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84.61% I Was Murdered And Got Everything I Wanted / Chapter 22: Chapter 022: Preparing For An Attack On The Town

Chapter 022: Preparing For An Attack On The Town - I Was Murdered And Got Everything I Wanted - Chapter 22 by SixSenses full book limited free

Chapter 22: Chapter 022: Preparing For An Attack On The Town

Bec opened his eyes and was in his old room again. He looked around and saw the skinny man open the door to his room and walk in, closing it behind him.

"It's good to see your alright."

"What would have happened within a day?"

"That could have not been the case, there is a chance of an attack."


"To be more precise, a raid. Multiple hordes of monsters will be storming the town, most likely tonight."

"What?! Does anyone know?"

"Unfortunately no, the reason why I was glad to see you unharmed was because there's the chance that a scout could have attacked you."

"Ah, I guess I can't sense things around me as of right now. That could have been bad, but then again I should have been fine with the others being with me."

"Yes, but I don't know how strong the enemy is. There is a chance that you could have been overwhelmed."

"Do you know why they want to attack the town?"

"Most likely for supplies and food, the people of this place would take on the role of the food."

"Is there any way we can stop it?"

"You seem to be putting some care into this town, I thought you hated this world."

"I do, I wouldn't care what happens to this place, but the people I'm close with probably would."

"So if you got them out of here, would that suffice?"

"I don't know, I would obviously put their opinion into the equation."

"So you're doing everything solely for them. It's definitely interesting."

"What? What's interesting?"

"You really have no guilt for anyone else. I can feel it off you…Maybe your a monster yourself…Or even worse, a demon."

"Like I'd care, I just want to go back to my world. Once I'm back I can go back to my original self, while I'm in this world I don't care what I have to do to get back."

"Okay then, will you protect this town? Or will you leave it behind to save your friends?"

"I'll consult with them first. This just has to happen while Mono's missing…"

"If they want you to protect the town, do you think you can rally people together?"

"Everyone hates me because of my rank, I'm lower than a peasant."

"Well, you have your friends who are of higher status, can't you work with that?"

"…Yeah, probably. But if anyone finds out I'm the one who set this up they'll probably refuse to help thinking I'm making it up."

"Then find a way around that too. It's quite a simple task for you. I have no doubt you'll be able to succeed."

"…Haahh…I guess I'll give it a shot. They're attacking tonight right?"

"Most likely."

"I guess I'll go talk to them."

"I'll hope you choose the right choice."

Bec closed his eyes and when he opened them again he was in his current room, Melle sleeping right next to him.

"Hey, get off."

She began to be shaken awake and afterwards began stretching.

"Hm? Oh, sorry Bec…Habit."


"Ah! Uh, uh…Please forget you heard that."

"…Is that why've you been waking up earlier then me this whole time?"


"Whatever, I need to go meet up with Houmard and Eris. You need to come too."

"Oh, okay!"

Bec and Melle began to get ready and walked out of the house.

'This is way earlier then when we normally meet up, I need to tell them as soon as possible.'

Bec began walking towards Eris's manor to go and see if he could get her to come out. He couldn't be seen or else he would probably be put to death for attempted break in.

"We're going to Eris's manor. I may have to break in but I'm sure she'll be fine with it."

"Eh?? Why are we breaking into her house?"

"This is too early for the to go to the meet up spot, so I'm getting Eris so we can later use her to get Houmard. You're not going inside though, two people would make it too hard."

"But you could use my mind reading and hearing."

"…I don't know, I'll make a decision when we get there."

They walked through the town, hardly anyone was awake yet, the sun was barely up to where it sometimes made it hard to see what was going on.

"I have a question."


"Wouldn't it be easier to get Houmard first? He shouldn't be as heavily guarded."

"If we got him first we wouldn't be able to get Eris, he may be of higher rank but nowhere near enough to be allowed to take Eris out of her manor this early in the morning."

"Oh…So this is the only way we can get both of them?"

"Yeah at least to my knowledge."

"Won't this be hard without Mono to help you out?"

"Yeah, if I had Mono I could just teleport straight into her room and then teleport her out."

"I suppose that's true."

They eventually reached the manor of the Lanets, there were two guards stationed outside of the front entrance. He pushed Melle to a place where the guards would probably not hear them. He began speaking in a quite voice.

"Start reading my mind, nod or shake your head whenever I ask a question. We need to limit our noise as much as possible."

She nodded her head.

'Okay, we're going to look for an unlocked window, if we can't find an unlocked one we'll see if there's a way to get in from below the manor.'

She nodded again and they began to search the windows too see if any were unlocked. As expected they were all locked.

'Okay, plan B.'

They walked to the back of the manor where there was a small deck and enough room to crawl underneath it.

