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I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Urban 547 Chapters 28.5M Views
Author: KazzenlX

4.76 (5,805 ratings)

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Rule #4: You are not allowed to see your husband's face.
19 years old Davi, married a stranger whom she never seen at all to save her little brother. After marriage she found herself being bound with a certain mission.
Her mission is to seduce her stone cold husband who is never romantically interested with anyone and bear his child.


Instagram account: kazzenlx.x
facebook page: author_kazzenlx
Discord server: https://discord.gg/UGTA3A4

Current Editors/proofreaders: kraycee, lov3lamb, iamconi789


My other novels:
> I Hate You, Devil!
> My Future Wife is Androphobic
> Hellbound with you
> Spellbound
*cover belongs to me. arts by gisel.arts

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    I have one word to say! Just WOW!! I decided to give this novel a go when I read almost all the top romance novels here in web novel and couldn't find any other novel interesting! It went beyond my expectations. So far I've read 250 chapters and I just love it! Just dive into it if you are looking for a light hearted yet heart warning love story❤️ you'd just love all the characters be it Davi, Sei, Zaki, Hilari or Sei's subordinates. I find all of them super adorable! I was laughing and giggling like a cool while reading this novel😆 I've lost count how many times I went aww! It's just so adorable! Davi is bold and honest but at the same time innocent when it comes to love. Sei is terrifying outside but also innocently adorably clueless about love. It's a love story between these two where there's honesty, innocence, loyalty, trust and understanding. Every man needs a Davi in their life and every woman needs a Sei in their life. Just read it and I'm sure you'll agree with me. And of course everybody needs friends like Zaki and Hilari in their life! Their is no misunderstandings or love rivals as such it's just a PURE love story that you all wish to have in your life! Enjoy reading!

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    THIS IS MY THIRD TIME READING ** I LOVE YOU MONSTER ** and i still can't get enough of this story. I'm highly addicted to it. Its like this novel relieved my all stress and hurts. The characters never looked fictional to me. They are liked From our society. I just love this about ILYM that the story touches your heart & soul. Even though its my 3rd time reading this novel but now & than, i re-read my favorite chapters. To be honestly i fall in love with Zaki & Hinari... i love this couple ❤❤❤❤😍 But i really do adore our innocent cute family too😘😘😘 This novel will induces Cream Wafers dipped in Eclairs Ice-cream topped with jelly beans !! Get ready to have endless sweet cativities 🥰🥰🥰 and countlessly heart fluffy moments ❤❤❤ and surely ribs hurting laughter times 😁😄😅😂 Thank you Dear Author... you are angel ❤❤❤ sending you tons of love

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    The choice of language was awesome-- figurative but easy to understand. The story was sweet-- and the sweet description of their romantic scene sweetens it more. The twist was also clean-- well keep that it keeps the reader impatient to read the next chapter. The description of the background was easy to imagine. It was a spicy novel-- with all the emotions you cal feel from it, the story will make a mark on the reader. This story was beautiful as it also gives the spotlight to the second lead-- like a compilation of two love stories. The story was well written overall and it deserves a good rating.

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    LV 13 Badge

    One of very interesting novel I've read in webnovel so far...looking forward to the update. The story is written beautifully & creative. The story development get you in your nerve to know more abt the story..really2 recommended this to novel to all read. You wouldnt regret to give it a try...

