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89.47% I Level Up By Scamming / Chapter 33: Chapter 33: Preparation and New Schedule

Chapter 33: Preparation and New Schedule - I Level Up By Scamming - Chapter 33 by Zenno full book limited free

Chapter 33: Chapter 33: Preparation and New Schedule

That day at night, Eric was about to commence his routine mind cultivation session, but he wasn't as efficient due to his mind's impatience and his thoughts being scattered. He was excited and slightly nervous about his new body training sessions starting from the next morning, because of which it was harder for Eric to gather his thoughts and cultivate his mind.

Initially, Eric decided to ignore this and still persevere with his mind cultivation, hoping that his thoughts would naturally align after a couple minutes passed. However, contrary to his expectations, even after about half an hour had passed, this disturbance still existed and was severely hindering his speed of absorbing mental energy.

Eric was slightly frustrated by this, but still didn't give up. This time, he actively forced his mind to only focus on absorbing mental energy and after a short while, he was able to get rid of the stray thoughts from his mind.

This wasn't a serious issue and Eric was able to resolve it within less than an hour just by focusing his mind; but it served as an example to him that the path of a cultivator is filled with all sorts of obstacles and distractions.

In the future, as his cultivation level increases, so will the intensity of the problems he would face while cultivating. Especially for him, as a Triune Cultivator, this would be an even more serious matter. It is common sense to assume that there will be a lot of instances in Eric's future where the three paths of cultivation will clash with each other; and if he isn't able to deal with them, they would lead to his demise.

Realizing this, Eric's concentration while cultivating his mind rose a little bit and he was able to go about the rest of his mind cultivation session without any hindrances.


Eric had just finished his breakfast and after thanking his mother, he ran upstairs to his room in order to get ready. He had about an hour before he and his father would leave for the Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group's headquarters. This one hour was the only time he had to prepare in advance for his training.

Eric had already come up with a planned routine as to how he would divide the time he had between the three sections of the training room and cultivation; and he started to revise it in his head as he took a calm, relaxing bath.

'I will be in the training room for about 6 hours per day, 7 including the half an hour of traveling to and from the headquarters.

Half an hour before leaving for the carriage, I will absorb a Qi Gathering Herb and cultivate my body till it is time to leave. Once I am in the carriage, I will also continue cultivating my body for the half an hour it takes for us to reach the headquarters in order to make full use of the Qi Gathering Herb, while also making sure that my body is in its best shape before I start the actual physical training.

Once I am done with my cultivation, I will start with the weight lifting exercises to train my strength for two hours, followed by testing it out and practicing it on the dummies for another couple of hours.

After I am finished with that, I will polish my movement and evasion skills in the obstacle course for the remaining two hours. With this, I will be able to make the most use possible out of my time in the training room.

Finally, before leaving for the house, I will absorb a Qi Gathering Herb and cultivate my body for half an hour in the carriage and another half an hour after I have reached home.'

Eric was quite proud of his plan and finished reviewing it right as he came out of the bath.

Since he was going to train his body and move a lot, he chose the closest clothes to modern breathable sportswear out of his impressive looking collection of medieval clothes.

After about a minute of rummaging, he found an outfit that suited his requirements: a set of black clothes similar in shape to a t shirt and track pants that were made of a breathable material, were a little bit loose to the point that they were neither tight nor baggy and generally suited his needs for sportswear.

He put on the clothes, looked at his reflection in the mirror and smiled.

'These are pretty much perfect.' Eric thought as he remembered that he had about half an hour left until he had to go.

Realizing this, he quickly took out one of the Qi Gathering Herbs from the abundant amount that he had and started cultivating his body. At this point, Eric was almost certain that if he ran out of Qi Gathering Herbs at any point, he could count on those kids to get him more. They were like regular customers of his little scamming business.

Time quickly passed and once Eric could sense the carriage nearing his house's gates, he quickly got up and made his way towards the main gate of his house. While doing this, he hastily bid farewell to his mother and reunited with his father, who looked slightly impressed seeing Eric's new clothes.

He could tell that his son was serious about this training by noticing how he even optimized the experience by figuring out and choosing what sort of clothing would be the most helpful while undergoing such training. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

A slight smile formed on Blake's face as he and his son both boarded the rather spacious and luxurious carriage.

Once in the carriage, Eric started to calmly cultivate once again. He had consumed the Qi Gathering Herb and didn't want to waste its effects for no reason. Blake, seeing this, didn't interrupt Eric and let him cultivate calmly until they reached the headquarters.

Normally, Blake would create a barrier around them if Eric started cultivating in public as the speed at which he absorbed Qi could catch the attention of some rather dangerous people, however, the luxury carriage that they were using already had a Qi Barrier in order to block and protect the people inside from being sensed and tracked by those outside. Due to this, Eric could cultivate inside the carriage even if it passed through all sorts of public places without being at risk of people noticing his astoundingly fast speed of absorbing Qi.

Eric, however, didn't have any idea of this and didn't even consider this possibility. He was too busy and focused on cultivating his body while traveling in the carriage.

Zenno Zenno

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