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1.0 Prologue - In the System Space before the First World

Hei Anjing is a person who is extremely lazy that he dies from excessive sleeping and never wakes up anymore.

It is unknown whether if he was dreaming or not, but as soon as he opened his eyes the surroundings around him is different from what he remembers. Hei Anjing looks around him and felt that the scenery around him feels familiar yet unfamiliar as his mind couldn't remember anything about this place. 

A land of ice and fire, his surroundings were either burned or frozen. No trees or houses just ice and fire as if the world itself is in ruined. But what caught his attention is not the weird world he is in, but the handsome man with his eyes close. The man's head was laying on his lap as if asleep yet there are ni sounds of breathing. This man is dead. 

Hei Anjing's arms were wrapped around the man's head as if cradling the most precious thing in his world. But unfortunately this man have a huge wound in his chest and the corner of his lips were trickling with crimson blood.

The person within his embrace is lifeless. Just by looking he knew that this person is dead. His mind blanked for a moment as he felt his hot tears were strolling down on his cheeks, but what fell on the man's face are red teardrops, this is clearly blood. His tears were made of blood. 

He wanted to wipe his blood tears which dropped on the man's handsome face, but his body is not within his control and then he can only hear his own hoarse voice saying, "I will not let you go. You will not die. Since this lord had chosen you. You shall be mine for this eternity!"

Hei Anjing tried to take over the control of this body but couldn't do so at all. He doesn't recognize the identity of that black haired man, but all he knew is that, this person is definitely his. He doesn't know what to do next and just stares blankly at this person's face.

Once he could feel his hand moving according to his thoughts, an unknown power pulled away his soul from that scene then his sight once again blackened out. This kind of interference is something he never expected to happen at that moment. He tried opening his eyes only to know that he is dreaming and that his head is dizzy. 

Opening his eyes from his slumber, what welcomed him is a black space of galaxies and stars. Hei Anjing was hugging a pillow, with no one knew where it came from, and placed it under his chin. Anjing hazily opened his eyes and rubbed a few times as his sight was still slightly blurring. He looked around his surroundings indifferently and his azure eyes remained emotionless on his beautiful face.

Anjing murmured while still half asleep. "Hm? Did I die in my sleep? (yawns~)"

Scanning around the space of stars and galaxies within that endless horizon, Hei Anjing saw that everything around him is a bizarre but was still able to accept it calmly. The aloofness within those eyes gives away calmness and confidence no one could underestimate.

His deep blue eyes remained serene but mixed with hints of calculation, and amusement. His true emotions were harder to see as there's always a cunning smile in the corner of his lips.

It was only when a small looming full moon floated before him that he reacted. Just staring at the floating ball like creature in front of him.

[Welcome to the System Space, Host. I'm System 0013 - you can call me the 13th Executioner.]

"The name is Hei Anjing. So did you took over my soul upon my death, Mr. Executioner?" asked Anjing with a sly smirk on his face.

[Answering to the Host: You are not dead yet, but you were captured. With the following required qualifications to clean up world plots as punishment. In short, the host's soul has been kidnapped by the Nether System for some unknown reason. Your mission is to kill undeserving Heavenly children of each world to avoid the complete destruction of the little stars.]

With an entertained smile imprinted on his face, "Hm~ so I need to clean up the worlds' beloved sons and daughters. After that you'll replace them, then reset the world plots when I leave that place. Is that it, Mr. Executioner?" replied Hei Anjing. His answer rendered his little system a bit speechless for a moment.

Clearly the short silence from that hovering moon signifies that his conjectures are correct.

"By the way, I'll just call you Exe for now while I'm still thinking of what kind of name you should be called." his mischievous smile says that he won't accept no for an answer.

[Yes, Host. Please be warned that you cannot kill them without removing their halo first. But aside from that the host is allowed to do almost anything. As long the host is able to destroy the main plot, then whether you kill or just remove their protagonist halo is enough.


There would be no point system like in other systems but the host is only allowed to choose three things in the system mall in every world and one free skill for each world.


There would circumstances which host will be able to receive rewards for some special tasks but since the host is considered as a prisoner by the Nether System there will be no regular rewards or such.]

"Anything regarding special circumstance like, will there be other outsiders like me which would entering in that world?" asked Anjing.

[Answering to the Host. Yes, there will be other outsiders but whether they are the host's enemies or allies will depend on the host and they can also be eliminated in that world if the host finds them and executes them on the spot.]

"In short, as long as I can kill the world's beloved protagonists, I can do whatever I want but if I fail, you're going to execute me yourself?" replied Anjing as he concluded the whole thing in few sentences.

[You are correct, Host.]

An amusing smile appeared on Hei Anjing's face as if the concept of failure which equates to death doesn't matter to him. He took a moment of silence while falling deeply within his thoughts and felt that something is wrong with his memories.

Except for the fact that he seems to have forgotten his origin and identity, all Hei Anjing could remember is his name and his abilities which is also sealed for now. He even doesn't know who brought him here nor where he was before he wakes up. All he remembers is the vague memories of him falling to sleep.

There are lots of blank spaces within his memories. Hei Anjing is someone who was born with high IQ and almost photographic memories which is why he knew that few of his memories were missing as there are gaps within. But he is also the type person who loves thrills like mysteries and unknown surprises which is why he didn't question that floating ball moon hovering before him.

Once his memories were thoroughly checked, Anjing raised his head to look at the hovering round creature before him with a mischievous smile though his eyes remained cold and indifferent.

The floating system shivered unconsciously but didn't know the reason why. In the end he just choose to ignore it.

[Would the host like to choose his free skill first?]

"I'll decide after I read the world plots. So how can I choose a world?" replied Hei Anjing as he saw a few small light orbs balls hovering all over him.

These small light orbs came over from that endless horizon and seemed to be stars. His system started the explanation for him.

[Host only needs to reach out towards the star you wanted to and check their world plots. After the host has chosen a star then this system will bring you over. Currently, the host is only able to enter rank F stars. But since this stars are either dying or recently born then instead of F ranks stars they are more like unranked ones. Those 5 small little dimmed stars can be chosen for now.]

The little moon sways over and the 5 little dim stars flew over in front of him and his host. The stars jovers around Hei Anjing waiting for him to grab the stars one at a time. Hei Anjing reached out to each little star to see the world plots.

[1st Star: Entertainment world

World Plot: The sun and moon twins, the protagonist shou is the most loved son between the twins. Love by anyone and cared for. Brightest and most attractive. The Film emperor, the world's protagonist gong cared for the protagonist shou the most but he doesn't dare to touch the sun afraid to taint it and so he chose to get the moon as the substitute.

2nd Star: Business world

World plot: The lazy legitimate son and genius illegitimate son. The genius illegitimate son wished to become legitimate and control his own destiny by taking the lazy legitimate son's place and replacing him.

3rd Star: Music World

World Plot: The King who abandoned his wife for his muse. Replacing his love for his desires, the protagonist gong threw his wife away for his love of music.

4th Star: Modelling World 

World Plot: To be the next Supermodel. The protagonist shou and protagonist gong wish to stand together at the peak and become both supermodels.

5th Star: Cooking World

World Plot: Capture the heart through his stomach. A cooking competition to capture the heart of the Protagonist gong.

Please choose one among these stars, host.]

"Well then. I choose the first star." replied Anjing.

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