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Chapter 14: Chapter 14

Author's note:This chapter is not going to be good since I suck at writing fight scenes, so sorry if you were disappointed and I have to balance my class as well as writing this so I really don't know if the fanfic is as good.

Matt's POV

I was looking at Anne the older sister of Victoria seeing her coming to kill Bella and me is not much of a surprise now I think about it, she loves her sister greatly and she was the one who turned her sister.

She lived a happy life (Killing and drinking human blood without care) with her coven until Volturi decimated her coven she was supposed to have died while the only victoria escaped and Heidi was recruited but it seems she escaped and her power is different she can feed on any emotion love, hate, anger....etc and boost all her passive abilities her strength, speed, dexterity....etc.

I looked at her and acted confused and said, "You look like an older victoria that means you are her sister or just a lookalike."Anne smiled and replied, "Yes I am her sister I came to kill your sister Bella we used Laurent as bait for the wolves, and don't worry my friend will take care of your sister."

I nodded and said, "Now let's get this over with."Anne replied with a smirk "Don't worry I won't make it quick."

She sped towards me I was seeing her slow motion because of upgraded spider-sense from victoria I took my laser dagger and easily dodged it and stabbed her in the back.

Anne who felt the stab was in pain and was alarmed and jumped away to make a distance between us. She looked at me and said, "What even if you are a newborn my strength and speed should exceed you greatly."

I smirked and replied, "What do you think I am stupid to tell you my ability and You can't escape now since I made sure of it."

I made force around the place with defense drones and I could have killed you easily where is the fun in that.

Anne turned serious and said, "You still think you can win I will show you."Anne was using her ability she boosted all her passive abilities and sped towards me to punch me in the face.

I must say if that punch connected then I would have my head disconnected from my body that is if I am a normal cold one. But she was still too slow to fight me I once again dodged. Then I just did back kick which made her crash into a tree.

I saw she kick mostly connected her arms which she brought to defend, it had cracks all over it if I kicked her at that spot again that arm will get broken for sure but it regenerating fast. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I asked Anne innocently "Anne do you think I can win now."

My only thoughts while fighting were "I am playing with my enemy too much but insta killing them seems boring."

Anne got up holding her hand which was in pain and yelled, "You little twerp when I get you I will make your death very painful."

She seems to use just her strength and speed no technique nothing. She once again sped straight toward me again she was moving in slow-mo I just sped toward her did side back kick which connected to her stomach I felt her skin crack and she was sent sliding back.

I asked Anne sarcastically "What happened were you not going to make my death painful."

She was in pain but got really annoyed and while coming towards me now tried to kick me before she could try I just kicked her right in the chest she was thrown back but managed to land on her feet.

I was just smiling at her as we fought which seems to make her angrier. It is mainly because of her ability she is still in one piece, I am a hundred percent sure if it was a normal cold one they would have broken to pieces from my punches or kicks.

She is able to withstand that because of her ability even if it is not making indestructible it still protecting her.

I really admired her during her human life she sacrificed many things for her sister's future or safety but after she turned she killed without care even children were killed and drained by her. It is because of this her coven was destroyed by the Volturi since they were bringing too much attention.

My bracelet turned into the harbinger in scythe form from RWBY as she sped towards me to me she was too slow I easily dodged her punch and slashed her arm off. I just twirled the scythe around while whistling.

She was scared now she tried to run but found herself hitting a forcefield.

Once Anne found out there is no escape she gave a last-ditch effort try to kill me and escape thinking the force field will go away if I die, again she tried to attack me but she was having difficulty with just one arm I just shook my head and then deflected the punch with the handle of the scythe the slashed her other arm.

I made her paralyzed she could speak, feel, and hear.I slowly walked towards her still twirling my scythe Anne learned she could not move from her place I could feel fear from her she yelled at me "What did you do to me why can't I move."

I replied to her with a sadistic smile "Secret and You came after my family so how do I kill you that is that is big question torture you then kill you or just kill you quickly so hard to choose I think I will go with the first."

I slashed her legs off with the scythe. Her upper body just fell to the ground while her legs were still upright.

Anne who hearing all this started to beg me "Let me go please I would not come after your family again"I read her mind it is a lie.

