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Chapter 73: Soaring to New Heights


'[Middle-Low Spirit Spell Core (Wind Variant)] has reached the MAX level.'

'[Spirit Energy Ascension] has reached the MAX level.'

'[Purified Spirit Energy Core (Wind Variant)] has reached the MAX level.'

'[Five Melancholy Spirit Spear] has reached the MAX level.'

'[Greater Form Morph] has reached the MAX level.'

'[High Rejuvenating Anima Creation] has reached the MAX level.'

'[Unyielding Spiritas] has leveled up.'

"Six skills," Aurus said to himself with glee. "I can evolve six skills right now, without worrying about others finding out my true strength."

To be honest, Aurus had the urge to evolve all of his skills before he reached the alliance's base of operations. But that would alert Herellia to his true strength, which would definitely shock in the instant she finds out.

In other words, when he was fighting against Connor...well killing him off in one shot without any method of retaliation, his power was still suppressed. Of course, he would not suppress his power for too long.

"Let's start with the ones that don't have choices."

"Evolve [Spirit Energy Ascension] and [Greater Form Morph]," Aurus commanded to the system. A few seconds later, these two skills were changed into better skills that had more overbearing names compared to before.


'[Spirit Energy Ascension] has been evolved to [Spirit Power Transcendence].'

'[Greater Form Morph] has been evolved to [Century Polymorph].'

Of course, with overbearing names like these, Aurus could not help but ask the system to show their information.

Ding! Ding!


[Spirit Power Transcendence] (Level 1/20)

Grade: S (Mortal)

SP, an energy that exists all over a being's surroundings. Formless, weightless, traceless, yet holds insurmountable power.

This skill allows the user to transcend their body's limits in terms of power, to the level where it would be considered unbelievable to others.

> Maximum power boost: 200% to all stats

> The skill [Limit Transcendence] has been created, allowing the maximum power boost to be increased by 150 percent, making the maximum power boost reach 500%



[Century Polymorph] (Level 1/10)

Grade: A (Mortal)

A Spiritas' Anima can take on many forms. One can be a branch, a tree, a drop of water, as long as it is not incorporeal, a Spiritas can transform into that form.

This skill enhances the user's proficiency in morphing into many objects and species, save for Animate level species and higher.

> Number of changeable forms: 100


"I wonder how high my damage would be if I fought against Connor one more time?" Reading the description for [Spirit Energy Transcendence], Aurus had a hunch that he could deal around 5000 HP or even 6000 HP damage with his weakest attack.

"Let's move onto the 4 remaining skills." Content with the new effects of the first two skills that were evolved, Aurus decided to move on, choosing to evolve the skills that were related to his SP.

"Evolve [Purified Spirit Energy Core], [High Rejuvenating Anima Creation], and [Middle-Low Spirit Spell Core]," Aurus commanded to the system. He then went silent for a bit before continuing, "For [Purified Spirit Energy Core], choose the option that focuses on purity. As for [High Rejuvenating Anima Creation], choose the option that bolsters my SP storage and regenerative capabilities as usual. For my Spell Core...now that I think about it, just evolve it normally."


Just like some sort of ultra intelligent AI, the system was able to choose the options Aurus gave it within the blink of an eye.

'[Purified Spirit Energy Core (Wind Variant)] has been evolved to [Supreme Purity Spirit Energy Core (Wind Variant)].'

'[High Rejuvenating Anima Creation] has been evolved to [Transcendent Vitality Anima Creation].'

'[Middle-Low Spirit Spell Core (Wind Variant)] has been evolved to [Middle Spirit Spell Core (Wind Variant)].'

Reading through the new names of the evolved skills, Aurus could not help but mutter to himself, "The system has a good choice for names, but it sounds something off of a ln eighth grader syndrome's fantasies."

He then shrugged his nonexistent shoulders and continued muttering, "As long as it makes me stronger, I don't care."