'You're probably going to get dirty.'

She nodded and they began to crawl through a small opening underneath. He crawled on the cold ground until he reached a space that was damaged and had enough room for him to squeeze through. He was now under the floorboards in some area of the manor and began to push up on them until he felt Melle touch his shoulder.


She held out her left hand and used her right hand to demonstrate a walking motion.

'Is someone about to walk by?'

She nodded and waited until they heard footsteps above them. As they slowly began to fade away Bec began to push up on the floorboards again until they became loose and he was able to look out. He was in a hallway with three doors on both sides.

'We're climbing out now, notify me when someone's coming.'

She nodded again and they crawled out. He went straight to one of the doors and opened it slowly. There wasn't much inside, just a bed, desk, chair and dresser. They seemed to be made out of expensive materials.

'Guess I should have expected expensive things in a rich person's home.'

He opened the rest of the doors, looked inside, closed them again and went to the turn at the end of the hall.

'We're still good, right?'

She nodded and they turned the corner. Eris wasn't in any of these rooms either. They continued searching until they finished the entire first floor.

'Her room is probably on the next floor, can you hear anyone up there?'

She nodded and then they made their ways to the stairs. They climbed the stairs that led to the second floor and she tapped his shoulder and pointed to their right.

'Someone's coming this way?'

She nodded, Bec began to look around for a hiding place and saw a cabinet type desk. He grabbed her hand and they crawled inside. They waited for about 30 seconds until they heard more footsteps pass them and then waited for another 30 seconds to make sure the coast was clear. They crawled out of the cabinet and continued going in the opposite direction the person had just went.

'Is there anyone else coming over here?'

She shook her head and continued to open doors and look inside. They continued doing this and had a few close encounters with more people who were inside the manor until they eventually reached the room that had Eris inside. He walked up to her while Melle kept watch, she was still sleeping.

'Please don't scream…That'll make my life unnecessarily hard…'

He reached out and began to shake her awake.

"Hey Eris? Can you wake up?"

She began to groan and slowly open her eyes.

"Please don't scream, it's me Bec."



"…Wait, why are you here?"

"Long story, sorry but we kind of broke in."

"Huh? We?"

She looked behind Bec and saw Melle keeping watch by her door and Melle began to wave to her.

She then looked at Bec again, still with the half asleep look on her face.

"Why'd you come here?"

"I don't want to explain it right now, we need Houmard to hear it also."



Melle began to do a soft yell and he turned to face her.

"Someone's coming! It's Eris's father!"


"His thoughts are saying he's going to talk to Eris."

He turned back to face Eris with a panicked face.

"Can we hide under your bed quick?"

"U-Uh yeah!"

She lifted her sheets to reveal the underneath of her bed where Melle and Bec slid under. Eris then through the covers back over to hide them underneath, soon after Ichigose Lanet came into the room.

"Ah, you're already awake. That's quite the surprise, you tend to sleep in most of the time."

"What is it?"

"Now is a good of a time to tell you then ever, we're going to need you soon for the trial against that Betas."

"Betas? What do you plan to do with him?"

Bec realized what he was talking about. It was the trial that Mono had told him about.

"We're holding him on trial, we'll just need you to say a few things…Around the premise that he tried to kill you, I mean I kno-"

"He never tried to kill me!"

"Yes we know that, but we've uncovered evidence through writings made by that Betas."


He through a stack of papers at the end of Eris's bed. She picked them up and began reading through them.

"These are fake."

"Hm? What makes you think that?"

'No! Don't say you know me! That'll ruin an awful lot!!! If she blows her cover that we're actually friends…Just please don't!'

"If it was something important like killing me, why would he write them down? Wouldn't he want to leave as little evidence as possible?"

"He needs to put assassination plans somewhere."

'…Wait, I'm 7 years old and they think I'm an assassin? Are children actually more terrifying here than I originally thought?!'

"Then wouldn't he put it in code?"

"He's 7, as well are you. Do you think he has the mental capacity to think to put his plans in code?"


"Oh? And why would you think that?"


'Welp, she's gonna blow it. This is just great…'

"Because he is smart, he wouldn't overlook something like this…Not to mention that when it's something he doesn't want people to know about he writes it in some strange writing."

'Ah crap…'

"That's why I believe it to be fake."

"From what you just told me, it sounds like you know him personally…Is this the case?"




"Answer me! I will not allow my daughter to be close to a nobody! Why would you even think of getting close to someone like that? And you think I wouldn't realize?!"

'Wait what?! He knew?!"

"I guess I should have expected you'd find out eventually…Yes, Bec and I are friends."

Ichigose hit Eris in the face leading her to fall off the bed.

'Hey! Ugh, I guess I have too!'

