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27.64% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 34: Bad Taste? This is a Pearl Covered in Dust!

Bad Taste? This is a Pearl Covered in Dust! - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 34 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 34: Bad Taste? This is a Pearl Covered in Dust!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

"Senior Elder, I will pick this medicinal herb as my first treasure!" Lin An said as he turned his head towards the elder in charge. 

He had not hesitated after seeing the rare mutated spiritual herb. He had immediately requested to obtain it.

When they heard Lin An's choice, the inner sect disciples behind him revealed contemptuous smiles.

Lin An had picked a grey medicinal root instead of a good low-level treasure.

He had not even asked where the root had been dug out from before it was placed on the second floor of the Treasure Pavilion.

In the eyes of the inner sect disciples, this wasn't necessarily the root of a plant. They thought it was a piece of grey soil.

They couldn't detect any spirit energy fluctuations on the piece of soil, so they concluded that it had no value. If they had been in Lin An's position, they wouldn't have accepted the piece of grey soil. 

Such a low-grade item would not even be suitable for their status if they were to put it on their bodies. 

The elder in charge also had a worried expression as he stared at Lin An. "Your taste is awful! If Qian Yi doesn't come, I think our Jiuxiao Sect will save a lot of valuable things!"

However, the elder in charge didn't think too much about it.

He crossed out the information about the herb from his record book.

This meant that the "treasure" would be released from the Treasure Pavilion and handed to Lin An. 

After putting away the black Wood-Dragon root, Lin An took another step forward.

The inner sect disciples could only follow behind him.

"Look, this is a mid-grade earth rank cultivation method. It's really amazing. The Treasure Pavilion actually has such a high-grade cultivation method with extraordinary power. I think that bastard Lin An will choose this cultivation method!"

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"That's right. If I had the right to choose, I would definitely choose this cultivation technique! It would definitely help me make great progress in my cultivation!"

"What a pity. If this cultivation technique were to be placed on Lin An, it would be a waste!"

Despite the disciples' opinions, Lin An only glanced at the cultivation technique for a moment before quickly advancing forward again.

A mid-grade, earth-rank, cultivation technique would certainly add an advantage in terms of rank to an ordinary disciple who did not have any cultivation technique resources. It could even change the path of their subsequent cultivation.

With a mid-grade cultivation technique, they would have an additional layer of life-saving ability.

Moreover, in the Cangyun Continent, strength was the most important trait. Improving one's strength was the most suitable way to advance their skills.

Therefore, everybody wanted to learn cultivation techniques to advance to the next level. 

However, under the guidance of a master like Qian Yi, would Lin An struggle to learn such a low-grade cultivation technique?

When he thought about it, Lin An did not need to hesitate. He felt it would be a waste of time to even take a second look at the ordinary cultivation technique.

He simply turned around and left.

Even the elder in charge kept shaking his head.

He couldn't keep track of the number of times he had shook his head and sighed since Lin An arrived at the Treasure Pavilion.

"Do you understand what it takes to cultivate? Such an excellent opportunity actually passed you by, and you didn't even blink!"

It wasn't as if Lin An had asked for hints from the elder in charge.

He had been willing to give Lin An a detailed introduction to the treasures in the pavilion. 

However, Lin An had rejected the offer. 

Time went by, and Lin An continued to stroll around the Treasure Pavilion. 

The inner disciples behind him whispered among themselves, shaking their heads and sighing.

Suddenly, Lin An stood still.

On the shelf in front of him, there was a dark green treasure cauldron.

Its body was relatively sturdy, and a steady aura faintly surrounded it. On the surface of the medicinal cauldron, there was a lifelike flame totem drawing. As the cauldron slowly rotated, the flame totems shot out faint rays of light that were vaguely visible. 

The simple and unadorned aura caused the inner sect disciples to involuntarily tremble!

Just by looking at the medicinal cauldron, the disciples could tell that it was not a simple treasure. 

However, they did not think that it was a peerless treasure.

The reason was simple.

While the medicinal cauldron possessed the characteristics of a high-grade treasure in terms of its temperament, its surface was covered with green copper rust. It had even turned green. The disciples could tell that the medicinal cauldron had been in the Treasure Pavilion for a very long time.

If such a medicinal cauldron was really a treasure, it would have been possessed by the alchemist elders in the Jiuxiao Sect. However, it had been placed in the treasure trove pavilion for a long time, and nobody had taken care of it. A thick layer of dust covered the top of the so-called treasure. 

This could only mean that the medicinal cauldron had no value.

Perhaps it was because the alchemists had failed to see the value of the medicinal cauldron which was why they had failed to refine its medicinal pills.

Additionally, there were cracks of different sizes on the surface of the cauldron.

It was as if it was ready to explode with a light touch.

Throughout the Cangyun Continent, alchemists were clear about the properties of a medicinal cauldron. It was uncommon for it to explode when refining medicinal pills.

If a cauldron exploded, it would lead to the loss of precious medicinal herbs. Furthermore, the power produced by the explosion of a cauldron was similar to the spiritual energy produced during the explosion of a mighty figure.

Therefore, under such circumstances, the cracked medicinal cauldron was like a scourge that had caused people to avoid it at all costs!

But now, Lin An seemed to be interested in the cauldron!

This made all the disciples sigh again at Lin An's poor judgment!

Could it be that in order to please his master, he intended to choose the cauldron as a reward?

That seemed to be the only logical and explanation

The elder in charge shook his head. He was an alchemist, and his ability to refine medicine was second to none in the Nine Clouds Sect!

Of course, Qian Yi had never displayed her ability to refine medicine.

Therefore, the elder in charge felt that he was the best alchemist in the Jiuxiao Sect. Otherwise, he could not have secured his position as a presiding elder. His identity as an alchemist was an important bonus.

In the elder's opinion, Lin An had chosen the cauldron in order to please Qian Yi!

'What a pity!'

Once Lin An placed the cauldron in front of Qian Yi, it definitely wouldn't impress her. 

To the elder in charge, the cauldron was extremely mysterious. However, he felt it was a pile of scrap metal!

The so-called cauldron was like a spiritual treasure. Once it absorbed the spiritual energy of the world, the materials used to create the cauldron would be useless.

Therefore, there was no possibility of repeated forging using the medicinal cauldron!

Lin An was bound to be disappointed!

However, he couldn't help but frown after he heard the criticism from the surrounding inner sect disciples. 

They were like a swarm of flies, buzzing non-stop.

Despite the disapproval around him, Lin An resolved that he would not let go of the medicinal cauldron!

As he looked at the cauldron, he revealed a strange smile.

"The Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron was originally a strange purple stone. After absorbing the essence of the sun and moon for over a thousand years, it became a cauldron. It was naturally formed and could completely fuse with the heaven and earth. It can fuse with all spiritual herbs, and it is ranked thirteenth on the Divine Cauldron rankings!"

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