I looked at her with no emotion and said " I am very ruthless against anyone who tries hurts my family and I am a supporter of gender equality so be it a man or women they are dead, even if it is the Volturi will burn if they try anything."

I used pain indument on Anne who was yelling"Please make it stop make it ...stop... please..."

Then I brought her broken legs and arms then placed it all together with some wood I gathered then just threw a lighter into it she was screaming but couldn't move to put out the flame she burned to death.

The harbinger changed back to a bracelet.

I murmured to myself "This is too easy in the fight I only used taekwondo moves and my scythe to just to cut her I didn't use any other martial art moves or any powers until the end that's really disappointing."

But I did notice one thing I am stronger and faster than normal newborns is it due to my ability I wasn't sure.

I walked to find Rosalie was with Bella telling me I was alright after calming her down a little I saw a fire burning I looked at Rosalie and asked "So I guess you took care of him."

Rosalie just shrugged and replied, "He was not that tough."

while I told Rosalie I will see her at her house since I have to take Bella back home.

Rosalie just whispered in my ear, "I will be waiting."When heard that I grumbled under my breath "Why is this girl teasing me so much its already hard because of my enhanced emotions."

I took Bella home she went straight to dad who was with Harry and told both of them "In the woods there, not bears."

Dad cut in and asked, "What do you mean in the woods, and what were you doing out in the woods."Bella once again continued "No they are wolves huge wolves."

Harry Clearwater asked Bella "Are you sure about that Bella."Bella replied to harry " Both Matt and I just saw them they were after something."

Dad was skeptical and asked me "Matt you saw them"I replied to Dad" I didn't see them I only saw Bella in the clearing."

Dad looked at Bella and asked, "Bella did you actually see wolves."Bella just nodded her head.

Dad asked Harry "Alright well harry do you like to go hunting getting some guys together."Harry replied reluctantly"So..yeah I will just."

I followed harry who whispered to me"How did she find out."I replied looking at him"Three vampires entered the territory one of them tried to kill Bella but Sam's pack arrived that's when she saw them Rosalie and I killed the other two."

It was night time I was about to go to Rosalie's place when I Arthur alerted me about Jacob being below Bella's window. I saw him throwing stones at her window and Bella opening it.

Bella seeing Jacob asked, "You scared me What are you doing here Jacob that too at night time." Jacob cutting in saying "Backup I am coming up."Bella tried to warn him but when he tried to enter through the window and the idiot got tasered and fell to the ground groaning in pain making enough noise yo easily wake dad up.

The guy couldn't escape like Edweird since dad who came out hearing the sounds also Bella quickly shut the window and turned the lights out. I heard Bella whispering "Let him face dad's questioning he is on his own."

I saw dad seeing Jacob question him why he is here that to half-naked and what is he doing at night time that to below his daughter's room. I was smiling seeing this.

while I was going to take my car and go I saw dad as I said: "Dad I will be at Rosalie's place."

Dad nodded his head I went past him I heard dad saying "Please use protection."

I blushed and nodded my head. Then I went to Rosalie's place just to spend the night there just don't ask what happened. The next day I was making breakfast for a change my cooking is good Rosalie came to eat breakfast.

[Author's note:I saw a lot of people asking for lemon, I will try but no promises okay]

Rosalie asked me curiously "Who was that vampire that you fought yesterday."I replied looking at her "She was victoria's older sister she was sent by Victoria to kill Bella, Laurent was used as bait to lure Sam's pack away but Victoria doesn't seem to know about me turning into a vampire or you still being here."

I read Anne's mind to see that she only found out I was a cold one once she got here.

Rosalie nodded understanding I told her with a smirk "I found another idiot like your brother who tried to get into my sister's bedroom through the window."Rosalie curiously asked "Who."

I looked at and replied grimacing "Jacob black the guy's obsession is really getting on my nerves even your brother stalked her its mostly because of finding her being his mate added to that he couldn't read her mind even then I found it creepy."

Rosalie replied to me "You told me your sister is rejecting all his advances and even then he is still pinning after her."I looked at Rosalie sadly smiled and said "The guy just doesn't seem to take the hint."