He lunged out from beneath the bed and kicked Ichigose down. Bec then jumped on top of him and hit Ichigose's head into the floor making him go silent.

"I doubt we have much time. We're jumping out the window."

Eris turned to face Bec as he walked towards the window in Eris's window.

"Wait, what?! Why are we jumping out the window?!"

"There's something more important and this just ruined my plans."

"Your plans?"

"Yeah, there's going to be an attack on the town by hordes of monsters. I've been told that it's most likely tonight."


"I can fully explain later."

He opened the window and looked outside at the ground that was directly below it.

"You can heal broken bones right?"

"Y-Yeah…Wait! You intend to break your legs?!"

"No. It's just a precaution, if we break our legs it'll be hard to get around."

Eris fell silent as Bec began to put his legs outside the window.

"Let's go."

He jumped out and when he landed he broke his legs. He began to try and not scream but it was extremely difficult to do so. He then looked up and saw Eris looking out the window.

"I-I'll catch you so you don't get as hurt!"

Eris nodded as she began to put her legs outside of the window. She took a deep breath and jumped being caught by Bec which ended up making his legs hurt even more. Eris then quickly began to heal his legs so he could stand again. After that Melle jumped out the window and was caught by him.

"We're going to Houmard's now, we need him also…I also need to create a new plan…"

They walked all through the town, using Eris to ask if people knew where Houmard's home was until they reached his home. It was only one floor so he was able to look through the windows until he found the one that had Houmard inside. He was reading a book at the desk that was in his room. Bec hit the window and he looked over with a sudden face of surprise. He ran over and opened the window.

"What are you doing here?"

"We have a major problem, can you come with us right now?"

"Y-Yeah, of course!"

He crawled out the window and they walked to the outside of town so no one could here them. Bec then explained to them with every detail on what was going to happen and how his original plan would no longer work.

"Are you serious? Mono's gone too which will make this way harder…"

"Yeah, I wanted to have the entire town to help fight but now that we can't use Eris to warn everyone…I don't think there is anyway we can…"



Everyone sat in silence while trying to think of a new way to warn the town. Bec continued to contemplate if he should just abandon the town and save Houmard and Eris.

'If I do that they'll probably hate me…I can see how hard they're trying to save the town….Not to mention it wouldn't do great for my eventual hero image, I need that mana…Then again if I can't find Mono I guess that won't happen…'

"Do you think we could do this with just us?"

"If they surround the town we can't exactly protect everywhere at once…"

"That's true…"

"Wait! If we can somehow get a guard to find out about the raid we could prevent the town from being destroyed…But how would we do that?"

They once again sat in silence trying to think of a way to protect the town. Finally Bec thought of the current most plausible way to protect the town.

"This will sound bad, but we just do nothing. The town has evacuation protocols, if we stick to those and wait for the enemy to get here…That could be our best bet. We can also help out by taking out as many enemies as we can during the evacuation."

"But that could lead to people dying."

"It's better a few than all."


"I know it sounds bad but this is currently our best bet."

"So we just wait until tonight? What do we do until then?"

"We could try to spread rumors around that will make people wary of an attack. We just have to make sure no attention is drawn to Eris, I wouldn't be surprised if he's going to try and find her."

"From what you told me, he probably will be searching for her and you. He may even know about me, so I guess we should all be careful."

"Yeah. We'll also need to get supplies, I can't use magic as of right now so I need to really entirely on my sword skills."

"I could slow them down with my shadow magic and increase your speed so you can take down a large amount of enemies in a short amount of time."

"Thanks, that could help out a lot, especially if we end up being surrounded. Melle is also skilled with a sword so she could also help me directly attack the enemies."

"I guess we should split up, it will make this much easier to finish so we can focus on the actual preparations for the battle."

"Okay then…Melle, try and spread rumors so people begin to think that the town will be attacked. Eris, make sure to not be seen, we don't know who your father will use to possibly capture you. Houmard will go get weapons and I'll go scout out to see if I can find where the enemy is as of right now."

They all nodded to each other as they split up to do their individual tasks so they could be ready when the attack on the town happens.

Bec was the only one who didn't re-enter the town, he instead walked into the forest and began searching for where the enemy was. He had a small dagger as a defense in case he was discovered or attacked.

'How long will this take? I'm hoping everything turns out fine, if I get attacked it probably won't turn out good…'

He continued searching through the forest but found nothing, the sun was now halfway up in the sky.

'This is pretty surprising, considering that they should attack tonight I would have expected them to be close by…I'll search for a little longer before I start to head back.'

He continued walking tripping on vines and trunks as he made his way through the forest. He looked up to see where the sun was now but instead saw smoke from what seemed to be a bonfire. He began to head towards the origin point of the smoke.

