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61.88% I just want to quietly draw comics / Chapter 617: I Just Want to Draw Comics Quietly

I Just Want to Draw Comics Quietly - I just want to quietly draw comics - Chapter 617 by Rak_MTL full book limited free

Chapter 617: I Just Want to Draw Comics Quietly

"It doesn't matter what the three works are. I will be able to draw their name drafts soon. What I want to ask is another question..."

Chu Yu said what he wanted to ask.

And wait until Chuyu tells you the general information about the three works, Dragon and Tiger, the monthly girl Nozaki-kun.

Zhao Qinyin and Su Lu, who were opposite Chu Yu, were dumbfounded...

Girly man?

Chu Yu wants to create a girly manga?

This is...what a damn!

"You're not kidding! You elm head, can you create a girly manga? Do you know what a girly heart is? Do you know what a girl chasing a boy, a boy chasing a girl? I'm sure you are with your girlfriend Together, it must be the other party chasing you......That's it.....Are you still a girl?" Su Lu directly turned on the taunting mode.

"I understand your mood, but"

"But... didn't Chu Yu ever create works like Miss Huiye? And in White Album 2, Chu Yu's understanding of love works is also very thorough, perfectly shaping a flesh and blood. The scum actor....Sister Su, who is...not good looking!" Zhao Qinyin retorted from the side.

But the more she said this, the more Chu Yu felt that she was changing ways to harm herself.

"It seems to make sense...but there is still a big difference between romance works and girly comics...!"

"Don't worry about so much, what I mainly want to ask you is...Is there a market for this type of work?" Chu Yu asked.

"How do you say this? There must be a market, but it's certainly not as big as Jojo's combat works, and love works... it's still too niche."

"Look at the two strongest companies in the Magic Capital Seven, Tianji and Water Hedgehog are both the main combat works, and the Japanese island's Jiniao and kc are also the main combat works. I am currently working for the HG comics. The company and two other comic companies are mainly engaged in this type of work... But the problem is that the scale is smaller!"

"If you can, you can conceive of some passionate combat works. Those works are easy to catch fire, while love works, especially innocent girl manga works... I remember whether it is inland or Japanese islands. There is no big fire...the comics with the main love story, even if there are fires, they are mostly male harem-like fires..." Su Lu said.

"That's it!" Chu Yu nodded.

No way, he had anticipated this possibility.

Whether it's the Dragon Kingdom or the island of Japan, the girl's love works are indeed sluggish, mainly because this type of work on the market is mostly typical of Marie Su's works, and the whole story is a work of seven or eight sons surrounded by a woman. .....It is said that it is a girl's love work, but in fact...... it is just a work by women against the harem, and the quality is not good enough, and the natural market response is not good.

"Otherwise, you can draw the name draft...let's try it?" Su Lu asked.

The words of Zhao Qinyin just now made Su Lu's heart move. After all, it is Chu Yu, a man who has created countless miracles...

Although Jiniao and kc are the two major comic companies that focus on combat works, they do not completely reject other types of works. Everything depends on the quality.

After all, even in a parallel world, the juvenile weekly jump, which focuses on passionate comics, will have serialized romance works.


Three days later.......

When Chu Yu brought the name manuscripts of each of the three works to Su Lu...

She was completely shocked.

First of all, Su Lu was watching the name manuscript of the monthly girl Nozaki-kun.

Although it's just a rough plot, Chu Yu also drew very seriously, and even the characters were drawn.... With a look at it, Su Lu looked at it with a sense of thieves.

Sakura Chiyo, who confessed to the male protagonist halfway through the beginning, was inexplicably thought to be a fan by the male protagonist... and sent her back an autograph.

In a hurry, he said that he wanted to be with him forever, but the protagonist Nozaki Umetaro responded.....

"Would you like to come to my house..."

In Chiyo's tangled and entangled emotions, considering that the two of them went to the hero's house just as soon as they confessed... Is it too frivolous Sakura Chiyo?

The manga artist's male lead Nozaki Umetaro arranged a four-hour background blackening job..... Then I discovered the male lead manga artist's identity.

