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6.17% I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart / Chapter 10: The Tree of Light

The Tree of Light - I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart - Chapter 10 by King of Torch full book limited free

Chapter 10: The Tree of Light

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The Kabbalah Tree of Life was Lin Yao's goal. Of course, what Lin Yao had in mind was not the entire Kabbalah Tree of Life. The West had not discovered this tree, and he might not be able to obtain it either. The closest to it was the Celestial Tree in the secret Heaven Mountain.

There were not 10 emanations and 22 paths on that tree, but an angelic consciousness slept on the Celestial Tree, and it was now considered a sacred tree by the church.

Lin Yao did not have access to the Celestial Tree. Every leaf produced by the Celestial Tree was regarded as a sacred object by the church. There were also some powerful and wealthy believers who bought them for worship. However, the price of each sacred leaf was over one billion yuan.

What Lin Yao wanted was the seed of the Tree of Light. The Tree of Light had evolved from ordinary trees surrounded by the aura of the Celestial Tree. Because the aura of the Celestial Tree was so powerful, all the trees in the entire Heaven Mountain were affected by the Celestial Tree and turned into Trees of Light. Besides, the church also intentionally cultivated them, which was why there were many Trees of Light.

This meant that it was more likely that Lin Yao could land his hands on them. More importantly, the Tree of Light was powerful. According to the information on the Internet, the Tree of Light could emit holy light. The leaves of the Tree of Light could also expel most diseases and cure most injuries. The church had been selling Leaves of Light and holy water soaked with a Leaf of Light.

'Right now, it is impossible for me to have the original leaves or the original seed of a sacred tree. However, I have the energy points and atavism might be possible for the trees. Therefore, the best choice is the subsystem of the sacred tree. The Bodhi Tree and the Hibiscus Tree might be strong, but there are no seeds left. The Big Locust Tree is easily accessible but too gloomy. It will be troublesome if it is bad for the body. The Tree of Light is the best choice. It has an extraordinary origin, and there is a possibility of achieving atavism. More importantly, the ability of the Tree of Light is very useful to me now. Even if I only have the ability of the Tree of Light, I can still make use of its healing ability to be a doctor.'

After making a decision, there were still other issues to worry about. Compared to the leaves of other trees, which cost hundreds of millions, the leaves of the Tree of Light were not very expensive. However, this was only when they were compared to sacred trees. Lin Yao still could not afford them.

'The leaves of the Tree of Light can relieve most diseases in the world and heal most injuries. This is a must-have for all households and the best item for traveling. Buy it now. One only costs 20,000 yuan…'

The Kabbalah Tree of Life was a legend, while the leaves of the Celestial Tree were sacred. As for the leaves of the Tree of Light, people made money by selling them. They could be purchased online and in physical stores. However, due to the miraculous effects of the leaves of the Tree of Light, every leaf still cost more than 10,000 yuan. This was a very small amount compared to other leaves, which cost 100 million yuan. However, as a high school student, Lin Yao still could not afford them.

'What should I do? Do I need to work to make money?'

Lin Yao first thought of working to earn money. However, he quickly gave up on this idea. It would take ages to earn the money. Besides, he was in his third year of high school, so he did not have time for this.

After frowning and pondering this for a long while, Lin Yao gritted his teeth and ran directly to his parents' door.

"Dad, Mom, open the door. I have something to discuss with you."

After coming to this world a month ago, Lin Yao finally understood that he had not taken over someone's life. This was the other him in the parallel world. Therefore, although his current parents and his original parents were very different due to their experiences, there was still some resemblance between them. Thus, it was natural that he greeted them as his parents.

"Xiaoyao, come in."

Lin Yao's parents were also martial artists and practiced every day for the sake of remaining in good health. However, there was a wide gap in their capabilities, so the family of five trained in different places.

It was now early in the morning. Lin Yao's parents had already been up for quite some time and were preparing to cook and head out.

"Why are you in such a hurry? What's the matter?"

"Do you need any money for tutoring fees?"

"No, the government has long issued an order to forbid schools from charging fees arbitrarily. I want to talk about something else."

Taking a deep breath, Lin Yao said with a hint of joy, "Dad, Mom, I have awakened."

As soon as he said this, there was absolute silence in the room. After a few breaths, Lin Yao's parents came back to their senses and suddenly stood up.

"Are you having a fever?"

"What fever? I have awakened. I have really awakened. Please believe your son. I have the ability."

"Have you really awakened?"

"This isn't a joke?"

The Spirit Energy Revival had brought about many changes. Due to the easy integration of spirit energy and the aura of living things, mutations often occurred in humans and various animals. Such mutations were mostly good and positive.

In the past, Lin Yao's talents, such as intercepting and retaining more auras than ordinary people, and his natural divine power had been considered a kind of awakening. However, the level of this awakening was very low. There was another type of awakening that referred to a person having superpowers such as being able to release flames or ice. Yan Yan was such an example. She was hailed as the Ice Snow Princess, as that was her talent. Lin Yao was thinking of using that as an excuse to get support from his parents.

He had considered it carefully before making the decision to reveal this to his parents. Firstly, he needed a valid reason to get 20,000 yuan from his parents. After all, this was not a small sum for an ordinary family.

Secondly, Lin Yao knew that after activating the Tree of Light, unless he never used it, he would not be able to hide his changes. In that case, he might as well just say that he had awakened.

Of course, after revealing his talents, he might also be targeted by others.

Lin Yao was not too worried about this. Indeed, destruction pursued the great, and people would usually target geniuses. However, this depended on the situation. If he was living in a chaotic dark world where superpowers bullied the weak, he would naturally conceal his abilities and only reveal his strength when he was powerful enough.

However, in the world that Lin Yao currently lived in… the country was very stable. In this country, even people who were at the king level could not dominate the world at will. Even warlord figures were wary of the 70 million troops and the 10 million armed policemen in the country. In this era, martial artists might have privileges, but society was still governed by the law. Therefore, Lin Yao did not need to worry about anything. As long as he was not foolish enough to provoke others, it was very unlikely that others would take action against him. Instead, the government, schools, and dojos would try using all kinds of means to recruit him.

After he sorted out his thoughts, he realized the obvious solution was not to hide his talents. Of course, Lin Yao also had his reservations. He would never reveal anything about his transmigration or collecting Avedha-vasa to plant trees.

Lin Yao had considered all this before approaching his parents. After recounting everything, Lin Yao told his parents that now that he had awakened, he needed the seed of the Tree of Light as a medium.

Lin Yao's parents did not doubt his words, as it was common for the abilities of the fully awakened to be strange and bizarre. Many of them required a certain medium to work.

The other reason they did not doubt him was that Lin Yao did not ask for money directly. He just asked for leaves. This could not be a deception. Besides, Lin Yao had never deceived his parents, so they naturally would not suspect him.

"Do you need the leaves of the Tree of Light? The better the leaves, the better they will be for you, right? We still have some money."

"I've just awakened. I don't know much about these things. It is better to be careful. Let's just get 20,000 yuan worth of Leaves of Light. We can afford 20,000 yuan. Any amount higher than that would be too much."

Lin Yao, who was afraid that his abilities would be useless, did not dare ask for too much.

However, as soon as he said this, his parents vehemently objected.

"What kind of nonsense is that? There is no shortage of money at home for your awakening medium."

"Don't worry. We might not be able to give you the best support, but we can still afford an awakening medium."

Despite how much Lin Yao tried to dissuade him, Lin Yao's father entered the house and took out all his money.

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Lin Yao was helpless yet moved at the same time.

"No matter how poor we are, we can't give up on education. No matter how difficult life is, we can't make our children suffer with us."

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