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100% I Was Discovered by the Villain / Chapter 3: Chapter 03, Her Goal Is To Live Quietly (1)

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Chapter 3: Chapter 03, Her Goal Is To Live Quietly (1)

Translator: Lay

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Selena smiled awkwardly as she picked up the fallen sword. Numerous eyes were glued to her back.

"Next!" The officer shouted, taking the sword from Selena's hand. Selena stumbled back with an expression of helplessness. Her steps are accompanied by eyes. There was also a ridicule similar to mockery.

Some people were surprised to hear the name 'Celestine Evan'. This is why they were very curious about his skills because he was the son of Simon Evan, who was called the Dragon Slayer. However, the skills he showed were poor. It looked like he had never even held the sword itself before.

Evan's skill was just Evan's.¹

The trainees and officers quickly regained their interest in him.


Selena, who felt the eyes that reached her were decreasing, breathed out of relief. Then she flutters on the sand. And wipe off the cold sweat that had formed. Anyway, it's not a knight exam, but sge won't be alienated just because she took it in mess.

They ordered them to train more...

The prospect of intensive training made her dizzy, but Selena did not regret the act of missing the sword. She's sure she would have done the same thing again.

'Is he gone?'

Selena quietly turned her head. She looks where the Prince Ignis stood. Fortunately, Ignis wasn't there. More and more she let out a sigh of relief and swept her chest down.

Before taking the exam, Selena was looking around and found Ignis standing at a distance. Of course, this is her first time seeing him. However, he could immediately notice that he was Prince Ignis. This is because his outward appearance was as described in the book.

[Ignis was a man who resembled the dawn.]

There is no description that fits better than that. Selena admired Ignis' red eyes and silver hair with a transparent atmosphere. Even though they were far from each other, the eyes he shot were cold. It stung like the sun shining through the cloudy sky.

So she was scared.

Those eyes must belong to the 'villain'.

When looking at the contents of the book, Celestine stands out for his outstanding skills after enlisting, but he is discharged without being promoted. Then he entered as a mercenary, which was Ignis' strategy. A plan to become a savior after putting Celestine into a corner. As a result, Celestine falls into Ignis' cuffs and becomes his right hand.

Celestine, who has done all sorts of good things like that, is killed by the male lead after three years.

In a way that suits the end of the villain's supporting role.

Selena collected her saliva again and swallowed it.

Therefore, showing off her sword skills right now is an act of suicide, it was just like she was trying if he will catch her. So Selena intentionally missed the sword. In order not to catch Ignis' eyes. And, fortunately, her idea worked.

Ignis left, and she established herself as a 'nothing to see' to others.

'Good thing.'

Selena muttered.

Shame is a moment. It would be good in many ways to avoid people's attention because she looks like this half-penny². To avoid Ignise's attention, nor to find out that she is a woman. Let's get training as if we are quiet and not there, and then get discharged.

Then she won't have anything to do with Ignis, and there won't be any trouble. Selena made up her mind again.

She'll really, really, really live like a mouse!

Please let me live quietly.

She wished so eagerly.

* * *

"Next!" In a relentless shout, the trainee grumbled and walked backward.

'What's wrong with him?' was a murmur stuck in Selena's ear. Selena laughed as if they were ridiculous.

'I wasn't able to hold the sword properly in the first place.'

Selena pulled her legs together and put her chin on her knee. All the trainees were a mess. There were many commoners, so she couldn't help it, and so she couldn't keep her eyes open.

It is natural that the sword is not properly caught, but there were also cases where the sword was dropped like Selena. Even if you look at it yourself, it's a headache, so what about the instructors?

'What a pity.'

Selena expressed her condolences to the instructors who had already been queried under her eyes.

Selena, or Seo Eun-ha, was a prodigy among the prodigies who had been holding a wooden sword since she was young. As soon as she went to college, she was chosen as the national representative and went to the world championships.

How would she be because she was born the daughter of Simon Evan, the hero of the Empire?

Her natural talent and her knowledge were combined to create her swordsmanship skills. She affirm that no one can compete with her in this empire and win. Selena, however, had no intention of showing off her skills.

Of course there's also to keep Ignis out of sight, but that wasn't all. She just wanted to live quietly. It would have been different if money had been at stake, not to be caught in a dangerous situation, not to be caught in a woman's way, but the salary of a knight was not high. In this world, except for the imperial knights, knights were more like poor pay profession.

That amount of money was enough to buy and sew. Of course, there was a downside of having to work day and night, but it would be better if you thought of becoming a knight and taking the risk.

'I'm a soldier anyway, so I'll only have to endure until my salary comes out and I am discharged.'