I only thought "Can't say I am surprised after changing into a shapeshifter and knowing about imprinting, Jacob tried to forcefully imprint on Bella. That's not how imprinting works you can't forcefully imprint on a person."

We finished our breakfast we were on our way to school when I got a call from Sam telling me about Bella found about shapeshifters. I told Rosalie to go to school taking the car I then went to Sam's house from what I know they will probably bring Bella here I reached there to be greeted by Emily "Hello Matt I am sorry Sam is not home right I will call him if you want."

I replied smiling at her "Don't worry Sam called me he will probably come soon."

Emily just smiled and went to bake for the pack.I saw Embry and Jared who was bringing Bella who saw me and was surprised and asked "So you know about them being werewolves."

I replied to Bella "Yes known for quite some time."I then saw Embry and Jared eating their food while Emily who saw Bella said "So you are the famous Bella swan Matt's sister "

Bella smiled and said, "So you are Emily Matt spoke about you and Sam."Emily smiled and replied, "Yes we just got engaged."

I smiled hearing that they are moving at a good pace it seems imprinting really makes it easy for both of them to understand each other's feelings.

I told looking at Embry and Jared "So you took care of Laurent right."Embry smiled and replied, "He was easy."

I could see Sam others coming inside I told looking at everyone "Don't become overconfident you guys are fast as them I will give you that but they are stronger than you and some have special abilities so be vigilant okay."

Just like moody says constant vigilance.

Sam and everyone except Jacob just looked at me and nodded while Jacob spoke up "The dreads guy was easy to take out."The rest of the pack groaned at Jacob's arrogance.

I looked at Jacob and said, "You think every other vampire is the same as Laurent then you are an idiot there are many with extra abilities out there who can kill you, and don't forget you took out Laurent with numbers not alone so don't be so arrogant about it."

Sam looked at everyone in his pack and said "What Matt said is true we have to be careful about it we took this vampire out because of the extra numbers and we didn't capture the redhead victoria she escapes us every time from what Matt said her powers basically help her easily evade us."

I saw Jacob take Bella out and explain about the shapeshifters. I saw Sam come towards me and asked " I heard you took down a vampire as well" I replied," Yeah so how is Jacob doing."

Sam said with slight anger in his face"He is really a pain to deal with sometimes tries to resist my order.I really don't like to force them other follow since they know the situation, but Jacob seems to focused on Bella too much even when I told him she is Edward Cullen's mate he just ignores me."

I sighed "I will alert you If he tries anything funny but expect a broken hand or something on Jacob."Sam just smiled at that and went to Emily.

I saw Embry and went next to him and asked "So how are you dealing all this shapeshifter stuff."

Embry just smiled and replied, "Its good at least I am doing something for the tribe."I looked at him with a sad smile Embry's mother is from Makah Tribe. He was believed to be an outsider until he phased his real father is Joshua Uley Sam's father.

I asked him "Ever thought about who your father was."Embry replied with a sad smile "I know I can be half brother of Sam, Jacob or Quil. But I never thought about him I just think about my mother that's all."

I just sighed at that and was going outside but something bugged me when looked into the past I saw Taha ki did have spirit walking ability and his body was stolen but someone helped him become a shapeshifter he didn't become one on his own like the legend spoke but I just can't see who it is there is a mist covering that memory.

Same with the cold ones I saw the first cold one was powerful and his ability makes him really dangerous, but I can't see who created him it's the same mist covering it.

I was thinking about both the cold ones and shapeshifters "The cold one was made by someone they did not develop on there own same with the shapeshifters someone helped them become what they are now. I guess I will find out who it is in time."

Bella came back with Jacob I told Jacob I will go with Bella he didn't have to worry about her. He was definitely annoyed by my interference. Also, Bella seems happy about going with me than Jacob.

As we were going back in her truck I asked Bella "So Jacob told about being a shapeshifter right."Bella replied while still looking outside "Yes it is crazy in a sense but I should have guessed it Jacob had told me about his tribe descended from wolves and Cullens were being the enemy tribe and all."

I can see she is looking at the cliff diving area at the end of the forest I mentally thought "So she is gonna try and see Edward by cliff diving she is going to do something dangerous again, I will have to rescue her just before Jacob gets her."

