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16.04% I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart / Chapter 26: Sword-Drawing Technique

Sword-Drawing Technique - I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart - Chapter 26 by King of Torch full book limited free

Chapter 26: Sword-Drawing Technique

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The first gold combat skill, Buddha Light Palm, was only barely related to light-based attributes. This applied to the second skill, Great Light Palm, as well.

The third skill was Covered By Buddha's Light, which was even more ridiculous. Its only light-based ability was increasing the light effect, and its original ability was body training.

The fourth ability was Crimson Flame Palm. This was basically a fire-based ability supplemented by light-based attributes.

'There are only seven skills in total, yet four of them are barely related to light-based attributes. There are too few abilities in this classification.'

This had exceeded Lin Yao's expectations a bit. However, on second thought, it seemed understandable. Compared to other attributes, light-based attributes were too scarce, and there were very few cultivators. Thus, there were naturally fewer techniques.

Fortunately, Buddhism was related to light, which was why there were still more than two or three skills.

'In other words, should I practice Buddhism techniques? I remember that the ultimate move of Buddhism, which is the Buddha Palm, is also related to light-based attributes… Forget it. To practice Buddhism techniques, not only would I have to go through strenuous training, but I would need to have a Buddha-nature as well to understand the profound meanings. I am a young man full of vigor and vitality.'

Lin Yao skipped the previous four skills, as they were barely related to light-based attributes. He then looked at the fifth combat skill, which was a combat skill for the knights in the West.

[Divine Strike]

[Level: Gold]

[Description: It incorporates the power of light into the weapon, thereby increasing the attacking power and doubling the damage to the dark attribute. People with evil intentions will also repent.]

Both a fighting method and a killing method were being integrated to a certain extent. The gold combat technique already had an ultimate killer move. The fighting method of the Vajra Palm was to direct one's spirit energy so that the palms would be as strong as steel. It could resist most attacks and shatter various types of hard objects.

Its final move was using every ounce of strength to release a huge gold palm several meters tall and hit the enemy across the air. This was the ultimate killer move after understanding the essence of this skill.

The Divine Strike also had its killing moves. According to the video that Lin Yao watched, a Western knight used all his strength to direct a Divine Strike. The knight released a cross-shaped holy light slash that was several meters long and extended a dozen meters away.

'The close-range attack of this combat skill has a light attribute, while the long-distance holy light slash attack includes a set of cross swordsmanship. This combat skill is quite good.'

Lin Yao wrote down 'Divine Strike' in his notes and continued browsing. Very soon, he saw the sixth light-based combat skill.

This ability was also fairly good. It was the Divine Shield technique. It could form a Divine Shield by using the power of light, thus surrounding and protecting the user. The killing move was also a defensive move. It was used to form a wall several meters high to block all attacks. In the video demonstration, bullets and low-intensity artillery shells were blocked by the extended divine wall.

'This ability is good, but what I want right now is an offensive ability.'

Shaking his head, Lin Yao focused his eyes on the last ability, Clear Mirror Swordsmanship.

The name of the ability sounded very oriental. After watching the video demonstration, Lin Yao was thrilled.

'I didn't know one could use it in this manner. The person who developed this ability is really a damn genius. This is it.'

Lin Yao was shocked and surprised by the ability demonstrated in the video. After watching it, he chose it without hesitation, mainly because this ability was very suitable for him.

With a clear goal in mind, Lin Yao did not immediately close the website of the Abnormal Ability Department. Instead, he kept watching various battle videos and trying his best to learn about combat as much as possible.

By the time he studied and watched a series of videos, it was already midnight.

Feeling somewhat tired, Lin Yao took a shower and went to bed.

It was a silent night, but Lin Yao woke up at six o'clock the next morning.

His younger siblings had already gone to exercise. After coming up with an exercise plan, Lin Yao no longer exercised with his siblings. He needed to exercise only after the sun was out, while it was best for them to exercise early in the morning.

Lin Yao rubbed his head after waking up.

