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Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer

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They said they came from out of nowhere. There were no signs of their arrival nor there were any loud sounds.

One day, Humanity woke up and was forced to accept their existence...along with the destruction they brought with them.

Ashton West, a orphan and a transmigrator from Earth. He woke up in this near-apocalyptic world without anyone else to rely on aside from himself.

Thankfully, he was blessed with a golden finger that came with his transmigration package!

Ashton: This world needs a Hero...sadly, I can't be bothered to be one.

Ashton: Surely there's someone out there who can fulfill that role. As for me? Well...

"Being 'Humanity's Strongest Backer' doesn't sound so bad."



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    Eyy! It's ya' boy! Back at it again with the shameless reviews. Do check it out tho, seriously. I learned a lot from my experiences when writing my first book, I am trying to apply them all here. I appreciate your support! Thanks for checking this book out.

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    Hmmmm Backer instead of Hero, an interesting and unique approach on apocalypse type novels. Will see how story develop. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Boring Info dumps for, what was it, 10 chapters consecutively or was it more? The guy who said this wasn't slow is lying. Sure time passes fast but the actions are slow. One or two chapters can be dedicated to this one fact about the world or these facts or these and these. Barely are there relevant information about the current events, some of it might be relevant in the far future but most or filler words for a world background. Even non info dump chapters felt like filler cause the school representative or something kept babling just to finish a chapter. There can be fun stuff but most of its boring, Its not bad novel but it is boring.

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    Biggest complaint is author states how guns and such don’t work outside of the zone so teaches MC to use a staff and be powerful then literally gives him magic guns. This ruined the immersion for me and is the reason I quit reading.

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    This novel is just too good and every day I just crave even more when I read the daily chapters. Does anyone know any novels similar to this except the way of knights as I’ve already read it.

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    this novel started well, but it became boring to me ... don't know why!!!! the things that bothers me most are : the system could have stopped everyone from sensing him by putting the protection before fusing the providence but no it didn't put it until the world sensed our glorious MC, second the cultivation technique or I should call it the nerfing technique (doesn't need any explaining), and last but not least this regal King, his reason for sponsoring him is not strong enough he have no conditions for the MC after graduation its as if he was sent from heavens to help the MC.... all in all I find myself unable to continue reading this novel. a shame truly I loved the setting.

