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75% I Won't Last a Day Without You / Chapter 12: Golden Hour

Golden Hour - I Won't Last a Day Without You - Chapter 12 by gold_luv full book limited free

Chapter 12: Golden Hour

I'm off my limit for this afternoon so I rest on the hammock swing that I've never get tired of ride. Well, I never leave this swing after we had our lunch. I can even live on this forever but I know that I can't...but maybe I can request to put a hammock swing on the room that I occupied on the hospital.

My eyes went to the ocean, I watched my relatives swim far away, even though I want to join and have fun with them I just can't take a risk...i still have my limitations and if i went to the border of that limitations, sure I can't do this again.

A sun kissed my body that really affects my sunburns leaving pain on me but I can still bare it so it's fine. I yawned.

When I opened my eyes, I'm welcomed with pines waving above where the sun keeps peeking as fresh air passed by- blowing my hair who's almost on the ground of sand.

It was indeed a paradise when you woke up with these.

I wonder if I can put a hospital in front of the beach...

I nodded with the thought. Maybe, I can suggest to my father that. It will be good and will be part of your healing.

I wear my slippers and walked towards the cottage, Daddy is talking with my stupid brother. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";t-last-a-day-without-you_20526008906334605/golden-hour_55468046734643062">;t-last-a-day-without-you_20526008906334605/golden-hour_55468046734643062</a> for visiting.

I took a seat beside my father and lay my head on his shoulder before I cling on his arm and closed my eyes.

"Are you hungry?" Dad kissed my forehead. I groaned and nodded.

"Rain, buy something."

"Why me?" I heard my brother complained.

"Why not you?" I laughed with my father's words towards Rain. I opened my eyes and saw my brother frowning.

"I'll come with you."

"Change your clothes first." Rain urged and throw a shirt on me.

Now I noticed that I'm just wearing a bandeau and a beach skirt...I guess that's why my sunburns hurt when I woke up.

After I change into a shirt and shorts, my brother and I headed to their restaurant.

"Where's the money?" I asked him. For the first time in my life, they gave me my phone and didn't confiscated after an hour.

"Just choose, I'll pay."

My smile widened, I guess having a brother is fun because he have his own money and I can ask for it just to buy food.

I can feel my belly monsters begging for food, I touched it and caressed as if it was a precious one for me. It was indeed a precious one for me because my stomach is my treasure.

"What are you? A titan?" My brother asked in disbelief after he gave his credit card to pay for the foods that I ordered.

"I'm hungry... too hungry." I pouted.

He shook his head before accepting his card back.

"What's instagram?" I asked him. I saw this on apple store and it caught my attention so I downloaded it without even thinking how this apps work.

"You can post pictures there. Most celebrities have IG accounts, why do you ask?"

"I downloaded it."

"Oh?" He raised his brow but then he nodded. "Follow me."

I frown.

"I don't even have an account so how the hell I can follow you?" I asked him sarcastically.

"Then make an account and follow me, it's an easy work, idiot." he said full of sarcasm.

I rolled my eyes.

I hand my phone to him. He raised a brow again. "Make me one... I don't know how to set up that."

He grab the phone my hand. "Do you want a twitter too? facebook? telegram? discord?"

I shook my head. "Instagram only."

While waiting for our food--my bro set up my account and even instructed me how to use the app.

"Don't follow our relatives." He give it back to me so I took a glimpse. It's all set and I just need to put my pfp on it and to follow some pips...that prolly won't do because I won't follow anyone because I don't even know people rather than the close one I know.


"They're too talkative and always commenting on your post as if they're giving a fuck about you but they're just eyeing on you to talk back negatively." he sneered and shook his head. "They're too good in front of you but when you're not facing them, they're worse than you thought they will be."

I nodded. I understand him, they're really talkative and they make me uncomfortable just like before... so I'll follow what Rain said.

"But you followed yourself aren't you?" I raised a brow after clicking his account. His pfp is the picture of him piloting a chopper in a uniform of doctor.

"Of course!" He affirmed. "I followed you back so don't throw tantrums!"

"I'm not throwing a tantrums! Stupid!" I hissed. What's going on with his mind? I never do a tantrums because someone didn't follow me back! I will never do that! I'll be immature and childish.

He scoffed and rolled his eyes. "I sent your picture. I guess you're not an idiot enough not to know how to post since I already told you."

"Of course, Stupid."

He sent my photos... I save all of them because it's the only pictures that I have with my face who looks so proper. Well, my photos here are all goofy and I look like an emo kid, eww.

I set up my profile--with me in a swimsuit and kneeling on the sand with a fierce look. This is my first time not smiling in my photos and I look like....

"You look like a devil's daughter kneeling on the sand." He commented.

I supposed to call myself beautiful because I tried a new look but this gorilla ruined it.

I looked at him. He's eyeing on his phone while chuckling.

