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97.33% I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel! / Chapter 72: Father Rutger's obsession

Father Rutger's obsession - I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel! - Chapter 72 by Take_the_Moon full book limited free

Chapter 72: Father Rutger's obsession

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Rutger had been ecstatic when he heard that his enemy had committed suicide, it was as if a great weight had been lifted off his back. Now young Giovanni would be unprotected and could be his so that he could indulge his obsession to his heart's content.

Of course, the most important thing is that no one would know about his dirty secret of being used as a "woman" by Levi Mulder. That was his biggest shame and humiliation.

However, Rutger, who had momentarily sated his obsession, started to feel guilty, so to feel better about all of this, he placed all the blame on the poor young man he had raped, accusing him repeatedly that he was a seductive slut and that he had looked for it.

Of course, Rutger's joy had lasted very little, since hours later Bishop Darcy had taken Giovanni into the room and who knows what they had done alone in the Bishop's room.

Rutger Hendrik can only grind his teeth in anger and be afraid of a possible retaliation that Bishop Darcy could do because he knew that Giovanni was a bitch who would use his body to convince the Bishop to punish him.

He had more hatred and envy than really fear, at the end of the day Giovanni was just a novice at the bottom of the clergy food chain, so he believed that his crimes at most would generate a slight reprisal from the church, without real punishment.

Of course, Bishop Darcy could retaliate using the power of his family or his contacts within the clergy, but as long as Rutger returned to his own country things wouldn't go very far, after all, Giovanni was just any novice without a powerful family for the back.

Rutger was actually feeling uneasy that another man had his object of obsession. What would they be doing? Was Giovanni willingly giving himself over to Bishop Darcy? Would Giovanni moan with pleasure for another man?

Just to think that Giovanni might have been amusing himself with Bishop Darcy when the other had cried and begged for fear of Rutger himself, the exorcist priest felt even angrier, hateful, and envious.

So when Giovanni and neither Bishop Darcy left the room the next day, Rutger, at the height of his madness, went to look for Bishop Caruso for breakfast. Of course, Rutger didn't speak in a straightforward way, but he did talk to the other bishop as if he had accidentally talked about a "big secret".

It wasn't a secret that Bishop Darcy had taken Giovanni the day before, as the young bishop did it so haughtily, but Rutger spoke as if Bishop Darcy was taking Giovanni to sponsor him in exchange for sex.

Bishop Caruso, who was jealous of the young and successful Bishop Darcy, couldn't help but despise Bishop Darcy's supposedly light-hearted attitude in shamelessly taking a young novice to his room for sexual pleasure, even more so to promote this shameful young novice to higher positions.

Which showed that the prestigious Bishop Darcy was just as dirty as anyone else in the clergy, but he was hailed as an unnamed saint by the common people, especially in the Aurore Empire.

Even the Pope could only give praise to the young Bishop Darcy, which caused much concern on the part of the ambitious Cardinals who wanted to assume the papacy seat in the future.

"I think, if we show how this novice is a bitch who wants to take the easy way up the church, Bishop Darcy would definitely stop supporting that person," said Rutger as if concerned about Bishop Darcy's reputation .

Bishop Caruso wasn't an idiot and knew that Rutger just wanted to destroy Bishop Darcy's toy, even though he didn't know the reason for this. Bishop Caruso thought for a moment about the rumors circulating among the priests about Father Rutger, soon coming to the conclusion that Rutger was a hypocritical and wicked man, who tried to use him to attack the most prestigious young bishop.

However, Bishop Caruso was also that type of malicious person, so it wasn't difficult for the two men to come up with a plan to "reveal" Giovanni's true colors.

In fact, the plan was simply to break Bishop Darcy's toy and see the prestigious Bishop's look of disappointment and anger.

Watching a powerful person become impotent is a pleasure in itself, the pain that person feels cannot be vented and he could only observe.

