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Effendy City - I have a useless job in the apocalypse: Writer - Chapter 6 by MG_Makeiru full book limited free

Chapter 6: Effendy City

-Effendy City-

After leveling up, Luke went down to the kitchen to get something to eat.

He didn't know that writing can be taxing, so he did not bring any food with him when he started writing. He also didn't go down because there was some kind of force pushing him to his chair and can't stop writing until the final world.

He wasn't bothered by it though, he just felt hungry so he decided to check the refrigerator if there was food in them.

Just like a cue, Carter jumped out from God-knows-where, which really startled Luke. Luke then dropped the bottle of milk that he just got.

'Are you the living form of the system, you just pop anywhere in this villa.'

"How dare you broke that bottle!"

"It wasn't on purpose, Carte-"

"Don't you dare utter my name outsider"

Luke frowned at that one word 'outsider.' He knows that he is truly an outsider but he doesn't want to think that way since he considered Mark as his family.

Hearing the commotion downstairs, the ever so pee-master, Oliver unhurriedly walks towards the kitchen.

"What happened here?" Oliver asked even when he kind of gets the gist of what is happening here.

"He just bro-broke my favorite bottle" Carter broke into tears as he told what happened, obviously missing out on some parts.

'Crybaby' is the one word that came out of Luke's mind.

"This is one-hundred thousand bottles, how dare you broke it after buying that overly expensive crystal ball!" Oliver shouted at Luke.

'Liar and a cheapskate, truly a spectacular duo'

"That crystal ball that the bastard Mark bought is worth half a billion! HALF A BILLION and is just a one-use product and now you're adding another 100,000 debt to me~."

'Debt? I remember it was Mark's money since the business is already owned by him. How dare he say that I have a debt to him'

sigh~ what can he do.

Oliver must have a higher level than him so it's not advisable and probable to go against him.

He can only sigh in the end.

"Don't worry, I'll be able to pay soon" Luke said while staring at both Carter and Oliver dead in the eyes.



The duo of a clown looked at each other and proceeded to laugh hysterically.

"Hahaha, you got me there for a second"

"Haha, me also dad hahaha"

They continued for a second before Oliver asking.

"You? can pay us? haha, at best you can be a janitor of some abandoned village" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I'll become a hunter"

"You what?!"


(At the top of some building)

"So the new meaning of as soon as possible is now 10 hours huh?" A man released a chilling around the whole room that sent shivers to the 5 people in the room.

"Lord Gold, we were surrounded by the press, we only had this time to slip up. That's right, we were swarmed by the press. It was very difficult to get out. Please understand us." The 5 gave reasons and pleaded.

They continued to speak until Lord Gold let out an even more aura than before which made them fall to their knees.

"Are you suggesting that you 5, The Great Heroes of Humanity, can't even turn down the press, or just sneak out"

"Do you think I'm a stupid child!"

After a few minutes, the frightening aura began to slowly dissipate.

"We can't do anything about that now, right?" Lord Gold turn 180 degrees and proceeded to give them a pleasant calm smile.

If people didn't see what happened earlier, they might think that he is a very respected leader with good qualities. That's how frightening his sudden change was.

"I would like to talk about a certain hunter."

"Is it an experienced hunter that is gaining popularity now and might possibly ruin your image?" Jack asked with a pressured stoic face.

"No, he will just be turning into one" a slight smile appeared on Lord Gold's face.


A new day has passed, and Luke is planning to register himself as a hunter.

Luke wondered why Mark didn't come home yesterday, but he just shrugged it off and just thought that Mark was on a faraway business.

He then packed necessary things into his inter-dimensional storage ring that was given to him by Mark on his 12th birthday and called a cab towards the main base of the Hunters Association.

The Hunter Association's main base is located on Effendy, 7 kilometers away from the villa of the Hawks.

The Hawks wanted to be away from the city in case a dungeon outbreak happened again. It was located in an open area in the mountain.

'The city has really changed' Luke was wide agape as he stares at the luxurious infrastructures in the city.

During the 10 years, Effendy had made several advancements to their technology, and is all thanks to the beast material that has been harvested from the dungeon through the course of 10 years.

The former lawless danger zone has become one of the pillars of modern society.

'I'll do my very best to protect Mark and Effendy City with this newfound power of mine' Luke engraved the words onto his heart with an undying will.

The car slowly drifts away and finally arrived at a very tall building that was very similar to the Stark Tower.

Luke walks out of the cab and silently stared at the building with his eyes wide open.


After calming down, he proceeded to go to the entrance, and a female guide approached him and said,

"Good morning dear sir, Are you here to submit your quest?"

"No, I am here to register myself as a hunter"

'Register huh? If he's a teen and is just registering now and not 10 years ago, he might have bought that freakingly overprice crystal ball! I need to get him to my good side' The lady's eyes turned into excitement.

"Oh is that so young master? Let me personally register you as the manager. Let us go to the testing area" The lady's suddenly change into a respectful and adoring tone.

'She's the manager? I thought she was just a normal guide'

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