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2.31% I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart / Chapter 4: The Gold Technique? Boo!

The Gold Technique? Boo! - I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart - Chapter 4 by King of Torch full book limited free

Chapter 4: The Gold Technique? Boo!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

'Rich children do at least 20 rounds a day. Those who are hardworking or have strict parents do 30 rounds a day. Let's not talk about geniuses or people with martial arts skills. They spend three times as much time training. Besides, not only can medicinal meals relieve their exhaustion, but after eating them, they will also be more efficient cultivation-wise.'

According to the information that Lin Yao had found on the Internet, during training, in addition to the food they consumed, they would also autonomously absorb the spirit energy of the external world.

This was the same training method. This method existed on the Blue Planet as well. The reason one could not break through the limits of the human body was due to the spirit energy.

In fact, according to Lin Yao's speculation, the reason he felt so tired after practicing military boxing was because of the breathing method that he used when practicing military boxing. He ended up absorbing the spirit energy into his body.

It could be said that martial artists were the foundation of mankind in this world, and spirit energy was the foundation of martial artists.

Basically, low-level martial artists could not sense spirit energy and could not actively intercept or retain spirit energy. It was only through vigorous exercise and military boxing that they could absorb it instinctively.

Unfortunately, everyone was different. Lin Yao and the others could only instinctively absorb spirit energy, while the wealthy children who consumed medicinal meals and nutrition drinks could be considered to be autonomously absorbing spirit energy because their meals contained spirit energy. Although they could not intercept and retain all the spirit energy due to their bodies' constitution, their cultivation efficiency was still two to three times that of Lin Yao.

'Their training duration is already two to three times longer than ours. Right now, given the two-to-three-time difference in cultivation efficiency, the wealthy children's cultivation efficiency is four to nine times that of mine.'

Poor people studied hard, whereas rich people practiced martial arts. This was indeed true.

Of course, the expenses were very high as well. Zhang Heng had been full of envy just now. It was indeed true. A bottle of a nutrition drink cost 10,000 yuan, and they had to keep consuming these drinks. To maintain their efficiency, wealthy children needed to drink these at least three times a day. It would cost more than 10 million yuan a year to keep up with their training needs.

This was only the requirement a low-level martial artist needed to meet. The higher the level, the more nutritious the drinks had to be, so they would certainly cost much more.

When one reached the warlord level, one might need to spend hundreds of millions of yuan annually to improve one's skills. These huge expenses would be a burden even for rich people.

At the same time, the poor also had some ways to survive in this world. Some had the ability to earn money, or they joined the army, thus earning military awards. This was very straightforward. After becoming rich and meritorious, they could spend money and time on extravagant training.

The only other option was being talented. Spirit energy was the foundation of this world. The military boxing training also involved spirit energy. In fact, spirit energy was the most crucial part. Otherwise, given Lin Yao's current physique, he would not have gotten exhausted after 30 minutes of military boxing. Mankind had a different absorption efficiency.

If one used ordinary people like Lin Yao as a benchmark, under the condition that they all spent the same amount of time training and went through the same number of training rounds, if the spirit energy he intercepted and retained equaled one unit, those who retained two or three units of spirit energy would have a training efficiency two to three times greater than his. If someone could retain five units of spirit energy, their training efficiency would be five times that of Lin Yao. This was just as good as the medicinal meals and drinks wealthy children relied on.

Of course, if they could retain five units of spirit energy, their training efficiency would definitely be more than five times that of Lin Yao.

Such geniuses would absolutely be sought after by different cities, countries, and wealthy families. They would have access to an abundance of resources. Given the large amount of resources and their own talent, the training efficiency of those geniuses would be 10 times or even more than 15 times that of Lin Yao. This meant that their results after one year of training would be akin to 15 years of training for Lin Yao.

'Damn! There is no way I could become a genius with lots of resources.'

At the same time, there were some geniuses who were good at fighting and some geniuses who had amazing understanding. The country would do everything it could to groom them. This was also another way out for civilian geniuses. Unfortunately, Lin Yao was merely an ordinary person.