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    I have always been told how ruthless i can bein giving criticisms about th e quality of people's work not my best quality as a friend! In regards to this book I find myself waking up and looking forward to reading the updates. To me the storyline is unique the characters are developing very well in a normal pace and the style of writing is light and enchanting. I love how easy and engaging the plots are. I Just wished there were more and faster updares. Thanks

    View 40 Replies

    A cute love story with a mysterious side as well... The story is mainly about how the FL tries to seduce...*cough cough* 😋😋 l mean she tries to make him fall for her but eventually they both start to have feelings for each other...😍😍 Although the ML is still hiding his true appearance l think it is a lead to some other mystery🤔🤔

    View 54 Replies

    It had been sitting in my library unread for a long time before I really read it. and boy was I disappointed... I'm disappointed with MYSELF!!! WHY DIDN'T I READ IT SOONER??? At first I only added it to my library because it's on my recommendations and when I saw the title, I thought the story is dark, and mysterious, and yeah, I even thought there'll be some BDSM included 😜😜 I'm sorry dear Author, I now realize how wrong I was!!! This story is CUTE!!! SUPER DUPER CUTE full of adorable characters! Especially the FML, Davi! She's such a sweetheart and I love her so much! Keep up the good work dear Author! Your story is amazing and I want more!!!

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    This story is awesome. It is a mixture of love, thrills, sadness, happiness, innocence, violence..... And the author maintain the correct ratio of each components and developing the story. No over dram, no over violence..... Perfect

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    I'm in love with this novel! It's unique and full of mystery. So sweet and innocent. You'll learn how to love. I highly recommend this novel if you want to just fall in love with the characters at the same the story. ❣️

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    Beautiful indeed 🙆🙆🙆everyone reading this would fall for it straight away. It totally has a lot of climax and very different from usual novel. I'm pretty sure people will surely get hooked reading it.

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    accidentally bumped into this and totally got hooked, overall liking the fuzzy light feeling this novel gives keep up the good job dear author 😉

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    This book is one of the best book in webnovel I came across. The author knows well how and where to make the twists and the most think I like about author is she is never beating around the bushes she exactly lengthen the topic to the necessary.And ofcourse the story is really fabulous and awesome work of the author. I myself suggest you all to read this book you will definitely not be disappointed.

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    LV 5 Badge

    Wow.. It's just wow... Like I was in a rollercoaster while reading this novel.. Funny., action, romance, etc.. Everything is here.. I'm impressed.. Keep up the good work..

    View 5 Replies

    The book is really great! The way the characters are designed and the drama between them and the way it's written is so addictive! I can't stop reading it no matter how many chapters r meant to be there, I hope this book doesn't end anytime soon and Im excited to see how it ends

    View 9 Replies

    5 star rate for devil sake! this is a very lovely novel, unlike other romance novel that their love story is freakingly boring that sometimes you want to Skip a Chapter because you cant appriciate the story that full of love rivals, misunderstanding, and a dumb girl that needed to be saved by her husband, but this one will make you smile and amazed how Sei is ignorant in romance but Davi will always saved the day.

    View 3 Replies

    I love this novel 💗 plot is unique and the story is very refreshing. Full of love among the characters with lots of comic scenes in between. Here there is no third parties, no heart wrenching moments. This a breathe of fresh air for all Webnovel fans. Worth reading beginning to end😍🥰😘

    View 8 Replies

    What a fresh novel ... one word to describe this book :CUTE🥰 .... Even though the story is set with dangerous background it maintains a serene feel with davi’s bright personality and sei’s innocence .. even the supporting characters zaki and Davi’s bestie gives a good touch of humour to the story. They say all the flavours should be balanced to bring out the best in a dish. Even if one flavour dominates or is lacking the dish looses its taste. This book Balance all the feelings and emotions making it one of a best kind of book. The characters development is what I like the most. All the best author for this wonderful book. Keep going 😇

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    The story follows a natural way of deceiving the reader. You can not stop reading because the excitement was killing me softly...my senses grew somewhat in the shoes of the two characters...ho mi gosh aa if I am a teenager...

    View 18 Replies

    Thank you author! Beautiful writing 💖 such an interesting unique plot story. Looking forward to reading more of the developments of the main characters.

    View 2 Replies

    This story is so whimsical and fluffy. Such a cute yet mysterious story. I love the silly characters and fun storyline. If you just want something light and fluffy, this is the story for you.

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    Author KazzenlX