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Chapter 35 - Idle Online - Chapter 37 by DaoistwgQxZL full book limited free

Chapter 37: Chapter 35

"Ah, Allan comes in." Smith welcomed him.

"Thanks Eric, that will be it, you can leave" he said as he looked at the vice-captain.

"Sir" Eric saluted and closed the door after him, leaving the office where only two people remained.

"Please sit down." Smith kindly offered Allan a seat by hand.

Thank you. May I know why I am here? " Allan said.

As much as he wanted to chat with the captain, which was not the case, Allan had had a very difficult night and all he wanted was to go back to his bed, forget about everything and have peace for a few hours.

Seeing that Allan wasn't in the mood for a long dialogue, he decided to go straight to the point.

"Allan, you've been with us for a long time, you know the guards' training, their routines and what they do in their spare time," began Smith.

The moment Allan heard those things said he couldn't tell what he had in mind:

"It can't be. Are you offering me a job? "

"Hahaha, something like that" spoke Smith "What I mean is that there is nothing else you can learn with us"

(I don't understand, Is he recruiting or firing me?) Thought Allan doubtfully.

"So I have spoken with my superiors and they have offered a position as a guard in a city on the peninsula" concluded the captain.


"Oh sure, I forgot you were a foreigner" said Smith as he continued "The island of Habalos whose territory does not belong to any particular kingdom, on the contrary at the time they were discovered there was a debate on which territory it should join" Smith said.

(Habalos Island? Come to think of it, I've never heard of the island having any name) thought Allan as he listened to the captain.

"In the end it was agreed that different parts of the island would belong to different kingdoms. The area we are currently belongs to the Dragon Kingdom, where I was born" concluded Captain Smith.

Hearing what the captain said many things began to make sense.

To begin with since he arrived at Tutorial Island Allan has only seen members of the human race, some people think that the island is in an isolated space from the rest of the game and that there are multiple Tutorial Island for the different races.

Although there may be multiple islands as the starting point for players, these islands are within the world of the rest of the game.

Another point is that no one knew where they would end up once they decided to leave the island through the power of the system. Listening to the captain, Allan thinks that players are sent to different kingdoms of the peninsula based on the area in which they decide to disappear.

It is not known if the people of the town are aware that they are part of the territory of the Dragon Kingdom, but if they do, no one seems to care much who governs them as long as it does not affect their quality of life.

While Allan was daydreaming Captain Smith said:

"I know that when you disappear from the island you go to the peninsula, I have a friend there who is also a captain who owes me a favor, that is why if you are interested, I could give you a letter of recommendation so that you work there as a true recruit. Only if you're interested of course" As he said this, Smith took a letter out of his pocket and handed it to Allan.

[Quest Item: Letter of recommendation Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Letter that will teleport you to the city of Gorn when you leave Tutorial Island]


[Quest: Going to the city

Captain Smith has seen your efforts during these months and has used his contacts to offer you to work in the city of Gorn as a guard.

Objective: Go to the city of Gorn and talk to Captain Collin about the job

Reward: Guard Job

Failure: Favorability with Captain Smith lowered to Neutral, Favorability with Captain Collin lowered to Unfriendly, favorability with the Dragon Kingdom lowered to Unfriendly]

Seeing that a quest had appeared Allan was very surprised, so far Allan had not received any quests.

In general, it was very difficult to get a normal quest to activate, few people had achieved it in the forums and there is only one person who is known who managed a rare quest.

No one knows how quests work, Allan included. That is why when he received the letter from Captain Smith Allan he did not know how to react.

Seeing that he would not only lower the favorability with both captains but also with the kingdom, although it seemed to make sense at first, it actually didn't.

Reaching Unfriendly status means that the person does not want to see you, that they dislike you.

There are many cities in the Dragon Kingdom not just Gorn city. Is it really possible to displease an entire kingdom by not accepting a recruit guard post in one city? Obviously not.

Allan knew that this offer was part of what Captain Smith and the Dragon Kingdom were plotting, if Allan rejected the offer he would not have easy days in the kingdom.

Although Allan did not know what to do or if he really was going to accept the offer, he took the letter and said to the captain:

"Thank you very much for this opportunity, I would love to be part of the guards of the city of Gorn" said Allan expressing admiration for the person in front of him.

Hearing Allan's reply, Captain Smith smiled and said:

"Hahaha, It's that so, then I'm happy to hear it" the captain said as he got up from his chair.

"Do you want something to drink, tea, coffee?" Smith said.

"No thanks captain, I've actually been up all night and I'd like to go back to my room to rest," Allan finally said. He had no interest in starring here for another second.

"Of course, of course, sorry for my lack of consideration. I heard that you and Tom have hunted a lot of prey, it is normal that you are tired. Go to rest, I will speak with the instructor Berris that you are not going to attend the training today "

"Thank you Captain," Allan said as he got up and walked to the door.

When Allan left Captain Smith's office he had a headache.

(Too many things to think about, but now all I want is sleep) Allan thought as he moved quickly through the town streets towards Sam's inn.

When he got to the inn, he hurried up the stairs and headed for his room.

He entered his room and without even bothering to remove the sword from his waist he lay down on the bed and closed his eyes.

Knock knock

Hearing the sound of the door again Allan opened his eyes quickly and looked in the direction of the door as if he couldn't believe this was happening to him.

It was at that moment that he decided that he had had enough, Allan wanted to sleep and no one was going to come between him and the bed for another second!!!

So Allan did something that he hadn't done in a long time, he disconnected from the game before the planned time, it didn't matter if he lost a whole day in the game, Allan wanted to sleep and went to sleep.

In a quiet inn in the middle of town a person with traces of fatigue disappeared.


"Ahh !!"

In the middle of a lush forest, two people were fleeing from their pursuers when an arrow hit the leg of one of the individuals and tripped him.

"Are you OK?" the other figures asked as they stopped for a second to examine the wound.

"Yes, it's just a scratch, we have to hurry!" the figure answered as he got up and they summarized his escape.

"Whose brilliant idea was it to do this?" John said as they proceeded through the forest at the maximum speed possible for them.

"IT WAS YOURS!!!" yelled Jake who was following behind him.

"Hahaha, it's true, I have to think better of my ideas" John said as an arrow hit his cheek.

"Why are you laughing?!!"

John and Jake were running away from the hunters who were hot on their heels.

At first everything went well; they would sneak out of the tribe in the middle of the night when the hunters were resting and unprotected.

When the next day arrived, the members of the tribe realized that they had both disappeared.

At first it was not something so serious, two people had disappeared, if they had been normal people the hunters would have started a search mission to find it and save them.

However, John and Jake did not expect that when they were running their escape they would encounter the second most annoying person in the tribe, the chief's grandson.

The moment he saw them he started to tell them that he was going to tell the whole tribe what he was trying to do and that they wouldn't have a place there, and… more.

To be honest, no one was paying attention, when they saw that the person who discovered them was someone harmless but annoying, they left him unconscious and naked in the middle of the place.

Nor did they expect that the next morning the chief of the tribe would be furious and order all the hunters to hunt them down to avenge his grandson.

As they were running, they saw that there were some shadows ahead in the distance and they knew what it meant.

They were surrounded.

DaoistwgQxZL DaoistwgQxZL

Thank you Overboard9 and Nicleback for your power stones.

All help is appreciated.

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