He then looked at the remaining skill left on the notification log that wasn't evolved yet. From a simple [Nut Shot], it was now a skill that could deal insane amounts of damage. His nonexistent eyes could not help but gleam whenever he used the skill, basking in the effects of its every attack.

"Evolve [Five Melancholy Spirit Spear]."


Not long after commanding the system, a screen where three choices could be seen, appeared in front of Aurus' field of vision. These three choices were all improvements to his current skill, yet for some reason, only one caught his eye.


Please choose the skill that [Five Melancholy Spirit Spear] would evolve into:

[Six Paths Spirit Ball (Special)]

[Five Elements Spirit Blade (Special)]

[Spirit Sword of Seven Hells (Rare)]


"A Rare skill?" Aurus was caught by surprise after seeing that he had the ability to choose a Rare skill. Since a Rare skill was multiple times stronger than a Special skill, it was natural that Aurus would discard the first two as a choice for evolution. He then said, "I choose [Spirit Sword of Seven Hells]."

After confirming it through the system, Aurus was greeted by a notification screen not long after.


'[Five Melancholy Spirit Spear] has been evolved to [Spirit Sword of Seven Hells].'

And just like before with the other skills, he opened up the skill detail screen, wanting to see its new effects.


Aurus hastily skimmed through the skill's description and instantly became appalled as this skill was basically the [Five Melancholy Spirit Spear], but many times better.


[Spirit Sword of Seven Hells (Rare)] (Level 1/20)

Grade: S (Mortal)

An offensive skill based on the seven true sins of Animates, it offers the user multiple combinations and immense flexibility in terms of attack style. Nonetheless, the lower the hell, the stronger the spell.

SP Cost: 20 SP (Sword of Greed), 50 SP (Sword of Lust), 80 SP (Sword of Gluttony), 100 SP (Sword of Sloth), 150 SP (Sword of Envy), 200 SP (Sword of Wrath), 250 SP to User's maximum SP (Sword of Pride)

Cooldown: 20 seconds (all sword cooldowns are independent from one another)

[Note: Mix and match, see what combination suits your need.]


"This is..." Aurus was at a loss for words, realizing that it was pretty much the same as the skill's previous evolution but with the flexibility of mixing and matching skills to suit his needs.

"I'll take a look at the effects of each individual sword later," Aurus muttered to himself before looking at his skill screen for a bit. Seeing that everything was basically evolved, Aurus left the secluded room he was in and left the building. He looked around for a bit and decided to shout out, "Horell!"


At the instant Aurus was finished shouting Horell's name, a silhouette that was larger than Aurus by a few sizes, appeared in front of Aurus, startling him a little bit. "You called?"

Taking a few deep breaths through his body, Aurus calmed his emotions and looked at Horell for a bit before letting out a cheerful aura and saying, "Could you take me on a tour through the alliance?"

Horell let out a cheerful aura as well before replying, "Sure, why not. I don't have anything to do since I'm close to maxing out, and I was the one who offered you this, so come and follow me."

Afterwards, Horell started to hover off the ground. Of course, Aurus did not hesitate to hover as well, noticing that his Spell Core's evolution gave him a way to hover whenever he wanted.


In a matter of seconds, the two of them wandered off towards the other buildings, with Horell acting as Aurus' tour guide.


Within the Tempest Cliff, a small cabin could be seen built near the edge of a steep cliff. Inside this cabin was a small wolf that had extremely hard and tough fur, yet its aura was incomparable to other wolves due to its immense innate strength.

At this moment, the wolf was currently looking through three glass orbs, noticing that one of the branches in one of the orbs was killed off by an entity.

The wolf could not help but click its tongue, muttering to itself, "It seems that the Tempest Branch Alliance has noticed my spy. To think that the new member they admitted was the one to notice him."

"I think it's time to hasten my preparations. Only I can be the sole owner of the Tempest Cliff."

TrueDawn TrueDawn

Was actually not in the mood to write this, but I can't leave you guys on a cliffhanger, now can I?

It might take a while before I post another chapter, I apologize for my erratic schedule.

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