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14.34% I JUST WANT A PEACEFUL LIFE / Chapter 32: Advance to Roundel

Advance to Roundel - I JUST WANT A PEACEFUL LIFE - Chapter 32 by Alex_Destro full book limited free

Chapter 32: Advance to Roundel

While Angus lay in his bed peacefully without care of the world, Duke Victory returned to the Grand Palace. There are still a few days before the meeting at Roundel city.

However, the whereabouts of 7th-grade leaders are very sensitive. Because of this reason, the Heart king himself likes to leave without giving prior notice to the others.

Whether it is because of his antics to see the others panic about his sudden disappearance or to cover his tracks, Duke Victory feels the need to be on standby beside the king himself in case he decides to go right away.

Knowing his friend's behavior, the duke himself felt the need to arrive at the Grand Palace early in the morning.

Arriving at the Grand Palace, one of the shadow guards suddenly appears in front of him and gives him a letter before disappearing into the shadow. Noticing the letter has the royal seal from the king himself, he immediately opens it after breaking the seal using his own mana.

Inside the letter, there is only a single short sentence, "We depart now."

After reading the letter, the letter burns itself into ash. Then, Jacob continued his walk to the specific room inside the palace.

The room is heavily guarded, be it from the royal or shadow guard hiding inside the shadow. The room itself is enchanted with dozens of enchantments with a circular platform as the center. This circular platform is known as a teleportation device.

Arriving in the room, he notices a few men in white clothes preparing the teleportation device platform. The distance between the Heart Kingdom and Roundel city is very far. 

Even for a monstrous powerhouse such as a 7th-grade combatant, it will take a few weeks to arrive there. Unless they have someone proficient at space magic which is rarer than a 7th-grade combatant, they could only use this method for fast transportation.

Therefore to anticipate such a hassle in times of emergency like this, Roundel city is connected through any teleportation device to every important city, kingdom, tribe, and many more important places all over Firuman.

Using this teleportation device, the civilian society could gather at the roundel city at the moment of notice or even help one in times of emergency.

Still, teleportation magic is very complex. It needs to be supervised and configured by many experts before it can be used safely.

Especially the one that will use it in 7th-grade combatants like the king himself. The higher grade the person being teleported, the more unstable the teleportation device to work.

It is not wrong to say that this teleportation device has the same complex procedure as an international flying jet on earth.

Compared to the teleportation device that the duke has in his home is like a child's toy. Looking that the king himself still has not arrived, the duke only stands in the corner while looking at the expert to do their job.

He needs to make the expert not to send them into oblivion or unknown places. There are already many cases of misuse or sabotage from the expert team using the teleportation device to send people into oblivion or unknown places previously.

Because of this reason, no one in this world is underestimating a researcher, scholar, or other similar occupation jobs. Some kingdoms even regard these kinds of jobs as glorious jobs with high status.

Although the duke himself does not know the specific detail, he still knows few things about the teleportation device as a magician combatant.

In due time, the king himself arrived at the room. Noticing that the Duke was already waiting in the teleportation room, "Hahaha, I thought I would be waiting for a while, but it seems you already guessed my mind to depart early, my friend." said King Leon.

"Morning, my liege. I need to be always ready to escort you to Roundel city." replied the duke respectfully.

"Relax, Duke Victory, we still have some time before the device is ready." said King Leon.

"Pardon me, my liege. But, how about Marquis Leroy?" asked the duke.

"Oh, him. Well, if he still hasn't come after the device is ready, then we will leave him behind." stated the king himself.

After that, the king and duke continue their chat into various subjects while supervising the expert to work.

Both of them didn't pressure the expert as they know how complex it is to use a teleportation device for a long-distance like going to Roundel city, especially with someone of their caliber using it.

As for the experts, they were already used to this and not feeling any pressure for being looked at by the king and duke themselves. They keep checking and configuring the device professionally according to the procedure calmly.

A few moments later, One of the team experts notified the king himself that the device was ready to use.

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"Well, then let's get going. I guess it's unfortunate, but we need to…" before the king finishes his sentence, the door abruptly opens.

A man in ragged breath came in, "Huff.. Huff.. P-Pardon me my liege for my lateness." Said the man with noble clothes.

Looking at the ragged marquis in front of him, the king could only smile playfully.

"Alright, let's not waste any more time." As the king steps on the circular platform followed by both the duke and the miserable marquis.

Soon, the device rune starts to glow brightly before the three people disappear from the room. *ZING* *BZZTTZ*

The three people arrive at a similar platform but with different scenery. The scenery is very peaceful, with a thick mist of mana in the air. They could look at many huge trees around them.

If not because of some expert in the nearby area, they thought they arrived in the middle of the forest. They notice that all the experts are elven race with slim figures and pointed ears as their signature.

Soon, the three people step outside of the platform while the marquis has a pale white face and try not to vomit from disorientation. The disoriented feeling from the teleportation device is many times stronger if used for a long distance.

Then, a group of elves approached them. "King Leon of Heart Kingdom, Welcome to Roundel City. My name is Sylva Windspear, your guide during your stay at the Roundel."

"Please drink these to alleviate the effect from the teleportation device." said the leader of the group while his men brought a few glasses of blue liquid drink on the tray.

"Oh.. Then, I will pardon myself." as King Leon takes one of the blue drinks.

Alex_Destro Alex_Destro

"Prepare the umbrella before it rains" - Malay Proverbs

Enjoy the chapter.

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