I saw dad and harry going to hunt the wolves through my spy probes I saw victoria on one of the trees.I know harry dies here but even if I save him he still dies of a shock seeing Leah being the shapeshifter or even if makes his heart-healthy he still dies killed by Riley, It is better for him to die like this.I saw harry getting lifted by victoria then rescued by Sam who chases after her with the rest of the pack.

I sighed whispered to myself "It is best for him to die like this, the route is harry dying from a heart attack seeing Leah transform will only lead to Leah blaming herself for her father's death."

I was alerted by Arthur that Bella is going to the cliff diving location I sped towards there with Rosalie going after Victoria to help the pack.

I saw her jump I looked down and thought "What is this girl doing."I jumped after her seeing she is drowning I saw Jacob jump but I was able to get her before him and bought her to the shore and performed a CPR Bella who spits out water in her system looked at me.

I looked at Bella and said with slight, "You know sis you seem to go after trouble, and please don't do anything stupid like this again."I mentally thought knowing you this will happen again.

Bella replied not looking at me "I just wanted to do cliff diving."I rolled my eyes at that and asked "Really or is it seeing Edweird."

Bella was crying and replied, "It still hurts I just see him when I am in danger I always wish for it to be real, I know Rosalie stayed back for you but he just left me saying I am not good enough."

I did not want to see her crying looked at the beach said, "I don't know what you are going through since Rosalie stayed back but Edweird didn't leave because of you not being good enough it is because he feels strongly that if he turned you you would be a soulless monster barred from heaven."

Bella seems to be relieved to know Edweird didn't leave her because he felt she was not good enough for him. Bella replied, "So that is why he won't turn me."

I know Edweird is not against turning Bella because it is more about his religious belief that vampires are soulless and cannot enter heaven after death. Its nothing to do with her not growing old and seeing her father or friends die or Even like Rosalie who believes she will never able to have a family of her own.

I saw Jacob looking at Bella I caught his attention by saying "I will take her home you can go back to your pack now."

Jacob stubbornly replied, "I will make sure both of you reach home safe."I looked at him as he's an idiot and said "Did you forget I am a vampire."

Jacob reluctantly nodded but his thoughts were saying he is going to follow us anyway.

Sam mentally contacted me saying "Harry had a heart attack he did not make it."I replied to him immediately "I will come by soon."

I sighed while I took Bella home I could easily tell Jacob is following us in his wolf form through the forest. When I reached home I told Bella I will come back soon I went to meet Harry's home I saw billy all of the pack members where there everyone gave me a nod of acknowledgment.

I saw Leah, Seth, and Sue clearwater crying seeing harry's body. I could have saved him but the other route is crueler to Leah causing the death of her own father is worse.

I saw Billy coming towards me I can see his legs are getting better he asked me "Could you heal him as you did with me."I sadly replied, "I cannot cure death it is not possible."

I gave my respects to Harry and then told everyone I am going home everyone just nodded there head as I went home I saw Alice was asking Bella "How are you alive"Bella was confused and asked "what ?"

Alice replied to Bella "I saw a vision of you jumped off a cliff why would in the hell would you try and kill yourself, what about your father and Matt."

Bella replied "I didn't try to kill myself. I was cliff jumping."

Alice who saw me asked, "Matt what is with your sister."I just shrugged as replied, "I have no idea what goes through her head."

I heard Alice who was sitting with Bella tell her "I have not met anyone more prone to life-threatening idiocy ."I muttered, "You can say that again."

Alice looked at me and asked, "How did you not stop her."I replied to Alice "I was watching for Victoria and."

Bella asked in a hushed tone "Did you tell him."Alice sadly replied, "He only calls once every few months he said he wants to be alone."

Alice rubbed her nose and asked, "Bella and Matt what is that god awful wet dog smell on you guys."I replied to her "It is mostly the shapeshifters from the Quileute tribe."

Alice nodded in understanding and said looking at Bella seriously "Bella, Matt can take care of himself but you have to be careful around them if they lose there to temper it is really dangerous."

I saw Jacob enter the house and spoke up "Speak for yourself."Alice turned around to see Jacob. Bella sighed in resignation while alive said "Well I am not gonna hurt her."