After his experience during morning training, Lin Yao steeled his resolve to grow a young sapling, as that would be his foundation in this world.

The morning training lasted an hour. Each military boxing round lasted 10 minutes. One would get even more exhausted toward the end of the training. The group that had trained this morning was very young, but only less than 100 people had endured the training to the end. These people were already considered the strongest geniuses in Ninghai City.

"Forget it, I don't wish to watch anymore. Let's go."

After resting for a while next to the park to let his tired body recover, Lin Yao left with his younger siblings, Zhang Heng, and the rest.

When they walked through the gate of the park, several people from other dojos were standing by the gate. Upon seeing Lin Yao and the others, some beautiful female disciples came forward and handed them leaflets.

"Hello, our dojo is holding an event. You can receive the guidance of the warlord of the dojo for 1,888 yuan…"

Lin Yao found it a bit odd when he first saw the dojo disciples distributing leaflets as if they were shopping mall staff. When he'd first come to this world and learned that there were martial arts centers and dojos, he had thought that, like the martial arts sects in fantasy novels, the people from the dojos should be arrogant and proud.

Later, as he had learned more about this world, Lin Yao had realized that the people from the dojos were human beings as well and needed to survive.

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There would definitely be people at a supreme level in powerful dojos. Such dojos certainly had a big income. In fact, like the high-quality schools back then, one would need to pay a huge fee and have lots of connections to enter such dojos.

However, there were many dojos, and some were strong while others were weak. Even the dojos of the warlord level needed to attract newcomers, let alone other dojos.

"Excuse me, I'm a policeman. Your dojo has no certification. Please come with me."

Of course, the reason dojos of the warlord level had to attract newcomers had something to do with the country Lin Yao was in. The Spirit Energy Revival had brought about changes in the world's powers. In fact, in some places, the social systems had reverted to what they had been like in the past. Southeast Asia and some parts of Africa had reverted to the feudalistic system, according to which powerful people ruled the world and warlords controlled their own territories.

However, China was different. It had been somewhat chaotic at the beginning of the Spirit Energy Revival. However, as more and more powerful figures had emerged, especially in the army, the whole country had embraced the red banner once again.

With a powerful government, an army of 70 million people, an armed police force of 10 million, and various measures, China had once again become the safest place in the world.

In fact, if a warlord murdered someone, they would be convicted if there was conclusive evidence.

As far as street fights were concerned, the winner would be jailed and the loser would be sent to the hospital.

The most widespread type of fraud in Lin Yao's world was people who deliberately caused traffic accidents to demand compensation, which was a frequent occurrence in this world as well. A few days ago, the news had reported that an old woman had tried to use this same ploy on a warlord.

Such instances were a testament to China's public security. Of course, martial artists enjoyed a high status. However, although they might have certain privileges, they could not become rulers.

The key to the stability of China was none other than the 70-million army, the 10-million armed police force, the numerous marshals and generals, as well as the powerful figures guarding the city. These powerful forces were enough to crush any individual.

Many thoughts flashed across Lin Yao's mind as he casually took the leaflet distributed by the disciples of the dojo.

Lin Yao was not the only one who took the leaflet. Zhang Heng and the rest, who were at the back, accepted the leaflets as well. The dojos were very savvy. They knew that everyone who trained in the park was a potential user who needed a dojo.

However, after taking a glance at the dojo leaflet, Zhang Heng shook his head.

"Tian Huo Jue, majoring in the gold technique? Boo!"

Zhang Heng expressed his contempt and threw the leaflet away.

Lin Yao might have seen Zhang Heng, who was a civilian, showed his contempt for the gold technique many times, but the corners of his mouth still twitched.

Before coming to this world, apart from having misconceptions about dojos, Lin Yao had always believed that these techniques were very precious and that it must be extremely difficult to obtain them. He had been under the impression that in the beginning, one would only have access to the lowest level of techniques, such as those of the iron level.

Lin Yao had even been prepared to work for three years in exchange for an entry-level technique.

However, after coming to China, he had realized that he had been terribly wrong.

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