, only to see that there were just traces of a breeze blowing in the field and no scratches had been made by the sword aura.

"Is this what you call a long-range attack? Did you fail?"

Lin Ye felt puzzled, as he could feel that Lin Yao's current Sword-Drawing Technique was no different from earlier. However, he noticed the excited expression on his brother's face.

"Another one-time success. I am indeed a genius."

Lin Yao was excited, but he was no genius. The first move of Clear Mirror Swordsmanship was never about the principle of swordsmanship, nor was it about the use of vital energy. Its difficulty was having a vital energy seed that had a light attribute. After getting a vital energy seed that had a light attribute, as well as spending several nights studying the principles behind the moves, it would have been odd if Lin Yao had failed.

'Now that I achieved a stable form and mastered this skill, there is no way I would lose. Even if Zhou Yang, who has natural divine power, breaks through to a martial artist, he will not be my opponent.'

Lin Yao was full of confidence now. He wanted to rank among the top three. In addition, he wanted to win first place.

Lin Yao was in a joyous mood. Upon seeing that it was late and the sun was about to set, Lin Yao simply stopped practicing and waved at his siblings. "Let's go, I will treat you to delicious food."

During Lin Yao's training, his two siblings assisted him from the side. They handed water to him and threw balls at him, which saved Lin Yao a lot of time, and provided him with a lot of conveniences.

In addition, they were the younger siblings of this body's previous owner. Since Lin Yao had some spare money, he would naturally give them a treat.

Right now, the nutrition drinks were very useful to him. Lin Yao could not provide them with drinks. However, he would not mind sharing good food with them.

"Our brother is the best."

His younger sister, Lin Xiaodie, who had a side ponytail, jumped up happily upon hearing what he said. Lin Ye, who was somewhat cold and charming, just nodded. However, judging from his expression, one could tell he was happy.

"You two can discuss what you would like to have. We will leave after I take a shower."

"I want to eat cake."

"That's too sweet and greasy. Pick something else to eat."

"No, I want to eat cake…"

His younger siblings were still squabbling while Lin Yao went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Men usually took short showers. This was especially true for Lin Yao. He was drenched in perspiration after training and had to wash several times a day. Thus, he was very skilled in taking quick showers. He came out of the bathroom three to five minutes later.

However, Lin Ye and Lin Xiaodie were still talking. Lin Yao waved at them to stop them.

"Since you can't decide, there is no use in bickering. I will have the final say."



Lin Ye was speechless upon hearing his decision, while Lin Xiaodie glared at Lin Ye as if she was blaming him.

Lin Yao smiled at their behavior and left to have food.

Although he'd said that he would make the decision, in the end, Lin Yao went to two shops to buy the food they wanted.

Since he had enough money, he could afford to do that.

'I really hope that this amiable family life will continue.'

When he saw the happy expressions of his younger siblings as they ate the delicious food, Lin Yao no longer felt as exhausted after his martial arts training.

However, something happened when they paid for their meal.

"It's a total of 398 yuan. Thank you for your patronage."

Martial artists had a very big appetite, and the trio ate quite a lot. However, Lin Yao was still able to afford the meal. However, while he was paying for the meal, the service staff took a 100-yuan note and passed it to Lin Yao.

Lin Yao quickly stopped the service staff.

"This is not mine. Someone must have dropped it. Please ask around."

A few days ago, Lin Yao had picked up one yuan from the road and put it into his wallet. However, one yuan could not compare to 100 yuan. Besides, he had taken the one yuan he had found on the street because he had been unable to find the owner. He would not be greedy enough to take this 100-yuan note.

Upon heading back, Lin Yao could not help but smile at the thought of the one yuan he had picked up a few days ago, as well as the 100 yuan that had almost been given to him just now.

"These days I seem to have an affinity for money. I am very lucky."

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"Big brother, you have awakened and become a talented person, so you must be very lucky."

"Ha ha ha. Indeed, Lady Luck is shining on me."

It really took a lot of luck to transmigrate to this world.

Lin Yao and his siblings reached their house while laughing and chatting.

Lin Yao had no intention of going home yet. After taking his younger siblings home, he ran to the orphanage.

Lin Yao, who was already familiar with the place, arrived at the orphanage and greeted the children casually while nodding to the staff.

However, after arriving, he saw that there were many people in the orphanage.

Apart from Yan Yan and Qin Xue, who were acquaintances of his, there was another young woman wandering in the yard with a camera in her hand.

'What's going on? Why doesn't she help out instead of wandering about with her camera?'

Lin Yao was puzzled. He addressed his questions to Yan Yan and Qin Xue, who had arrived earlier than him, but got no answer except for Yan Yan's cold snort.

Lin Yao did not take it to heart. There was a reason for that. Whenever he was there, he could not hide his exhaustion. Once, he had even fallen asleep. The Ice Snow Princess had seen it and actually brought nutrient drinks for him yesterday. He wondered what was on her mind.

Lin Yao was shocked by her actions. He had thought Yan Yan was attracted to his charm. Thus, he'd sized Yan Yan up and discovered that the Ice Snow Princess had beautiful features and a cool temperament. It was a pity that she was so wealthy and had an airport1.

'That's why she is called the Ice Snow Princess instead of the Ice Snow Queen.'

Lin Yao sighed. He was in a dilemma. He had no intention of entering a relationship. However, Yan Yan was indeed beautiful.

Should he listen to his heart or his head?

While Lin Yao was still struggling to make a decision, something happened and he realized that he had been thinking too much.

  1. This is a Chinese colloquial expression that means someone does not have a nice figure.

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