Then... the most tragic thing is that she is really a fan of the hero's girl love comics.......and the hero just took a fancy to her drawing skills on the blackboard , I want to draw this **** sweet woman over to be my manga assistant...

At the beginning, there was a thunderstorm. The straight steel male lead was actually a girl manga cartoonist.......The angle was novel, and Su Lu was in the play in an instant.

Um, this plot......Su Lu looked at Chu Yu, that's right, if the Chu Yu girl comic is successful, this male protagonist will be Chu Yu's own prototype.

As for the girl who liked the male lead, she finally became the male lead's manga assistant...

Su Lu looked at Zhao Qinyin, who was watching the first chapter name of this comic next to her...her face...It's really red! It's almost the same as Sakura Chiyo in the manga...

Manga Assistant.....

This heroine Sakura Chiyo shouldn't be based on Zhao Qinyin's prototype, right?

And the female lead still likes the male lead...

real or fake?

Could it be that Chu Yu has been pretending to be stupid?

The straight man of steel is just his appearance, in fact, he is actually a sea king who understands women's heart very well and just pretends to be a straight man of steel?

Su Lu looked at Chu Yu suspiciously...

"Hey, Chu did you think of creating this male protagonist using you as a prototype!"

"Ha? I...prototype?" Chu Yu looked puzzled.

"What does this male lead have to do with me? Don't associate me with such a straight steel man...I'm a normal person." Chu Yu said with a look of contempt.

"..." Zhao Qinyin.

"......" Su Lu.

The two women looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief.

As soon as Chu Yu spoke, he knew if there was any...Looking like this, Chu Yu was still the same Chu Yu.

But Su Lu is sure that when I watched this manga just now, the inner drama of Zhao Qinyin, who is quiet on the surface, is probably no less than that of Sakura Chiyo!

The idea of ​​whether my mind was discovered by Chu Yu, and whether Chu Yu's drawing of this kind of comics is suggesting me something..., I will definitely come up!

Su Lu was inexplicable, and felt a little irritable, Chu Yu, this guy... Even if it was a coincidence, you also drew a prototype of me in the comics to let me check in!

But soon, her attention was once again focused on the comics...

But...It's really interesting, this monthly girl Nozaki-kun.

Although only the content of the four chapters, but almost did not laugh Su Lu... and this heroine, is too innocent!

Su Lu looked at Chu Yu...... cursed in his heart.

"Don't think about it so much...this is a manga depicting a female protagonist by a can you be in the play?"

Su Lu continued to look at Chu Yu's next work... Dragon and Tiger!

Soon, the rental house quieted down......

Thirty minutes later, Su Lu picked up the name manuscript that I really wanted to tell you........

Zhao Qinyin focused on Dragon and Tiger's name draft.

Another half hour passed........

Both Su Lu and Zhao Qinyin looked at Chu Yu with a grimace.

This it really a boy?

Is it really that straight steel man Chu Yu...

What's the matter with these three works?

Why is there such a faint touch after reading it......

Girlish heart!

I was really aroused by this guy's girl...

This is the charm of excellent manga, and...there are still three in a row.

After being moved...The two couldn't help feeling outrageous in their hearts...

These three works are only the first four chapters, and there is still not much fame...but the first four chapters of the three works start...compared to HG Comics. Nowadays, the attractive opening of the signature love animation is stronger than that of thousands of miles.......

Is this Chu Yu's strength? Even the girl's love works that don't seem to be related to him... can they show such an exaggerated talent? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Is it really purely based on imagination to describe the girl's mind so delicately?

Not to mention anything else, as long as the work can always keep the interesting level of the beginning......and can be serialized smoothly on the island of Japan......

Chu Yu will definitely have countless fans in this King of Romance, the manga artist who understands the heart of women the most, that is definitely not going to get away.

But... this is simply hilarious.

What knows a woman's heart best?

Does this guy understand?

Let alone the hearts of the two women in front of him, even in the magic city, how much can he understand the thoughts of his girlfriend?

Su Lu sighed.

"How is it? Does it feel okay?" Chu Yu asked.


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