Selena thought as swallowed a saliva that had been stuck in her mouth.

"Celestine Evan."

At that time, she heard a voice calling for her. Selena quickly raised her head. The instructor, who was rummaging through the papers, was in front of her eyes. Selena cleared her voice with a small cough. She try to answer in as low a voice as possible.

"I think you're inexperienced in dealing with the sword, so I'll pick you up as an archer. Please go over there."


If it's archery, it's her weakness. Selena shook her head.

"I have never shot a bow before."

"The opinion of the trainee is not important." This unsettling culture. It is also like this here. Selena get up with a frown.

"But I want to handle the sword."

"You want to handle the bow, but it sounds like you can't do it often."

"What?" But the instructor didn't back down.

"It sounds like you want to, but you can't I'll give you a chance to practice more often."

"No, no. I only want to deal with the sword!"

"You want to improve both the sword and the bow? All right. You'd better go into the archers and practice swords later."


"Your attitude to learn is very good." The instructor poured out his words and left. Selena looked at the back of the instructor with dismay.

"Here and there, the superior still got my ass kicked." But she didn't hold the instructor back. Because she know. She mean, it won't work anyway. It is also annoying to refute.

It didn't suit her aptitude to assess that she couldn't. If she just do it, he'll probably stop asking for it. She thought so and stepped toward the place the instructor pointed. There were dozens of bows and arrows there.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" Selena lifted the bow. An awkwardness preceded the unfamiliar touch.

"Shoot at me, Evan."

"What?" Said the instructor who had approached. Selena shrugged in surprise.

"The arrow is here. Try shooting at the demonstration." Suddenly, Selena frowned even more.

"Today, it's my first time holding a bow."

"Your attitude to learn is very good."

This crazy guy is really.

Selena clenched her fist. Remembering what she had seen at the archery field in the past, Selena set an arrow on the bowstring. Then pulled the bowstring tight.

"You have too much strength in your shoulders. Please relax." She relaxed as he said. "No, you take it too much." She gave it strength again. "You take it away too much."

What is she supposed to do?

Selena swallowed a rising curse.

"Stretch your legs further... That's really good. Aim for the target."

She focused her mind on the instructor's words. Her arms were trembling. It's so hard to pull the bowstring. Selena thought and focused on the target.


The arrow flew away with a crack in the air. But it didn't fly towards the target. It just flies away, high up in the sky.


Selena stared blankly at the arrow.

"I'm sure I've aimed it in a target..." Looks like she have no talent in archery. Well, it's okay. They say that a genius in one field is a mess in another.³ Selena tried to console herself and bowed down.

"I think you need to practice a lot. I will teach you thoroughly from tomorrow." The instructor shook his head and said. Then he pointed his finger at the point where the arrow flew. "Please pick that up."

"... What?"

"Please pick that up."

Holy shit.

Selena touched her forehead.

"Comes in 5 minutes. Go!" It is a great humiliation in her life. Selena ran and bit her teeth.

* * *

"I shoot far from the left..." Selena grumbled and scratched the back of her neck. From day one, she felt like things were going wrong. She was caught in the eyes of two instructors.

It was a real headache. It wasn't scary to be scolded or disciplined. Didn't she go through a lot in her previous life? She could endure as much as I could. But...

'What if I gets noticed in some way?'

She didn't like that. It was a situation she didn't even want to imagine. And if she do something wrong, she might find out that she's a girl. Selena glanced down at her chest.

No matter how skinny she is and how much she looked like Celestine, their basic bone difference was inevitable. She was a woman in military uniform. Now everyone doesn't look at each other closely, so even if they do, they don't know what's going to happen afterwards. She should have been as unnoticed as possible. It was an essential task to separate from one's own annoyance.

'It means that at least I should maintain to be on the average.'

Selena sighed.

Celestine, just come back. I'll kick your ass.

"Where is the arrow again?"

The place where she was confident where the arrow was is a place where only thick bushes grows and is behind the training ground. Finding arrows at places like this was like asking for a needle on the sandy beach. Selena rubbed her hair and looked nervously around. The object was seen. Found it. Selena walked quickly.

"I can't find it because I'm in this place..." But her words couldn't be finished. This is because someone was standing right in front of the arrow. "....." Selena blinked without saying anything. She will, too, because the person she encountered was a person she could not imagine!

"You are..." The man squinted his eyes. It seemed to be looking at Selena's face. "Celestine Evan." A person she never wanted to meet.


He was standing in front of her.

Why, why?

Selena was frustrated.

Didn't she promise not to meet him just an hour ago?

