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17.91% I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart / Chapter 31: Successful Advancement

Successful Advancement - I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart - Chapter 31 by King of Torch full book limited free

Chapter 31: Successful Advancement

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the past, the most critical step in mankind's advancement had been to inhale adequate spirit energy into the body within a short time. After all, it was difficult for ordinary people to sense the spirit energy. Also, the military boxing's breathing method of nine long breaths and one short breath could only absorb a small amount of spirit energy, which was insufficient for a breakthrough.

This was why the dojos and family clans had been researching techniques, hoping to come up with various methods for ordinary people to accumulate enough spirit energy as fast as they could.

Breathing vigorously for a short period, suppressing the Human Body Limit, and refining elixirs for achieving a breakthrough were some of the methods of the dojos and family clans.

However, the situation suddenly changed when the Academy of Science and Technology came into the picture.

Unlike others, they did not use techniques to extract spirit energy. Instead, they used devices to do so. After some manufacturing, the spirit energy bottle used for the purpose of breaking through appeared.

Science and technology were indeed a primary productive force.

The spirit energy, which was difficult for ordinary people to perceive, was packed in this small bottle. Humans only needed to open the bottle, align the mouth of the bottle to theirs, and inhale the spirit energy. It was not necessary to use a breathing method or pill.

The process had become very simple and direct due to the effect of technology.

'Technology is everywhere. The Academy of Science and Technology has not only extracted spirit energy but also adjusted the amount.'

When one broke through to a martial artist, the inhalation of more spirit energy might not necessarily yield a better effect. This depended on one's physical condition. Most human bodies would explode if they were to inhale excess spirit energy, as human bodies could not tolerate it. However, one would not be able to attain a breakthrough if one were to take in too little spirit energy.

This was why, after some experiments, scientists had developed bottles of spirit energy that were the most suitable for human breakthroughs. This had increased the success rate of breaking through by as much as 20%.

'Therefore, although martial artists are the mainstream of this world, the status of scientists is equal to theirs. The treatment of some of these scientists is comparable to that of king-level martial artists.'

Upon opening the bottle, Lin Yao inhaled the spirit energy inside all at once. He then used a special technique to compress the aura and blood in his body and integrate them into the inhaled spirit energy.

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Because spirit energy itself was inherently compatible with a living being's aura, it could cause mutation easily. After the Spirit Energy Revival, beasts had grown in size, plants had towered over everyone, and humans had gained talents. All of this had been caused by spirit energy. Therefore, this integration was fairly effortless.

Lin Yao did not even feel any pain. Most of the mist-like spirit energy was absorbed by Lin Yao's body. It was then integrated into his aura and blood until it became his true vital energy seeds.

During the process of forming the vital energy seeds, Lin Yao was also absorbing the noon sun. As a result, his vital energy seeds were not attribute-less. They carried a hint of a light attribute.

After his flesh, blood, and aura merged with the spirit energy and transformed into a light attribute vital seed energy due to the effect of the sunlight, Lin Yao opened his eyes. At that moment, his face was brimming with joy.

'I've done it.'

Yes, he had succeeded effortlessly without any hiccups, pain, or accidents.

This seemed somewhat unexpected. Nevertheless, it was a norm for humans to attain a breakthrough in China.

The breakthrough was not effortlessly attained because it was truly simple to do so, neither because the Chinese people were extraordinarily talented. It was because the world was developing.

In the first few years of the Spirit Energy Revival, it had only been possible for special soldiers and martial arts grandmasters to break through. Even now, people from some unstable countries felt like they were treading on ice whenever they were absorbing spirit energy. Many people collapsed because their bodies could not endure the spirit energy.

The reason the Chinese people could do this easily was the 13th Military Boxing.

To reiterate, the 13th Military Boxing was a gold technique. It was second only to diamond and king techniques in the modern martial arts system. In the feudal world of expert martial arts, it was something that only some sect disciples would come into contact with.

Military boxing had laid a solid foundation for the people of China. As long as they reached adulthood and trained their bodies to the limit, they would be able to absorb spirit energy effortlessly and then break through to become martial artists.

Of course, this applied to diligent people. If one were lazy and did not practice military boxing, there would be no cure.

At the beginning of the Spirit Energy Revival, it had been actually very difficult to advance to a martial artist. One had needed to train one's body to the limit and also find ways to inhale an adequate amount of spirit energy. He needed to pay attention to the amount of spirit energy he inhaled during the breakthrough process. If he were to inhale too much of it, his body would not be able to tolerate it. If he were to inhale too little of it, his body would not be able to condense the vital energy seeds.

These three steps, especially the first one, were very difficult. Without the gold technique that enabled humans to absorb a small amount of spirit energy to temper their body every day, it was extremely difficult for the body to reach its limit.

The second step was not easy either. People back then had been looking for elixirs all over the mountains and plains, and those who didn't have the techniques relied on the elixirs to supply them with spirit energy and force a breakthrough.

However, it was very difficult to obtain elixirs. As a result, fights were inevitable. Furthermore, one could not control the medicinal effect of the elixirs. There were some successes, but also some deaths.

Now, by relying on the country's resources and technology, these three difficulties had been resolved.

'If you can't temper your body to the limit, the 13th Military Boxing can help you fulfill this dream. If you don't have enough or cannot control the amount of spirit energy, a bottle of spirit energy will do the trick.'

Because of these two measures, it was a norm to become a martial artist in China. Not achieving breakthroughs was an abnormality.

Of course, the people who did not break through would not be scolded as good-for-nothings. In this era, they were considered frail, sick, or handicapped. When one faced such a vulnerable group, one could naturally choose to verbally abuse them. However, the surrounding people would not find any fault with the vulnerable group. On the other hand, they would believe those who scolded the vulnerable group had a problem.

Would scolding a disabled person earn one praise from anyone?

Of course not. These people were labeled as bad-mannered and people with poor character. Those who had been verbally abused could also use the law as a weapon and sue these people for insulting their character.

In China, it was still a dream for everyone to achieve stellar success. Nevertheless, advancing to a martial artist had already become a basic requirement in this era.

It was just that most people would become martial artists at the prime age of 20 years old. If they did not have any fortuitous encounters, they would remain martial artists for life.

Under the circumstances, those who could break through to become martial artists under the age of 18 were considered young geniuses and had the potential to become warlords.

As far as real geniuses were concerned, it was possible for them to break through to become a warlord at 18 years old. Yan Yan was a representative of this genius group.

Therefore, although Lin Yao was happy about becoming a martial artist, he did not feel complacent.

'In comparison to a real genius, I'm still far behind. I can only rejoice when I become a warlord.'

The only way to widen the gap between him and ordinary people was to become a warlord.

'Well, most ordinary people are martial artists now, but this is only for the time being. The country has been continually refining military boxing. If the military boxing reaches the diamond level and the country has the technology to cultivate elixirs on a large-scale basis, the price of the nutrition drinks will come down. Then, it will no longer be far-fetched for everyone to become warlords.'

The Spirit Energy Revival, coupled with the modern social system, had made the society progress fairly well. As it produced individual powerhouses, the general population was also improving itself.

Everyone was a martial artist and a warlord. At last, the day would come when everyone would achieve stellar success.

'Forget it, this has nothing to do with who I am now. I'll have to take proper care of myself first.'

With this thought in mind, Lin Yao began to observe himself after the breakthrough.

First, there was an additional vital energy seed in his body. That seed was absorbing spirit energy all the time and growing at a healthy pace.


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