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    Honest reviews are here.. [Extreme Spoiler Alert] This is a story of MC who transmigrated into a magical world where he possessing a body of orphan teenager who on his way to Awakening place. This world is occupied by Human race UNTIL the invaders from otherworld come. These otherworld races called Celestial Race (the wings and eyes galore race) and the Hypogeans (creatures with horns and human called them Demon). The Revenants are a group of mysterious individuals coming from both the Hypogean and Celestial Race. They are the scourge of Humanity, bandits who worked together for the sake of profit. Most of the time, it is said that they're hostile to each other due to their innate differences, yet they were united due to their insatiable desire to eat human flesh. The human race is considered as oh-so-frail and weak and helpless race. Against these race, humans are helpless. Fortunately, the world had seen human sufferings.. It heard all the grievances that humans forcibly swallowed. And it granted the deepest wishes that all humans want. A chance. That's what humans finally received. A chance to push back the aggressors and a chance to carve a piece of this world for humans. Spiritual Root, Martial Spirit, and Providence. That's the gift that Gaia, world consciousness gave to Humanity.. Since you're a modern person, this would be your Physique/Mageroot, Battle Spirit/Magical Artifact, and Providence/Destiny's Qi. There were groups who united under the same banner, sharing the ideals of never giving up until Humanity rises up and becomes strong enough to push back the invaders. These people are the Dawn of Hope Federation. As for those who gave up, well, they called "losers" during those time. Both have the same goal, for "human survivability," but their approach toward the goal are different. The Dawn of Hope Federation raised an army. It was a glorious era where there'd be expeditions left and right. There were many casualties, but the resources we accumulated rose to an all-time high. This group was the one responsible for building the foundations of modern human society. The Dawn of Hope Federation had a lasting history and a glorious streak of achievements, but like they said: "One bad apple is enough to spoil the entire harvest." The fault lies in the number of casualties humans suffered under the hands of the Celestials and Hypogeans. As the bodies piled up, the mentality of the battle-hardened warriors was getting worse and worse as time passed. Eventually, the whole purpose of the Dawn of Hope Federation was tinted. 'Working hard for the sake of a brighter tomorrow' became 'a battle of attrition'. Eventually, it turned into simple 'Endurance'. As their eyes became clouded by too much bloodshed, they were unable to see the faint rays of hope that appeared on the horizon. It only became worse when a group of strong Celestials and Hypogeans gave Humanity an "Ultimatum". Hope was dashed as soon as it appeared. The Dawn of Hope's purpose crumbled beneath their feat, and a pact was made. This is when the internal strife began. "Losers" influences started to grow wider. Humans finally succumbed, and they begin to raise fat, fat sheep for the Celestials and Hypogeans to enjoy. Just like how we raise a cow to become our delicacies, that is how Celestials and Hypogeans see at humans. In exchange, Humans can enjoy their peace in this little bubble (Doom: Human "safe house") they have for themselves. Who are these fat sheep you ask? Well...turn to Humanity History Books. Count until you reach the 101st Hero you see recorded in there... Starting from that person until the very recent one, those are the sheep that I'm talking about. Only the 1st until 100th Hero are the real Humanity hero who truly against the invaders. This all sounds bad if I put it this way, but it doesn't mean that the "losers" like doing this either. They stated it as 'Enduring Victory'. Those politicians are two-faced people, old and sly foxes, but most of them genuinely meant well. By catering to the demands of the enemies to honour the pact and by playing the role of being the antagonist to their race, these bastards were able to hide their true intentions to fool those stupid invaders. They might've sacrificed the Heroes they raised, but it doesn't mean that they're forgotten all Heroes contributed to humanity as a whole. In truth, with excellent acting that could even fool themselves, they managed to save everything that the heroes contributed to Humanity right the nose of those pesky invaders. Ch1-Ch60 - Introduction of the novel (superb slow pace).. Ch60 - Everything changes.. The story flips 180 degrees suddenly.. Ch64 - All MC secret exposed to his girlfriend.. Ch87 - 3 months since he was on the Outer World Zone.. he slowly increases his strength.. (steady pace) Ch94 - 6 months since he is on the Outer World zone.. His strength started to increase faster. (Steady pace) Ch122 - 1 year since he was on the Outer World zone.. (steady pace) Ch129 - 2 years since he was on the Outer World zone.. (steady pace) Ch139 - 3 years since he was on the Outer World zone.. He almost reached the level of OP.. (steady pace) Ch142 - 5 years since he was on the Outer World zone.. He has become super OP.. (steady pace) Ch152 - Return to home, the "fake" save zone for Humanity.. (slow pace) Ch164 - party function activated.. MC started sharing his golden finger, "system" with other people.. MC goal is to become a sponsor for other people, so while they do the work, he sit back and watch from behind.. This is where the story becomes boring as the system only rewards MC as he sponsors his "party" member.. Sponsor here means that MC gives as many opportunities, items, techniques, weapons, skills, and so on to make his people stronger.. Remember the word "Humanity Strongest Backer" in the title, it kinda mean he will act as a rich sponsor to his party member, sharing his golden finger - the system and many more.. I hate the idea of "sharing power" or "nakama power," which is the reason I stopped reading many novels due to these reasons.. Well, the novel is quite good and nice. Unfortunately, it has become the type of novel that I hate starting Ch164.. I would rate this novel 5 stars from Ch1 until Ch164.. I no longer have any interest in this novel after Ch.164.. Well, it kinda my fault for misunderstanding the title of this novel.. I thought, when the author wrote "Idle mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer" as it title, it is mean that MC is the "mysterious guys" who keep his identity a secret and always helped Humanity behind the scene or in secret.. So, I am sure someone might love these "sharing power" or "nakama power," so good luck.. *My inner thought: 'why, why, why this story goes toward that direction, it make me upset and heartbroken 💔'

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    So, the author built this entire setting and story. Then it felt like he changed his mind and just said let's time skip and blow it all up. Turn the ghost/spirit girl into his girlfriend(or something like that) and tell her his most important secrets. Suddenly he has all this gear and spells out of nowhere. This transition just did not work for me at all. I feel like I've read 60 chapters in vain.