'It feels like a nightmare again.'

Lin Yao could not remember the dream he'd had and could not be bothered to care about it. He washed up and ran toward the Abnormal Ability Department.

Unlike other general departments, the Abnormal Ability Department was manned 24 hours a day.

Lin Yao did not look for Chief Shi directly. Instead, he went to the technique exchange area. He showed his certification to redeem the combat skills.

The person who manned the Technique Chamber was a middle-aged man. He merely stood guard at the chamber, yet Lin Yao felt pressure and had some palpitations.

After taking a look at Lin Yao's certificate, the man's brows furrowed slightly.

"You haven't become a martial artist yet. You'd better become a martial artist before redeeming your combat skills."

"I understand, but I will become a martial artist within the next few days. I intend to redeem the combat skills to practice so that I will be able to use them after becoming a martial artist."

"You will become a martial artist in a few more days? Alright, it should be fine. Remember, if you can't practice them, just give up. You are over 16 years old, so you need to be responsible for your own future."

Upon seeing that Lin Yao was already a young man and could make his own decisions, the middle-aged man did not say anything else. He just led Lin Yao to the Technique Chamber.

After entering, Lin Yao thought that he would be given a technique manual and he would practice according to the instructions. However, he was totally wrong.

Thanks to the Spirit Energy Revival, there were abnormal abilities and many special treasures.

Lin Yao saw one of China's most prized treasures in the Technique Chamber.

After confirming the selected technique, Lin Yao, who was in the Technique Chamber, was led to a mirror and told to stand still in front of it. The middle-aged man executed a procedure and an image of Lin Yao appeared in the mirror.

"Mirror reflection?"

While Lin Yao felt puzzled, a book with the words "Clear Mirror Swordsmanship" written on it appeared in the mirror. As soon as it appeared, it turned into stars and penetrated Lin Yao's reflection in the mirror.

As the stars penetrated his reflection, Lin Yao, who stood in front of the mirror, could see information regarding Clear Mirror Swordsmanship in his mind.

When the spots of light that were actually the disintegrated Clear Mirror Swordsmanship disappeared in the mirror, Lin Yao had a complete view of the training swordsmanship method in his mind.

"T-This method of transmission…"

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Upon seeing the dazed look on Lin Yao's face, the middle-aged man smiled.

"Don't be so surprised. The wonderful treasures of the country are beyond your imagination."

Lin Yao took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. However, in the end, he still asked in disbelief, "Is this mirror only available in Ninghai City, or is it available everywhere?"

"Of course it is. All the municipal governments have one. However, what we have is only a sub-mirror. The real mirror is still in the capital. Okay, don't ask so many questions. You can go back now… Well, in principle, I have to tell you not to make public the combat skills among the rewards. However, since you are taught the combat skills through the Heavenly Mirror's consciousness, there is no way you can share them with others."

Lin Yao walked out of the Technique Chamber, still feeling dizzy. All the cities had a Heavenly Mirror, and every city had powerful treasures other than the Heavenly Mirror. Lin Yao could not help but feel awed. The country had treasures and a strong foundation that went far beyond his imagination.

'Forget it, I shan't think about it anymore. The stronger the country is, the better it is for me. After all, I live on this piece of land.'

Lin Yao no longer wondered about the national treasures. Instead, he focused on the combat skills.

As a gold combat skill, Clear Mirror Swordsmanship had its complete set of fighting styles. At the same time, unlike the frontal assault of the Divine Strike, Clear Mirror Swordsmanship focused on deceit and skills.

The first stroke of the swordsmanship was the Clear Mirror Sword-Drawing Technique. This was the reason Lin Yao chose it right away upon watching the combat video. It was also the swordsmanship that he had to master before the Spirit Energy Festival ended.

'As long as I master this swordsmanship and become a martial artist, I can stand out in the class and take everyone by surprise. I might even take the first spot. I have decided that I will practice this technique when I take breaks from practicing military boxing.'

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