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100% Immortal Fairy Xu / Chapter 24: Chapter 6: ?????

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Chapter 24: Chapter 6: ?????

"Master, I feel so good!!!" In this ethereal land of eternal winter, Lingxi was dancing around like a silly princess. The dense ice and water profound energies are revolving around her body like flies attracted to the light. The energies submitted themselves gently to Lingxi as if they were fated to be one. Once they entered her profound entrances and into her profound veins and meridians, they turn themselves into profound Qi without her noticing. She broke through the peak of Earth Profound Realm into the first level of Sky Profound Realm in less than one hour and her aura was still increasing.

Xu noticed all of this strangeness from Lingxi ever since the moment they entered this secret realm. While Lingxi was still a naive and innocent girl compared to Qingyue's level of intellect, she was still a reasonably mature teen befitting her age. Xu attributes Lingxi's out of character and behavior to the unknown physique. 'It must have been you, right?' Though the physique never fully awake and aids Lingxi directly in her cultivation of the profound energy like Qingyue's, it did occasionally aids her in using energy to reinforce the physical body.

While signaling for the other two junior sisters to go on ahead and be careful, she stayed behind and observed Lingxi. Her disciple was laying down flat on the snow-covered ground and staring at the lights from the sky. "Master, I feel like something was trying to call me." After a while, Lingxi spoke to Xu when the latter was still patiently observing.

"Can you describe in more detail?"

"Mhm, the voice was calm and gentle like Master's voice, easing my panicking self when it entered my head. It seems to want me to accept it as a part of myself and for me to stop rejecting its' existence in my body. I instinctively know that this voice does not have any bad intentions toward me, I strangely feel very happy as if this voice was yet another part of myself. Listening to this voice was like listening to Master and this familiarity makes me feel at peace."

"Interesting, Ling'er. It seems that your Divine Body is just as peerless as Qing'er's Nine Profound Exquisite Body and Heart of Snow Glazed Glass." Xu paused and reached into her pocket dimension, three Icy blue crystal beads appear. "Try focuses within your body while absorbing these beads." With that, Xu levitates the beads around Lingxi and waits to see any positive result from this experiment. It did not take too long, after Lingxi got up from her flat position from the ground into a sitting position, the beads left Xu's control and rotate around Lingxi's body. Quickly, the beads get thinner as their energies were sucked into Lingxi's body and soon, dissolved completely.

"Woh Master, I feel so warm!" Lingxi's face flushes red while her body heating up with high temperature, contrasting her profound art and the ice attributes. Soon, the energies disappears entirely from her body and her body begin a Divine Metamorphosis, bright lights blinded Xu's sight and evaporate the ice and snow, turning the surroundings into a foggy and moist land. At the epicenter of this great change, Xu's clothes slowly turning into ashes as it came into contact with such holy rays, her yin attribute clothes could not defend against its aggressive heats.

'Such an intense and powerful light profound energy! Ling'er, it seems that your physique is not comparable with any yin profound energies like ice and water. I guess it is time for a short visit to Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, they might have a temporary light profound art for you to use.' Xu did not ignore her crumbling white dress and reinforced it with her sovereign profound energy, sealing its' current state and deflect the lights away.

'A pity, Qing'er's gift got half-destroyed....'

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"Junior sister Wu, why are you so quiet? Are you nervous?" While walking side by side, senior sister Shui kept bothering me with her bombardment of questions, interrupting my daydreams. Although I did not dislike her caring and attempted to befriend me, I disliked her intrusive behaviors. For example, she was clinging to my right arm right now while we are exploring.

"Senior sister Shui, I am fine. I appreciated your concerns and cares, but please do not holds my arm and touch my waist. I am uncomfortable with your intimacy. Please treated me just normally and I can look after myself here."

"Oh, sorry sister Wu, I did not mean to come off like this to you. I truly am sorry." She releases my arm and bowed her head. After that, it was complete silence between us. The atmosphere around was awkward and she kept a few paces behind me. Somehow, I felt strange when she stop pestering me. Maybe I am getting used to her accompany for these few days that now I started to feel lonely again? Sister Shui might be my only chance to acquire an actual friend, I should not lose this opportunity or I will forever be alone in the Palace.

"Umm, sister Shui, I also did not mean to sound off disliking you. Let's start from fresh, my name is Wu Xuexin, would it be okay for you to my friend?"

"...." She did not respond and stares at me in shock.

"I mean, we could slowly develop our relationship and hang out together every once or twice after getting bored with Cultivation. If you do not mind, that is."

"Ye-Nooo!! I mean I do not mind being your friend and hanging out with you either. My name is Shui Wushuang, it would be my pleasure to be your friend from now on." She looks shocked and flustered at first just like junior sister Qingyue when talking about Immortal Xu, now she was beaming with satisfaction. In addition, she reaches one of her hand out toward me with sparkling eyes.

"Let's get along well." My hand reach over and grab hers and thus sealed our fateful friendship in this winter land. While our drama was happening, we forgot about the lights that brightened the skies and clearing the Ice profound energies with rising heats. A grin also appears on my face, one friend get!


While Xu and her team were in their own dramas, the figure of a youth was exploring the ice land alone. Despite being the only person at the Spirit Profound Realm, he explores the places as if it was his own house. He would walk randomly to a certain spot and getting hidden treasures without fail. Before plucking an Ice profound plant, his vision was blinded by the brightest light he ever saw in all of his lives.

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