"And you," I point my index finger on him. "you look like a gorilla piloting a chopper wearing the doctor's uniform."

He stick his tongue out--not being able to say anymore words.

I posted my photo and then my familys photo and after that I shut my phone off because our food arrive.

"Wow..." I licked my lips.

It's a massive amount of food from heaven but was payed by a devil gorilla. I have some kind of pasta, scallops, burger and smoothies.

"I thought you won't eat?" I asked him. While we're walking he said he will only come with me but now, he's munching the burger like a mad man that didn't eat for a decade.

"Who wouldn't eat if the food is already serve?" He ask me back. "Besides, I payed for these so I can eat."

"It's not enough, order more." I urged.

"Yeah, probably." He agreed. "I'm hungry all of the sudden."

Rain and I went back bloated, we're too full and the food were hellish delicious. We didn't go back to the cottage, we have our cabin in here.

"Are you full?" Dad asked immideatly. Rain and I will stay in one big cabin with Dad, Mommy will join our grandma.

"Yeah, too full... But I'll take dinner later." I giggled.

Rain and I changed our clothes since we're going to ride a boat with our cousins just to take a picture. We'll. have an Island Hoping tomorrow so barely this isn't our official island hoping, we will just a photo since the fisherman said it'll be a golden hour and it'll be perfect if we're in the middle of the ocean.

They said we'll just stop nearby the island but we're not going there, just in the middle they said. But it still excites me.

A V-neck ruffled dress with floral print suits my taste. Pairing it with sandals and ankle bracelet is fine. I grab my phone and went they're all waiting outside.

My lips twitched seeing my brother posing like a damn bachelor... he really thought he looks so good because of the girls who's gossiping when they're passing by but for me, he looks like a fashionable gorilla.

Zoren is taking his photos. I went to him and watched them doing their thing.

Zoren looked at me and showed the picture from the camera. I burst into laughters seeing his epic face.

"Yah! Yah! What's that?" My brother went to us with big steps.

"Nothing..." Zoren chuckled.

Rain keep bugging Zoren and I to tell him why are we laughing. He just stopped when someone called us.

"Rain, take care of Reina." Mom told him. Rain nodded and hold my arm.

I frowned.

"I won't do anything." I immideatly defended myself. He's too overprotective. I'm not idiot enough if that's what he meant by taking care of me.

"Nope, you might jump out from the boat if you will see fishes."

My eyes widened and it excites me about the fishes. "Really?! A lot of fish?!"

"Obviously. That's an ocean and fishes live there." He replied, full of sarcasm.

He's no fun. tsk.

We hop on the boat and I couldn't get more enthusiasm. I'm literally biting my lips out of excitement but then I stopped when I tasted blood.

"Stop walking around." Rain stopped me from walking on the boat by holding the sleeve of my dress.

"Let's grab a seat in front. It's cool!"

"That place is for the bellboy not yours." He pulled me but I balanced myself to where I was standing not to he dragged.

I looked at him pouting. He stared at me with threatening eyes...I pout even more and give my full percentage of begging by showing my puppy eyes

He sighed and massage his nape. "Fine. Go wherever you want."

I giggled and went to the upper deck of the boat. I took a seat and opened my phone to capture everything.

I looked at Zoren, he's sitting on my back with my brother, but Zoren is talking to someone. I guess it's his girlfriend since he called it 'Love'.

The boat started to move--my heart almost jump. I hold onto the railings and seat properly--injan seat to be exact.

After a minute of riding, we stopped in the middle of the ocean.

My eyes widened with my lips part of amusement.

I stood up from where I was sitting and fixed my eyes on the water below me.

I covered my lips out of shock. It's the ocean with the shade of green that I saw when I'm in the seaside after our arrival on here.

Different species of fishes can be seen, with different sizes and colors.

I'm too mesmerized that made me shed a tear.

I'm too blank while staring at them --as if they're going to fly in the air give me a kiss on my cheeks because I visited them, when someone ringed his arm on my waist.

I look up and saw my brother. He's staring at me.

"Golden Hour, Reina." he pulled me away from the railings. I even heard it creak, it'll be dangerous for me if it will give up, I might have a little meet and greet with those fish. "It's way more beautiful than those fishes that you keep staring at."

I didn't say a word and look around.

For the second time, my eyes are wide open so as my lips.

It was a brilliant color of the sun that's colliding with the sky to make a gold hue.

If a Paradise would look like this, I would probably surrender myself and live there freely.

With the skies above me and the sun who almost set... I couldn't think of anyone rather than Kaios. He's the gold that enter my life after an hour of my despair feeling of loneliness and become the treasure I want to take care of without any further reasons.

How I wish he can see this. I hope he's with me.

I have a coin with me. Maybe if I throw this, my wish will come true. I don't know if it's real but I wish it was.

I prayed that one day, both of us will watch how our Hour become a Gold that we treasure.

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