Jacob sarcastically replied, "No you are just a harmless Cullen, no I am talking about the other bloodsucker who came after Bella because of you."

I said glaring at Jacob "Don't act all mighty here even if Cullens did not get involved with Bella the other bloodsucker as you call her Victoria would have come for her so shut up."

Alice looked confused and asked me "Victoria."I replied, "Yes she sent three vampires after Bella me already."

Alice looked surprised and said, "I didn't see her,I didn't see past you either."Jacob angrily replied, "Are you blaming me don't get me upset things are going to get very ugly."

Bella looked at both Alice and me to give her space to talk to Jacob while Alice went outside. I went to the kitchen I could hear their conversation but soon I heard Bella telling Jacob to stop I sped toward them to see Jacob trying to forcefully kiss Bella.

I punch the bastard with just enough force to break his teeth and he fell on the ground holding his jaw. Alice suddenly came yelling"Bella it is Edward he thinks your dead, Sarah told Edward why I came here."

I told Bella rubbing my head in irritation I really wanted to avoid this drama "That call must be Edward."Bella started yelling at Jacob who now stood up told: "He didn't ask for you."

Bella was now angry replied, "I don't care."Alice grabbed Bella to get her attention then told her"Edward is going to the Volturi he wants to die too."

I mentally told Sam "Sam we have a problem Jacob's obsession just got me angry and I just knocked a couple of his teeth out for trying to forcefully kiss Bella."Sam mentally replied with an angry tone "What is that idiot doing I had told him to go back home I am going to call Billy about this."

I send him a memory of the event Sam was angry as hell I had to warn him to make himself not to phase.

Sam mentally told me "I can't really see any fault in what you did."I replied seriously, "Just make sure to look after my dad while I am gone you can enter the Cullen territory if you want."

Alice sped towards her car I had mentally asked Rosalie to come who reached here as well went to the car I saw Jacob following Bella telling"Bella he left you he didn't want you anymore remember."

I stopped him there and said, "Don't talk about stuff you don't know about Edweird even if it was an idiotic and stupid reason he left Bella thinking he is protecting her and not because he didn't want her otherwise he wouldn't just go die just hearing about the news about her supposed death."

I then went to sit in the back seat with Rosalie while Bella sat in the front with Alice. I saw Jacob try to stop Bella again"Please Bella just stay here for Charlie for me, I am begging you."I saw him telling this with few of his front teeth gone. I had a hard time keeping my laughter in.

Bella who just told Alice to go.

Alice then went full speed to the airport, I saw the plane we were boarding virgin really that's the airline's name. As we were going Rosalie was next to me while Alice was next to Bella trying to calm her down.

Rosalie asked me "You are going to meet the Volturi are you ready for this."I looked at her and nodded "Yup."

We reached Italy I really don't know how Alice got the porchse but the situation demanded I so I was in the back seat with Rosalie who was holding my hand guess she is worried. I asked Alice "How many visions have you seen about Bella and me."

Alice looked confused but replied 3 visions I nodded can I read your mind to see them lice nodded her knowing I had my reasons to do this. I saw all 3 visions one of them was Bella seemed to have just turned and walking into the sun with her skin sparkling while Edward was in the shade.

I made sure to hide the one which showed my abilities I made sure Rosalie also had her memories related to my abilities hidden, let Aro guess what my power is and I am sure my powers will be revealed soon so let's scare the hell out of Aro. I was in my own thought s when I heard Alice tell Bella then looking at us "They refused him."Bella asked looking confused "So isn't that a good thing"

Alice continued "He is going to make a scene show himself to the humans."Bella looked worried looked at Alice and said "We have to hurry."I was seeing the Volterra in person for the first time.

We reached inside as Alice was telling how Rosalie or she couldn't go anywhere near Edwerid since he will just think they are trying to fool him Alice gave Bella and me directions to where Edweird will do his strip dance.

I saw Bella running without a clue I just shrugged can't she just ask me to find the building for her.I just followed her as she was running through the crowd I saw Edweird striping his shirt off I saw the child turn to look at him I quickly turned the kid towards me and asked "Do you want a lollypop."

The kid just smiled and nodded her head I gave her one I had she replied "Thank you, mister."

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