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    It was good at the beginning, but after chapter 60 I found that it went downhill.

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    Mc is supposed to an adult in the body of a kid and he hasn't interacted with many people, but based on his internal monologues he's pretty much a kid on the inside too, he's still taking things lightly

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    The novel started out decent for me and even when the system overhauled it was still interesting and unique. But around the time of the Elstar Arc it lost all appeal. The system, the main reason you and I started reading it, all but disappeared. If the time was taken and the pacing was kept at a steady speed this could've been a good novel. But the inconsistencies and honestly disservice the author has done makes it nauasting to read. I hope in the future the Author learns from the mistakes of this one. At least he didn't go with the cliche "The peak isn't the peak" that many novels have where the established Peak of Cultivation isn't even a starting point but even then I think it would've made the Beast and Death Gods more interesting. Overall I give it about a 2 Star.

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    The author overall layout is good. the world background and character design is well made and withou holes and logical overall worth reading.However, the author is too found of time skip, and each time he does, he forgot some crucial plots that he could easily solve with a paragraph and that reduce the writing quality and story development.for example, the worst one is in chapter 17 he creates a plot of sexual abuse and the worst off a child, and the mc swears revenge.the theme is serious, and it is not something that you should just write and forget, but the author did. the mc grows in power and authority and could easily solve this, and just one line from the author would show care, making it that he didn't use a serious matter for cheap shock.there are other characters and situations, especially about City m and the academy, that show that the author doesn't care about the closure of plots and just wants to provoke emotions and care from the readers.thease are mostly details, but with how careful the world background and character design was made, especially in the case of the abuse, it is not something easily forgotten and forgiven .

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    This is my first review so I'll be brief. Writing quality isn't the best but it's not horrible either. Just wrong words here and there. I read up to chapter 63 in one day so I'm unsure about updates. The story isn't too slow. It can move from one day to one week and kept me interested in what was new each time. The plot itself is nice as well. It seemed like the city was portrayed with a "good" characteristic and has slowly been showing the grey areas which is nice. I kinda liked the characters and how everyone seemed to have a dark secret. There's also good character shaping and building. The world background is quite interesting as well. The author has left them self a foundation to build on for the future when it comes to the wide world. I can only hope they can create a wonderful story the is supported by the world.

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    It was good at first, but around 350 chapters, the way the words were phrased seems like it has been made from a single unedited prompt from chatgpt. The words were too cringe to read anymore, its overwhelmingly descriptive. Too much use of the word "palpable". It's too descriptive in every line that it seems inhuman anymore. Yeah I like deep words, but reading from chapter 350 and onwards uses overkill of deep words.

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    It just is not for me so sorry and I Hope now that I have put a review it will top recommending i to Me

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    the idle mage is never idle.... and that too he can only grind spells... the story jumps a lot and few mistakes here and there... as I am reading chapter 80... I am very intrigued and want to know when will he use the remaining bloodline pills or will he stay 5 years there just to remove his curse. good novel

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    the pace of the story is good, MC had a good introduction and character buildup but the world isn't fully shown only two parts the bastion and the plague lands it's just too simple.

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    It's really amazing novel I can't wait to see more of the story Idle mage :D........................................................................................

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    I've read 50 or so chapters and can say one thing for sure. The writing is really bad. Not grammatically, it's just bad. Author will stretch unimportant things like registration this, assessment that, to an absurd degree and insert tens of incomplete information in between. "You'll know in future. " is what you'll be reading most of the time. Every character has spoonfed the MC literally every small thing. Things like "Place your hand here. " ,"Take a breath" etc. Just word count stuff. Basically the novel has expands on things of no importance and gives incomplete information on things of importance . And I don't like it. You can actually skin through the chapters in 40 seconds and not lose any information. Really .

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