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25.2% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 31: A Ride to the End! No One Dares to Accept the Challenge!

A Ride to the End! No One Dares to Accept the Challenge! - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 31 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 31: A Ride to the End! No One Dares to Accept the Challenge!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

"The second son is too vicious!" An elder from Cang Xiao Peak roared angrily.

His voice was full of helplessness and despair!

In front of the disciples below the stage, he timidly tried to sound tough.

"Qiao Zifeng is my peak master's personal disciple! How dare Lin An use his dirty tricks to win the fight!"

The elder's voice was slightly hoarse and despairing. He turned his head to look at the peak master, hoping that he would stand up for his personal disciple.

Originally, Qiao Zifeng had been his disciple. However, after he broke through to the peak of the foundation establishment realm, Qiao Zifeng had attracted the attention of the peak master. Naturally, the peak master would not let go of such a rare genius.

He took Qiao Zifeng under his wing and turned him into his personal disciple.

However, the Cang Xiao peak master stood on the balcony and maintained his silence. He didn't even bother to look at the irate elder.

The peak master was also nervous, and he could only act as if nothing had happened.

He could feel Qian Yi gazing at him below the arena. 

The peak master was certain that as long as he dared to make a sound, Qian Yi would use the opportunity to kill him. 

As elders or peak masters, they were forbidden from getting involved in the disciples' competition. Therefore, it would be unwise to raise any objections.

The peak master had no choice but to watch the action unfold. 

Back on the stage, Qiao Zifeng's expression was dull, and his eyes were unfocused. 

He didn't understand what had happened to him. He lowered his eyes to look at his empty arm, and a chill instantly swept over him.

If he wasn't careful, his arm would be permanently damaged!

Qiao Zifeng hurriedly turned to the side, afraid that his arm would shatter again. He didn't even dare to look at his opponent. He now knew that if Lin An attacked him again, his life would be in danger.

At that moment, Qiao Zifeng's mind was a mess. He was so confused that he didn't know how to proceed with the contest.

Lin An was too terrifying!

However, Qiao Zifeng had been wholly responsible for his predicament.

Although he was extremely talented, his actual combat experience was too poor, and he also had an impatient personality. 

He had thought that as long as he activated the flames, he would be able to melt his frozen arm.

In the world of cultivators, everything was about the balance of yin and yang. Once the ice had covered his hand, igniting a flame without assessing the situation would have naturally triggered the explosion!

When things were extreme, they would definitely reverse!

This showed that Qiao Zifeng's actual combat ability was too poor.

If it were a more experienced fighter, they would have first found a safe location and fought for time to melt the ice, instead of directly using force!

Therefore, as long as they slowed down their mentality, even if they were frozen by the blue flame, they could still melt it with their spiritual power.

If they used their full strength to suppress the blue ice flame and force the ice out of their arms, they would immediately attract the blue flame's backlash!

Qiao Zifeng's arm had turned into ice crystals, and it was completely shattered.

The ice crystal dust had then scattered into the air! The entire scene had been magnificent!

When they saw this, the elders on the stage were so angry that they were fuming with rage. In their eyes, Lin An's every move seemed to be a killer move!

He had no mercy at all!

Fortunately, even though Qiao Zifeng's arm was destroyed, he still didn't feel any pain.

Once Lin An's icy flame had touched Qiao Zifeng, his arm had lost all feeling, and he had lost consciousness.

Qiao Zifeng, who had been filled with ambition, now looked like a tree that had lost its bark. His entire body instantly withered.

There was complete silence below the stage.

The inner sect disciples did not know what had happened.

Lin An had just formed a small wisp of flame, yet he had displayed such a powerful might.

Who exactly was Qian Yi?

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Did she actually possess such a powerful secret treasure!

It was clear that Lin An had not used an ordinary treasure. At least in terms of rank, it had already reached the Heaven rank!

How could Qian Yi have such power?

The disciples now had endless suspicions about Qian Yi's identity!

Everyone was convinced that Lin An had not used his own strength.

Zhang Ling's eyebrows moved, and her heart pumped a little faster.

If she were in Qiao Zifeng's position, would she have been able to defend against the two wisp flames? Although the answer was uncertain, it was undoubtedly full of variables!

At least from Zhang Ling's point of view, if she had been in Qiao Zifeng's position, she would definitely have paid a similar price!

Did Lin An have any other trump cards? Had he even used the 'Scripture of No Beginning' to fight Qiao Zifeng?

When she thought about it, Zhang Ling frowned.

Lin An was definitely not as simple as he looked!

Furthermore, Zhang Ling had also heard stories about Qian Yi's legend.

In the past, other than peak master Qian Yi, no one else had dared to climb the Bixiao Divine Mountain.

And now, Qian Yi had actually taken in a personal disciple for the first time. What was the reason behind this?

Was it because of the 'Scripture of No Beginning?'

Unable to figure it out, Zhang Ling could only stroke her chin as a confused look came over her face. 

Back on the stage, Qiao Zifeng was completely lost. After he regained his consciousness, he didn't know whether to advance or retreat. With just one arm, he had no chance of winning against Lin An, who still possessed the blue flame.

However, if he tried to escape, he would definitely become a laughingstock!

Therefore, Qiao Zifeng could only look helplessly at his peak master.

The Cang Xiao peak master also had a worried expression on his face. He hadn't expected that his newly accepted personal disciple would encounter such an enormous challenge in his first inner sect disciple tournament. He was already on the verge of death.

As Qiao Zifeng hesitated, several doctors walked onto the stage. 

Despite his injuries, as long as the doctors applied the black jade intermittent cream, Qiao Zifeng's shattered arm could still grow back. 

Therefore, the doctors who were on the stage followed the prescribed treatment as they attended to Qiao Zifeng.

With the doctors on the stage, the result of the fight was obvious.

Lin An had won the contest.

The inner sect disciples who were preparing to challenge Lin An took in a deep breath. They no longer had the courage to climb onto the stage.

Xiao Muran and Qiao Zifeng had been no match for him. If a disciple with average talent stepped onto the stage to challenge Lin An, wouldn't that be courting death?

At that moment, Lin An had the aura of an Immortal Emperor. Nobody dared to approach him.

Attempting to pick a fight with him suddenly seemed like a suicide mission!

Qiao Zifeng, the peerless genius, had been defeated after only one move. Who else would dare to step into the arena and challenge Lin An? 

Lin An looked at the disciples below the stage with indifference.

"If anyone isn't convinced, they can come up to the stage and fight me!"

After a brief silence, the crowd below the stage muttered softly, but no one dared to reply to Lin An's challenge. 

Several disciples looked at their masters, only to see that their masters had turned their heads away.

When they saw this, the disciples knew that in the eyes of their masters, Lin An was someone that they could not offend.

This made the inner sect disciples below the stage feel a little more at ease.

Even the masters and elders didn't have the intention to probe further, which meant that they had already admitted that Lin An was the winner of the inner sect competition.

What was there to think about now? If they couldn't fight, couldn't they hide?

No one dared to accept the challenge.

Seeing that there was no movement from the remaining competitors, the presiding elder stood on the balcony and announced, "In this year's inner sect competition, Lin An is the champion!"

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