Didn't she make up her mind that she wouldn't stand out. But what the hell is this? Even if things were twisted, it was tightly twisted. Perhaps today her luck seemed to be the worst. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Sir Celestine Evan. Is the name I remember correct?" Whether or not he knew Selena's innermost thoughts, Ignis smiled and asked for a handshake. Selena quickly dropped her head down.

There has been a rule of etiquette that you should never make eye contact with the royal family without permission. Even in this situation, she is worried that some will fly away⁴. She gave out a self-help laugh.

"That's right. It's an honor to meet you, Your Imperial Highness." Selena shook Ignis's hand.

"Did you know me?" Ignis asked back with astonishment. Selena quickly let go of his hand she was holding.

"Uh, far away, I saw you coming back from the battle against the Phenoch Kingdom with tye Victory Ceremony."

"It's been three years since the Victory Ceremony. Do you still remember that? "

Of course it's a lie.

Why is he asking so many questions?

Selena quickly rolled her head.

"Your Imperial Highness's eyes are so outstanding. How could I forget that?" It's okay to say something in her mouth, if she can overcome this situation. Selena repressed her impatience and swallowed gulp.

"Haha, you didn't look like one, but you're really good at jokes. Raise your head."

"... what?"

"You will raise your head. Shouldn't I have to take a look at Sir's face too?" Selena is reluctant, but forced to raise her head. And then, SGE faced Ignis face to face. She saw Ignis up close and he had a much better appearance than she had imagined.

His large, long eyes with red eyes were sharp, but at the same time, they were moist, and his tall nose was smooth enough to draw a curved line. His contrasting red lips with his pure white skin felt fascinating.

What about his soft silver hair?

All his features were so perfect, so beautifully combined.

Selena was amazed at his unrealistic appearance, realizing again that she was in the book. However, it was not a situation that she just need to leave alone. Ignis was the villain in the book and the villain of this life. If she doesn't hold on to her mind, she'll lose her neck.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

Selena calmed her chest and lowered her eyes again. There was a lump in her mouth.

"I saw you on the test site. I couldn't look at yoy closely because I saw you from afar, but in the ball, you also have an outstanding appearance. Ladies will not let you go."

She doesn't think that's what he's talking about. Selena swallowed her innermost thoughts and was silent.

"Yes, you're Evan's son."

Her father must have been great. Everyone she meet is surprised when they hear Simon Evan's name. However, in [Song of the Moon], a short explanation of one or two lines ended. This means that he was executed for Celestine's sins. Selena nodded silently, organizing her thoughts.

"How's Evan doing? I owe him so much that I wanted to thank him, but he suddenly quit and I couldn't find him." Selena stopped breathing at the moment. She couldn't answer easily.

How can she answer easily?

Evan, Simon Evan, the hero of the Empire, became a dementia patient and did not remember anything. Selena tried to calm her heart. She forced a smile on her lips.

"He's... he's doing well. I'll go back and say hello."

"The door of the Imperial Palace is always open, so please tell him that he can come anytime."

"I will."

"Thank you." Ignis said so and grabbed Selena's hand again. It was so sudden that Selena was surprised and forced to look up at him again. "Sir Celestine Evan." He squeezed Selena's hand.

What, what's wrong?

Selena shook her eyes like a squint and put tension in it.

"Suddenly you conscripted, and you'll be overwhelmed in many ways. I know it's going to be hard for you, but I know you're going to do your best for your country. If there's anything you need, I'll do everything I can to help you."


Did he try to say such words of encouragement?

Selena released the strength she had on her shoulders. She didn't want to admit it, but Ignis was kind. Selena slowly glanced over his face. There was a soft smile on his lips. His half-folded eyes were armed with tenderness. That skinny face, that soft expression, didn't seem to be telling a lie. Selena now softened her tension and laughed little.

"Thank you. I will try my best."

"And," Ignis curled up his lips, patting Selena's back of her hand. "I definitely want to see the skills of the lord." Suddenly, a phrase describing Ignis in [Song of the Moon] came to her mind.

[He was a snake wearing a bell. Gathering prey with a gentle sound of bells.]

"You'll show it to me one day, right?" And at this moment. She had a very strong gut that she had become his prey.



[1] Evan's skills was just Evan's.: The Evan here was Simon Evan. It means Simon's skills aren't inherited but innate (something like that) and out of their family, only he has those talented skills.

[2] she looks like this half-penny: she looks insignificant

[3] They say that a genius in one field is a mess in another.: e.g. If you're good at household chores, you're bad at cooking; if you're good at Math, you're bad at Science

[4] some will fly away: the words that she made an eye contact with the Prince might spread.

[5] conscripted: enlist (someone) compulsorily, typically into the armed services.

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