Unfortunately for Rutger, everything was ruined by the coming of demons, who knows where these things came from. It was the first time that Rutger Hendrik had witnessed demons so bold that they invaded sacred territory, the worst of which was lack of exorcist manpower since most were on missions outside Matheus Abbey.

Of exorcists there were only 3 priests and Bishop Darcy who were formally exorcists and had the necessary power to banish demons from Matheus Abbey, of course, Rutger didn't know that there was a portal for demons in the abbey, so even if the demons were banished it would only be temporary, as they can return through the portal.

Father Rutger was asked to go to church with Bishop Caruso to try to get rid of the demons who dared to play in the sacred temple, which was quite funny considering the whole context and origin of the demons.

The other two exorcists were scattered around the abbey, one was leading the priests in the garden that had been set on fire by a rather odd lightning bolt that suddenly fell. The other exorcist was with the Abbot taking care of the important files so that no accidents would happen.

The holy knights who had shown up for dinner were allocated to laboratories, libraries, weapons storage, and the training ground. In these places, there were many important things and if something happened there would be a lot of damage to the abbey.

The situation was quite chaotic and they thanked the storm for appearing so suddenly, as this would avoid attracting the eyes of strangers to the mess of the abbey.

They didn't suspect that the demons were also responsible for the strong storm and the lightning that hit the garden. If they knew that the demons were the cause of the storm, they would most likely spit blood and pass out. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_16201814205167505/father-rutger&apos;s-obsession_53306123138161662">!_16201814205167505/father-rutger&apos;s-obsession_53306123138161662</a> for visiting.

They would probably go insane if they found out that the agitator of all this was actually the prestigious and just Bishop Darcy, who had a contract with a greater demon.

"Why doesn't the Abbot call Bishop Darcy?" Father Rutger asked the other priest who was taking him to the temple.

"Bishop Darcy is an honorable guest, moreover, the Abbot didn't want to owe Bishop Darcy any more debt," said the priest with a shrug. He was just a simple priest so he didn't have much of an opinion about it, but as the Abbot gave orders not to call Bishop Darcy, he could only move on with exorcist Rutger.

"As a guest at the abbey, can't we invite him to help us?" Rutger asked calmly, even though he was angry in his heart because there was a very big difference between him being invited and Bishop Darcy being invited!

Like heaven and earth, Rutger felt that the abbot treated him as if he were a small stone and Bishop Darcy as if he were an unreachable cloud in the sky.

"Others came to invite him, but he said he was not going to get involved. He said it would be bad for him to get involved because he would have to report this event to his superiors in the future. That would be very bad for our abbey's reputation, so no one else went to ask Bishop Darcy for help, "said the priest with a sigh. He actually admired Bishop Darcy, because he knew how to use his power and influence to do what he wanted.

Although Bishop Darcy wasn't lying or making excuses, the priest knew that if Bishop Darcy wanted to help, he could keep it a secret. The priest understood that Bishop Darcy wouldn't help because he had nothing to gain from it, be it fame or monetary value.

The priest didn't feel harmed or hated Bishop Darcy, he well knew that things in the church were that way. The good people of the church worked in missions and dedicated themselves to the people, the people who stayed in the abbeys and temples only worked for their own personal gain.

Rutger thought about how Bishop Darcy was a hypocritical person and was no different from himself, even his taste in young people was similar to his. This did not bring relief to Father Rutger, but only more hatred against Bishop Darcy and anger at Giovanni.

"If I catch this bitch again, I will take him with me to my country. So I want to see how he will dare to seduce other men in front of me! " thought Rutger angrily, but showed only an exterior full of seriousness and concern.

His madness was well hidden and his obsession was also well camouflaged, for his handsome face and honest look.

Take_the_Moon Take_the_Moon

Hello dear readers!

How are you all doing today? I hope you are well and healthy!

Thanks for the comments, reviews and support!

Ohhh, me around here again!

Still in the crazy mind of the original villain ...

As I said, you don't have to feel sorry for this villain, even though he has a "reason" for being so bad.


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