'Okay then, maybe I don't have to turn back yet.'

He climbed over a hill that was directly in front of the smoke, when he reached the top he hid behind a rock that was there. When he looked over he saw hundreds of monsters gathered together and throwing bodies into a large fire. After awhile of the bodies being in the fire they took them. Out and began to eat them.

'Oh shit…So they already attacked somewhere else…Some of them seem pretty strong too, I hope our swords can stab through them…I have to go report back.'

He began to slide back down the hill and headed back in the direction of the town. When he reached the gate it was nearing sunset and his friends were waiting nearby. He ran over to them and told them what he saw.

"That's horrible."

"Yeah, the same could happen to us if we can't hold them back. How'd everyone else do?"

"Fine, Houmard managed to get a few of decent quality swords and bows. Melle managed to spread the rumor of the town being attacked tonight."

"That's good, I guess we just wait now. I won't be surprised if the monsters were close behind me while I was heading here."

"So they could be here soon?"

"Maybe, I can't say for sure but they're definitely coming this way, it's about to be night after all."

"I guess we should prepare then. Is there anything else you need to do before the battle?"

"Yeah, there's someone I need to talk to."

"How long do you think it'll take?"

"Hopefully not long, with him I doubt it will be easy."

Bec grabbed a sword and walked into the town to go meet with the person he thought would be helpful.

'How am I going to find him though…This may be more difficult than I thought. I guess I could try his manor.'

He made his way towards where the more powerful people lived and reached the front door of the manor he needed someone from. He walked towards the door that had [Daimon's Residence] etched into a metal plate and finally he knocked.

A young man who appeared to be a servant opened the door and instantly recognized who Bec was.

"Why are you here? You have no business to be here unless you want to be thrown in prison."

"I need to meet with Charito, it's very important."

"Get out of here, I'll give you chance to run before I take you."

"We'll then sorry to do this, but…"

Bec took out his sword and slit the back of the servants knees causing to fall over.

"This blade is coated in light poison, if your not resistant you'll pass out once it reaches your brain. I'm going in now, sorry for the intrusion."

Bec stepped over the servant and made his way up the stairs that were directly in front of the entrance, when he went up he began to search the rooms until he found the one that had Charito.

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"W-What are you doing here?! G-Get out!"

"Now now…" Bec began to walk towards Charito who began to shake. "What's wrong? I'm just here to ask for help."

"G-Get away!"

He threw a book at Bec and he dodged the airborne book.

"Listen, I'm just here to ask for your help. The town is going to be attacked, I just want more hands before they get here."


"Monsters. A whole lot of them too. So, why don't you come help us, if you don't most of everyone here is probably going to die."

"H-Huh? H-How do y-you know that's going t-to happen?"

'This just made it blatantly aware, I guess he's scared of me now. That would explain why he hasn't come to bother me ever since our battle.'

"I saw the horde for myself, they'll be here soon. I have Houmard, Melle and Eris helping with the fighting."

"E-Eris? What's she d-doing there?"

"I just said, she's helping us fight."

"B-But! But….She doesn't h-have any experience or mana, how can she fight?"

"Jeez, we've been training together to get better skilled with battling. We've all improved to where we shouldn't get to hurt."

"H-Huh? T-Then why would you need me?"

"You're also a skilled fighter so it would be nice to have you by our side."

"Y-Yeah right, you overpowered me easily, you don't need me!"

"If we fought now you would easily win, as of now I'm rather weak. The battle we had before definitely can't be recreated right now. That's why I would like you to fight with us."


"You could get closer to Eris…"

Charito's eyes lit up when he heard that phrase come out of Bec's mouth.

'Yeah, I guess I was right. He genuinely likes Eris, guess now I know why he hated me being around her. I thought he just didn't like his arranged marriage being interfered with.'

"So will you help us?"


"It's your choice, it'll also help the town. Do you want people to die? Or do you want to be a hero and save their lives?"

"…F-Fine! Just stay away from me during the battle…I still hate you…"

"Yup yup. I hear ya loud and clear. Why don't we start heading to the gate and get you set with all our currently known information."

Charito stood up and they walked out of the manor while telling Charito everything they currently knew about the battle ahead.

'Where did that guy go? I guess he might of had resistance to poison and must have crawled away.'

SixSenses SixSenses

I despise what I did here, I hope you’ll forgive me for a terrible tiny arc. In the future if a release a physical copy I’m going to use the original idea, this I made to just rush through the arc and I’ll never do that again. The future arcs are fully planned out compared to this one that I literally didn’t have an idea of what to do, I literally labeled it as childhood arc and that’s it. The other arcs will be much better than this one. I really need to rework this arc in the future!

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