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I Woke My Disabled Husband up at Wedding Night! I Woke My Disabled Husband up at Wedding Night!

I Woke My Disabled Husband up at Wedding Night!

Author: Wisps of blue smoke

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Kneeling for Money

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"Shut up! How dare you talk to your father like that!"

"Father? Are you worthy!"

Shi Qian looked up as a vague item was thrown at her!

She immediately raised her hand to block it, but she was still a second too late.

The ashtray fell heavily on her head!

The intense pain made her vision go black!

Then a warm liquid slid slowly down her forehead. Thick blood blocked her left eye.

"When your mother left with you, I told you that I wouldn't give her a single cent! Back then, she had the courage to leave with nothing. It's only been more than ten years. Where did that pride go? Now that she can't live alone anymore, she thinks she can come to me to ask for money?" Lin Shiming looked at Shi Qian mockingly.

In front of him was his own daughter.

But there was no pity in his eyes.

"No, Mom didn't come to you for money. I did," Shi Qian corrected him firmly. "I came to beg you."

"She sent you, didn't she? Does she have the nerve to come to me?"

Shi Qian opened her mouth to argue.

In the end, she held back.

"Mr. Lin, if my mother doesn't undergo surgery soon, she will die. Please save her life for Grandpa's sake." Shi Qian's voice softened.

She put away her pride and strong personality.

She needed money!

Even if she had to beg for the money on her knees.

She didn't care about anything as long as it saved her mother's life.

"You want money? I can take out a million, let alone five hundred thousand. Make her come to me personally and beg me on her knees!"

Shi Qian secretly clenched her hands, her nails digging into the flesh of her palms.

"I'm begging you. This half a million can be considered a loan. I'll pay you back every cent with interest." Shi Qian lowered her head again, begging him without dignity.

Her voice was hoarse now. Her lips were so dry they cracked when she opened them.

Blood flowed onto the tip of her tongue. It tasted salty and fishy.

She waited for Lin Shiming all day.

She didn't get a sip of water that day.

To her surprise, this was what she got.

"If she refuses to come, I'll prepare a coffin for her when she dies. This can be a form of consolation since we were a couple." Lin Shiming gave Shi Qian a disgusted look and strode around her.

Shi Qian trembled as she heard the engine start.

On the second floor, a figure stood on the luxurious spiral staircase.

He had been watching the show for a long time.

Lin Qinghe looked at Shi Qian and was extremely excited.

Back then, when she stood carefully outside the Lin family's villa and was scolded badly, Shi Qian was a high and mighty little princess.

She would never forget that Shi Qian was wearing a beautiful princess dress and shining brightly!

How disgraceful was it for her, the illegitimate daughter of a mistress, to come knocking on their door.

At that time, she was like a street rat and was hated by everyone.

Nowadays, what goes around comes around.

She became the beloved daughter of the Lin family and the daughter of the richest man in Cloud City.

In contrast, Shi Qian and her mother fell into such a state.

If anyone was to blame, it was Shi Qian's mother. Why did she have to get a divorce in the first place?

She should have just bore with it for a while.

Which man in this world wouldn't cheat?

She also had to thank Shi Qian's mother's divorce.

Otherwise, she would never have been able to become Miss Lin openly.

Her mother would never be Lady Lin, either.

Lin Qinghe walked down the stairs with a gloating expression.

"Shi Qian, look. Dad left because of you! Don't you have any shame? Back then, your mother insisted on leaving the Lin family with you and cut off all ties with Dad. Even your surname was changed back to your mother's surname. You still have the cheek to return to the Lin family to ask for money?"

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